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Written by CLAUS STAAL

IT'S TIME TO RUUUUUUMMMMBBBBBLEEEEE ... Finally, Convergence has landed and it means that we all get to sit and tinker with all the new cards! Sure, we've had time to look over the cards on swdestinydb, but having the cards in hand is just different. It allows me to get a different kind of overview and I've already spent plenty of evenings mulling over the new cards! And it's fair to say that I'm pretty excited!

This deck is both powerful, flexible and extremely fragile, but it's 3wide, rainbow and offers a 5die start. You are down to just 24hp, which is not a lot, but you're also able to ramp hard given the possibility ... and it's a fun deck to play!


Anyone who has followed the my deck analyses on this website will probably by now know that I LOVE Mother Talzin! She has everything you'd ever want from a character.
  • She's relatively cheap (9/12e)
  • She has decent health (9hp), although with the recent power creep a bit low.
  • She offers consistency.
On the negative side, she does present limitations to your deck building in order to utilise her ability to the fullest. Mother Talzin decks are also traditionally extremely resource strapped since almost every single card in your deck requires resources. That problem is solved with WATTO - STUBBORN GAMBLER!Talzin Watto4jpg
Watto is good at making resources, like REALLY GOOD at making Resources. He has three Resource sides, including a +2 Resource, which is normally difficult to resolve because you need to be able to protect any and all base Resource sides. Watto's ability all but solves this issue. Not being able to remove his character dice with events is a HUGE DEAL (grrr ... looking at you Suppressive Fire). It means that you should reliably be able to make at least 3 Resources every round, which in turn means you open your deck to a much steeper cost curve than you normally would!Cost curvejpg
I've decided to stick with a 100% ratio of odd-costed cards, although I normally allow myself 2-4 even-costed cards with Talzin, to ensure maximum gain from her ability, Witch Magick and Rift Valley, in case I win the Battlefield roll-off.

You always want the Battle Droid's die in the pool first. He is literally a meat shield, so you might as well get something out of his die if possible. He's in the deck to allow access to red cards and in particular The Best Defense... At first I also included Tactical Mastery, but since it has a spot red requirement and you're prone to lose the Droid early, it's a huge liability. And the Tactical Mastery's are the worst in the first two rounds, while it can seal the deal midgame or late game.

Watto's dice ALWAYS goes into the pool before Mother Talzin. You'll need to be able to fix his dice with her ability! That way you are always ensured to find resources, whether a base side or a modified side to accompany a base side. watto talzinjpg
If I were to add some even-costed cards and go with a ratio of 28-2 or as risky as 26-4, I'd add Probes first, then A300 Blaster.

Talzin Watto3jpg
There are just two upgrades in the deck, and while I've been contemplating adding more, I just don't feel comfortable adding too many upgrades to any character in the line-up. Most opponent's will be targeting down Talzin first, but there are no guarantees, and while there are some good Redeploy weapons most can be adequately replaced by a support instead.

ENERGY BOW works well with Talzin, it's odd-costed and cheap, and the Bow ability also triggers off Triple Threat. What's not to like?!

I haven't used the Frag Grenades since the days when I tried to get eTarkin/eSeventh to work and it never really seemed that appealing (maybe now it works in eSnoke/eTarkin as well). It does however work really well with Watto's Power Action! Pay 1 resource to be almost guaranteed 2 resources (you do have a 5/6 chance of hitting an Indirect damage side). You can always view the Watto Power Action as a means of financing the Fragmentation Grenade.


When the Allies of Necessity Draft Set is released, hopefully sometime soon, the HIRED MUSCLE should immediately go into this deck and will definitely make it stronger on several accounts!
  1. It's a ridiculously good support with great die sides (even if they are all paysides),
  2. It's another Scoundrel die for the deck, which makes Entourage better (both as a tutor and boosting the Special)
  3. It lowers the cost curve of the deck while retaining the 100% odd-costed ratio.
Until then, I'll have to be satisfied with the alternatives, and they are honestly not looking too shabby!Talzin Watto5jpg
I've added two ASSASSIN DROID and two STAP DROIDS, and while the latter doesn't offer a lot in terms of damage, it's very cheap and the 3 Indirect damage for 1 Resource can come in super handy as well as help resolve the +2 Indirect damage side on the Battle Droid. Both Droids also helps solve the Spot requirement on Automated Defense in case the Battle Droid is blown to pieces early (which happens a lot). They are on the other hand prone to Electromagnetic Pulse, which looks to become a very popular and free mitigation card in a number of decks!Talzin watto6jpg
ENTOURAGE is CRAZY good! It has several targets in the deck, including Watto, Fickle Mercenaries and Hired Muscle (once they are released). The Special could be as strong as 5 damage! Sure, that's not likely to happen often - if ever - but I can live with 3 damage, which is more than likely! Then there's the 2 Resource side, which should ensure that you can easily play out the second Entourage that you just tutored from your deck!

I love the trickery of this card! You'll need to activate this one early ... like first ... like always! That way, even if your opponent use the Action: to take control of it, he won't be able to roll the die into the pool. In a vacuum the die is AWESOME for 1 Resource and as mentioned above it helps spotting a Scoundrel to boost Entourage. I haven't had enough games in with the deck to really get behind the math of the Action:, but even if your opponent takes control of it, it'll still cost him 2 resources. You should in any instance be ahead of most decks in resource generation. It's obviously a liability. Btw. remember to play Fickle Mercenaries when you opponent does NOT have 2 resources.Talzin watto7jpg
It doesn't have any damage sides, but the card draw advantage is great and all the sides are usable. Usually the card draw allows you to dig for supports, while the 2 Focus sides as well as the 2 Resource side allow you to pay for them!

In my first version of the deck, I included a Force Wave, but that made Talzin run around with a gigantic target mark on her forehead. The Umbaran Hover Tank is a discounted version of the Force Wave, but is "redeployable", and offers a bit of bite with the Ranged damage side! If you were to include more vehicles in the deck, right now there are just two, I might consider adding two Dorsal Turret to make it even better!Talzin watto8jpg
Nothing beats Vader's Fist, although Megablaster Troopers are getting close, but the latter is even-costed and you don't spot a leader! Vader's Fist though ... what can really be said that hasn't been said already?! It's absolutely BONKERS!

After a full meta of suffering from Post-Traumating-Fisting it does not look like Convergence is going to change that!hot and not jan8jpg

Talzin Watto9jpgAUTOMATED DEFENSE is great with your Battle Droid, and you are running another four Droids on top of that: Assassin Droid and STAP Droid. When the Hired Muscle arrives and makes its way into the deck you might need to reconfigure ... until that time stick with the Automated Defense!

For some odd reason this happens to be the most rare Uncommon card in Denmark. It's pretty good and as long as you keep piling dice in the pool it can simply be outstanding. 3 dice in the pool gives average value while 6 dice is already breaking the stats. If you ever were to have 9 dice in the pool, which is pretty unlikely, then this is going to be out-of-this-world mitigation.

3wide teams are great with Flank and you'll normally want as many of your support dice in the pool as possible before activating Talzin, which means that against most decks, you'll always be able to trigger Flank. Just solid removal!Talzin Watto10jpg
Multiple dice removal or manipulation is always good and IN THE CROSSHAIRS, THE BEST DEFENSE ... and TRIPLE THREAT all fit that bill.

In The Crosshairs is a gamble. It's expensive, but can be a blow-out card at any point in the game. I've added it as a defense against aggro decks and possibly as a defense against ePadmé/eYoda where removing multiple Focus sides will definitely be worth the (big) investment!

The Best Defense... just remains one of my favourite removal cards. You sink 3 damage into an expendable Battle Droid and possibly ruin your opponent's entire turn. I'll take that deal any day!

Triple Threat doesn't remove any dice, but it manipulates 3 character dice and turns 1 die to whatever side you want it to be! It can be a gamble, but it often pays off, and as an upside it also allows you to re-roll your Energy Bow die if needed!Talzin Watto11jpg
100% is a lot ... It's like everything all the time! Because we are running all odd-costed cards SPELL OF REMOVAL as well as WITCH MAGICK will be effective right until you reach the end of your deck!

I've sometimes heard players claim that discarding cards from your deck is a bad idea as you "might discard something good" ... this really doesn't make any sense - at all. First of all, you mostly know what you'll be discarding due to Talzin's ability, secondly, no card in your deck is "worth anything" (unless you mill yourself out). Cards in your deck are not going to win you the game (unless your opponent has milled himself out and you have exactly one card left and you dealt the same amount of damage), control of the boardstate is!


With quite a few anti-vehicle tech cards rotating out, I'm certain you'll see VANDALIZE everywhere! You are playing a 5 dice 3wide team which means you can Vandalize ANYTHING. I'd probably not want to spend my 5 dice unwisely, but ridding myself of a Vader's Fist or a FAT Shadow Caster is definitely not something that would require too much contemplation.Talzin watto12jpg
Vandalize can also help you get rid of a Fickle Mercenary that you just can't keep control of (I know, it's not really optimal), work as damage by discarding a Riot Shield or even kill Palpatine - Unlimited Power by removing a Force Ability and thereby reducing his health by one! Right now, the world of Destiny is rife with great upgrades and in particular supports, this is your only permanent answer to all of them!

Battlefield Watto TalzinjpgYou are probably not going to be claiming the Battlefield a lot! This is a pretty slow deck, and your roll-off is pretty bad for a 5dice start (you are averaging just 0.9 per die), so one of the main strengths of RIFT VALLEY is how useless it often is to your opponent. While other Battlefields, like the ever present Theed Royal Palace (until it's nerfed) benefits both players equally, Rift Valley usually benefits you the most and in most instances will hold no advantage to your opponent. Your deck is built around Mother Talzin's ability and optimised for full effect of Rift Valley! If you get the Shields it's fine! You'll effectively start with a 26hp pool.

You are looking for a cheap upgrade and a cheap support early! If you get an Entourage, keep it, and start digging for the Mercenaries (YES, I know that'd have been much more awesome if they were Hired Muscles).HAND Talzin Watto ARTICLE2jpg
Once the new Draft Set: Allies of Necessity is being released, the deck list should be amended accordingly.
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