EUROS 2019 - Day 1B


Compiled the data from Day 1B of the main event at the European Championship 2019, while you can see the data from Day 1A here. Day 1A had 89 players registered and Day 1B, which was rumoured to have a tougher player line-up had just 78 players registering. That's a total of 167 players, which is likely to make it the largest tournament of the year until Worlds unfolds in October.

Looking at the composition of the entire field of DAY 1A, Jabba 3wide Support was yet again the most represented character pairing (of those with 3 or more representations), Chopper Droids following suit, again, and Ewok Swarms representing 13% of the field.
Bringing Ewoks though was not going to be anymore successful than it was on Day 1A as not a single of those decks qualified for Day 2. Combined from Day 1A and Day 1B, 16 players brought Ewoks (just below 10% of the field) and none of them progressed to Day 2. Finally my prediction was right. Ewoks crashed and burned. Looking at the various tables it appeared as if players had finally gotten their tests in against them and teched in cards to counter them. Jabba decks bringing Umbaran Hover Tanks and there were Sudden Impacts a plenty.

Probably the revelation of the day was the eThrawn/Sentinel/AR deck piloted by David Payton that did well on the day, securing a spot on Day 2 courtesy of a 5-2 record, while Ciborski Bartosz crushed his opposition with Palpatine, including taking Mads Utzon down in the 4th round of the tournament. Going 6-1 with Palpatine in such a competitive field and in fierce meta is pretty damn impressive.

Satine Droids once again outperformed its representation in the field putting more than half of the pilots into Day 2, while it looked like a rough day in the office for Reylo that just managed to get 20% of its represented pilots there.

EUROS DAY 1b top cutjpg

Here's the chart comparatively for the most popular decks (column one are the numbers from the entire field, while column two indicates the numbers progressing into Day 2). Satine Droids once again looked like a strong bet to secure a seat in Day 1.

day 1 to day2 Bjpg
Whether or not the crowd was tougher on Day 1B is of course questionable, but with both Piotr Molski, who went undefeated through the swiss rounds at Euros 2018, reigning European Champion Mads Utzon, German Grand Championship finalist David Levy and Dimitris Papadogeorgopoulos, runner-up from Euros 2018, in attendance on the day, it was definitely going to be a fight to make it into Day 2.

There were no undefeated players, but Piotr Molski once again managed to top the charts with his spicy Satine Droids deck! Congrats!

standings day1bjpg


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