eWatto/Wat/Talzin - Deck Analysis

Talzin 3widejpg


This deck which I named "Mother What What?" is in many ways very similar to ”Snoke's Unholy Trinity” as its goal is to quickly accumulate tons of resources and ramp with OP Supports. The way it facilitates this differs mainly from the Snoke's Unholy Trinity by ... well ... NOT using Snoke - Supreme Leader! It's a straight forward deck that doesn't care much about what your opponent does as long as your on track with your own game plan!

I took this deck to the Gothenborg Regional event (20 players) and went 5-1 in swiss and 4-1 in the Top4 with not too many practice games, and the deck still have a couple cards that could be flex spots or just simply should be omitted from the list.

Talzin1jpgThe deck is (obviously) 3wide and rainbow, while all the characters are pretty broken in each their unique way. What thematically ties them together is their unique abilities that all helps to advance your game plan rather than inherently strong character dice. There are no filler characters as opposed to many other 3wide decks. This is not to say that the character dice are not good, they are, but rather that their abilities are much MORE important to the deck.

Watto's special ability and Power Action makes his dice extremely valuable to the deck, which is why we run him elite as opposed to either of the two sidekicks. Watto is your money maker, and getting the most out of him requires a good grasp of when to use his Power Action: Sometimes it's better to use it on an opponent's die like a Padmé 3 Focus, both getting soft removal as well as potentially cash in on it (there are plenty of dice around that will give you 33-50% chance of guessing correctly)! And sometimes you have to do the math: Is it worth risking 1 resource to maybe net 1? Doing the proper calculations for each round is important because you are almost guaranteed 3 Resources from Watto every round, but gambling with Watto's Power Action might jeopardise your hand, getting stuck with cards you cannot find the resources to play!

I normally use his Power Action once or twice in a game. Since his dice can't be removed you are guaranteed 3 resources in almost every matchup combined with Mother Talzin's ability. Even his 2 Disrupt side can be extremely powerful midgame once you have your board state set up!talcin2jpg
So, talking about MOTHER TALZIN who just keeps popping up in strong decks in every meta, if it wasn't enough that she appears in 5 die villain guns deck or a Doouko agro deck she also now takes place in a ramping support deck. She brings an auto focus basically every turn sometimes ur just unlucky i know but that's life. So she is the key to enable watto so either watto rolls good himself or you use her to turn to another Resource side giving u 3 resources every round if u want. And if he rolls great u focus a support to what u need or wat tambor to double focus. She is really important to this deck to make it consistent that's what she brings.Talzin3jpg
This guy is just ridicules in a deck with good cash flow, this is why i think this deck is better than  the Unholy Trinity Deck. Youcan easily resolve any of Entourage/Umbaran/Dooku's Sailer twice first round with Wat Tambor's Power Action. Resolving Entourage twice in any round is just nuts, you could actually net gain 1 resource from playing that card round 1 with the right amount of Focus around (or luck). Even resolving the Pirate Speeder Tank speeder twice is quite powerful and don't get me started on the craziness of using Wat Tambor with Planetary Bombardment and Ambush.watjpgWat Tambor gives any of your supports that OP effect that is normally reserved for the broken Vader's Fist!

Talzin4jpgThe only upgrade that I've considered running in this deck is the DORSAL TURRET (for the Umberan Hover Tank) and that is really down to either personal preference or as a meta call.

The support package differs quite a lot compared to Snoke's Unholy Trinity, although both ENTOURAGE and VADER'S FIST are still massively important supports in the deck, and you want either of those early in the game. Entourage as mentioned earlier works phenomenally with Wat Tambor's Power Action and its Special is augmented by FICKLE MERCENARIES. If Allies of Necessity is available to you, you can either replace Fickle Mercenaries with Hired Muscle or find a way to work both into the deck.Talzin5jpg
This deck should generate an average of 3-5 resources round 1, and if you don't get at least 3 resources you've either done something wrong or been very unfortunate. There's cause for disappointment in either case! You should not have any problems playing AT LEAST 1 Entourage round 1 and more likely both! Entourage is busted and whenever it's in your starting hand your win chances sky rockets. I'd definitely prefer to see a round 1 Entourage over a Vader's Fist!regional6jpgNot much to say about Vader's Fist really ... it's utterly broken and if you can use Delve to play it round 1, with the amount of possibilities for "focus" available to you, you are in a pretty solid spot. Talzin6jpg
To complete the "alternative trinity" of top grade supports I've added PLANETARY BOMBARDMENT, which is so scary combined with Wat Tambor's Power Action. If you don't have 6 resources using Delve to play the Planetary for 3 resources and 1 Indirect damage isn't too shabby either. The Planetary Bombardment has amazing die sides and if you can resolve the die twice in a round, it reaches the same power level as Vader's Fist (not a lot of supports can claim that!).Talzin7jpg
So this card doesn't see much play and it's probably because it normally feels slightly over-costed in a meta with balanced resource economy. Now we are in the midst of a meta with a hyperinflated resource economy.Resources everywhere Wattojpg
Everybody is rich and to capitalise from Mother Talzin's ability we aim at playing as many odd costed supports as possible. The Pirate Speeder Tank is definitely a backup card for the other supports, but if you don't draw them or can't generate enough resources for a Planetary Bombardment, then resolving the Speeder Tank die twice in round 1 is still a pretty decent consolation prize.

I just love COUNT DOOKU'S SOLAR SAILER: It brings consistency and allows you a card draw i love it and that 2 resourse side is so good combined with wat tambor u can net 1 recourse and 1 card from round 1 on it that potential is really good. I can see people taking it out for more damage designed supports because it doesn't help u win the game in that way.Talzin9jpg
The UMBARAN HOVER TANK is so strong vs. 3wide decks and with several Lor San Tekka mill decks receiving their fair share of attention, considering a second Umbaran might not be out of this world. The Potential of dealing 6-8 damage depending on the number of characters (or with The Dorsal Turret: 9-12 damage) it essentially becomes this deck's equivalent to Force Wave!

Your deck is brimming with super impactful dice and STIFLE is there to protect them! Forcing your opponent into wasting a precious piece of mitigation to remove Stifle and possibly leaving them prone to abuse from any of your heavy hitting supports!

The deck is looking for the strongest 1cost removal and AT ODDS, FLANK and THE BEST DEFENSE... all fit that bill! At Odds also bring that extra value vs. mill decks! So, 6 removal cards is pretty low, but they are complemented by your 2 WITCH MAGICK that can potentially save up to 6 damage if you can maximise gain from them.


The only even costed card in the deck together with Planetary Bombardment. This is just to push the potentials of the rounds generating more resources and to be able to resolve the pay sides that are on some of the supports we do play. As it is an even costed card, and does at times mess up with Talzin and Witch Magick, it is understandable if some would like to cut it from the deck, but the extra ceiling this gives is really high.

Just remember to play it carefully because you don't want to give your opponent a card too early in the round, so the best use of it is obviously when your opponent has claimed.

Same as Well-Connected really, but it's an odd card which is good, and it does require you already have 3 resources, but this deck can easily facilitate that - it's just going to take a few actions to get there.

One of the most important cards to get a healthy and deadly ramp in the deck! It will save you in between 2-3 resources depending on which support you are delving into play! Delve a Vader's Fist into play saves you 2 resources that can then be used to resolve the pay sides or enable you to get it into play when you'd normally otherwise be restricted from it! Do remember that you do NOT get any use of Wat Tambor's Power Action when using Delve!


ACT OF CRUELTY is particularly good vs. 3wide decks and in those match-ups it represents pretty good value and potentially discarding some cards from your opponent. It's a good way to finish people off because many players tend to put characters to 1 health remaining so big damage sides, i.e. Vader's Fist, has to overkill characters.

This card is deadly vs. 3-5 wide character lists, not so cool vs. 2wide, in which case it's a discard to reroll. But this deck has some great sides to Sudden Impact on. Vader's Fist 3 Indirect damage, Planetary 5-7 sides and also the 3-5 sides on the Speeder Tanks. It really can bring some crazy value.

Talzin battlefieldjpg
LANDING DOCK gives you an extra reroll and a chance to reclaim it whenever you play a vehicle - and most importantly it does not ruin your game if your opponent gets the claim! There could be other Battlefields that would fit the deck as well, i.e. Rift Valley, but since you'll not be claiming a lot do choose a Battlefield which will benefit your opponent as little as possible!

HAND Talzin 3wide ARTICLE2jpg
Try find Entourage/Vader's Fist/Delve/Well-Connected/and a piece of removal - that's your dream starting hand! You really need two supports in your opening hand in case one gets discarded or Scruffied!.

Depending on the match-ups you can approach the opening of the game in different ways, but generally you want Watto's dice in the pool first, then fix them with Mother Talzin if necessary - then start pumping out the supports. Just play tidy and slow, and make the most out of the first round! Don't try to get the claim, you're likely to win late vs. almost every deck even though you can output the same damage round 1 as some aggro decks, but you rarely need to do that to win!

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