eYoda/eHan3 - Deck Analysis

Written by LAKE QUITT

At the end of the last meta I spent most of my time on a fun, but admittedly only decent deck in eYoda/eHan3. And while the deck was definitely fun and could make a ton of money, it fell short on killing power.Yoda han1 deck list2jpg
The primary problem with that deck was even though it had strong removal, and tons of resources, it never had anything fantastic to do with its money. Blue/Yellow supports weren’t that big of a deal, and I wasn’t interested in playing upgrades as I would end up missing a turn of activation because both Yoda and Han Solo need to have their dice in the pool to really start making money.

Also, bear in mind that Yoda has no damage sides and Han’s sides aren’t enough to carry a game by himself. All of that has changed with Convergence thanks to just one card: Entourage. Due to the tutor effect allowing you to dig for another copy of it, Yoda’s ability to Special chain, and the ease at which this deck makes 6 resources it really is a perfect fit.Hyperspace Jump outjpg
Sadly, Hyperspace Jump has left the deck (although not a lot of people miss having it around), so you actually have to tough out what the other decks are doing now, but fortunately we have been left with decent removal to pick from post-rotation so we aren’t trading one problem for another.

Yoda han1 deck listjpg
YODA is great at two things in this deck:
  1. Making resources, and
  2. Special chaining.
To be honest a lot of the time he is doing both of those at the same time (really his specialty, right). Yoda has lost some powerful Blue cards like Force Illusion and Force Speed, but he still seems strong enough to endure without them.Yoda han1jpg
Being a Scoundrel is a big deal now, and his Special that simultaneously makes money and deals damage is a great special chain target with Yoda. He also gives access to some pretty clutch removal like Easy Pickings which is important now that cards like Overconfidence and Force Illusion have rotated out!

DOUBLE DOWN is the plot of choice as it gives us access to a third Entourage. The other additional copy could really be anything, I have chosen Hired Muscle thanks to its synergy with Entourage. It's not specifically necessary to double down'ing on Hired Muscle as you'll be able to tutor it from your deck with your "last" Entourage.yoda han7jpg

There is a lot of damage potential here, enough that I am willing to overlook that I think that upgrades are not the way to go for killing power in this deck.There's potentially 8 damage from the Blaster, and you'd actually be able to afford it, although less is fine! Dealing 5 or 6 damage midgame from one card is Vader's Fist level, which is probably not a bad place to be!

FORCE WAVE is a meta call. Any time 3wide lists are prevalent I think every Yoda deck should run two of these. If any of the two Yoda dice hit a Special you can both focus and resolve the payside of Force wave. If you are playing against a two-wide list this is probably just a discard to reroll, but it does have merit against things like Mill decks when having to ping yourself won’t matter.

I’m still on the fence about this card but I think it is worth continuing to try it. It works great on both Han Solo and Yoda, and unlike the other 3cost upgrades you can play it before you roll in on turn 1. It's actually pretty good on Han: Do not underestimate the potential of that Han Special!

This is really the point of the deck. If you don’t have any in your opening hand, throw all 5 back. Get these set up ASAP they are your primary win condition. Entourage is so strong, not only due to the die, in the beginning you are aiming for the 2 Resource side, but also due to the tutor effect allowing you to fish the remaining two out of the deck as you start playing them!yoda han8jpg
Once you have the Entourages set up, the Specials can start dealing devastating amounts of damage! They cap at 7 damage in this deck, and although that's probably not going to happen, 4-5 damage is still pretty mean! Even the 3 Indirect damage sides can be fine!

I think Hired muscle is already very strong for its cost, and this deck has NO money problems so those pay sides don’t even phase me. If you don’t own a third one I would try a Fickle Mercenary in this slot, but keep in mind that card is significantly worse overall.yoda han9jpg
Little R2-D2 is actually a great piece of tech here. For just a single resource he gives you another card you can start Special chains with, and the card draw is nice if you need to either find scoundrel cards, or removal. I like just running the one copy due to its uniqueness.

Yoda han3jpgBEGUILE is a great card, but I am only running 1 because I am a little more interested in mass removal from my events, especially now that focus sides are becoming more and more prevalent.

We all know how great this card is. I’ll take cheap two for one’s where I can get them. Don’t be afraid to snap these off on blanks, nothings worse than having an Easy Pickings rot in your hand. You probably only get a shot on your opponent's dice on his initial roll (or reroll). Good players will know how to play around them with their focuses, so use them when possible!

Just a solid two for one removal piece. You can break a lot of deck’s backs by removing a pair of character dice. This is your second spot yellow removal and Han is going to be under fire from the beginning! Adyoda han10jpg
Another great cheap two for one removal (notice a theme here?). Ideally you want to play this after you have taken all your actions, and in a perfect world that will mean using Mean Street’s claim action.

This spot is also experimental, but I am interested in its use as mass removal. It's expensive, but also has an incredible HIGH ceiling. It does feel stupid though to spend 3 resources removing 1 die showing lethal, but those turns were it removes all of an opponent's dice is what will win you games!

As long as Han is alive this is your perfect point and click removal event. It does mean that you now have 6 events (Easy Pickings, Entangle and Indifferent) that are dependent on Han Solo staying on the table! cost curve han yodajpg
Solid free removal. You should be able to power through the shields it gives towards the end of the game, and I prefer its guaranteed removal compared to something like Hidden motive. Also, is probably the best Hero card to open on. It being free allows you to have live removal while being as greedy as possible with your resources for opening Entourage plays.


This is a flex slot. I like running it to help you find Entourages early if you can’t find one after a hard mulligan. It can also be handy to find emergency removal in a bind too.

A great card to snap off once you see an Entourage tutor out another copy of itself, or when you see a eSnoke/Watto/FO or eWatto/Talzin/Wat gain their 4th or 5th resource to start some "Unholy Trinity" action!

Just useful in general. You can kill anything from supports to upgrades reliably with this, although you should never just throw you character dice mindlessly at everything!

han yoda10jpgMEAN STREETS
The idea here is that as a 2 character deck you should be able to claim before your opponent, and play a piece of removal for free. You do have a pretty horrible Battlefield roll-off though (you average 0,83 on Yoda and just 1 on Han Solo), so don't expect to win the Battlefield often, but you should also have plenty of money to care of business without Mean Streets! It's nice to have, but by no means necessary!


The mulligan is as easy as it gets with this deck. You want to have at least one Entourage in your opening hand (two if you are afraid of and early Discard). If you don’t have any copies of Entourage in your opening hand, throw all five cards back. If you do have a copy in your hand congratulations! From there it’s just easy decisions like not keeping Force Wave versus two character lists, or throwing back Vandalize when you don’t need it.HAND Yoda Han ARTICLE2jpg
MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A HERO CARD though or Han’s Special won’t do what it needs to in this deck. I have included fourteen hero cards in this deck so even with aggressive mulligans you should be good on having one in your opening hand. If you are really worried about not having one, I would recommend keeping easy pickings or renewed purpose on a hard mulligan if you find one.

Normally, you want both Yoda's and Han's dice in the pool to start generating resources! THEN you want to play Entourage and get your Shenanigans going! Remember to leave a Yoda Special in the pool to flip the Entourage to a 2 Resource side so you can play the one you just tutored from the deck! Playing an Entourage has priority, so make sure you can set it up! You just need another 1 resource in round!

If you only have 1 Hero card in hand make sure you make use of the Han Special before using it or discarding it to reroll!


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