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Just days after the Across the Galaxy expansion was released, we published a deck list featuring this exact character pairing, Yoda and Leia - Boussh. That deck was meant to be a trick deck utilising Crime Lord/Ace in the Hole, and while it's fun to play it's not suitable for the competitive scene! It's unfocused and strategically hinges on very few cards to carry it home. I have used sections of that deck analysis as the basis of this one though!

This iteration of the deck though is a different beast altogether and was piloted by Zachary Hahn aka FlacidBaron of The Artificery Crew to the top of the Atlanta Regionals. What made the feat all that more impressive was that it was done before the nerf of Snoke, which meant that Zachary had to fight his way through a plethora of eThrawn/eSnoke decks, not dropping a single game against any of them, to victory. You can check out his match-ups here, and I know he also did a write-up on the Artificery website for their Patrons!

This deck plays out very similarly to the "old" Legacies style eYoda/eHondo, which was exceedingly popular, but this version does in fact look somewhat stronger. It would be good to remind ourselves of the fact that eYoda/eHondo was brought to its knees by eRey/eAayla - a pure midrange deck. That was the antidote back then - maybe it still is!

The deck might need a bit of reshuffling to reflect the changes that the Holocron Update brought with it, but for the purpose of this deck analysis, we are using his original list.


Leia Yoda 1jpgYODA aka Mr. Consistency or Master Reliable. He's everything you need from a character. We've already discussed him thoroughly in the YOUR Destiny Podcast as well as in several of our articles. His die sides are a killer and his Specials can do everything you need ... make resources, flip dice, gain shields and set in motion an avalanche of Special chaining. That was the big thing in the Legacies meta, while it sort of fell out of favor in a Snoke and Doctor Aphra dominated Way of the Force meta. But Yoda is never done and is just waiting to come back as a ghost to haunt you again! How he managed to go unscathed through the latest Holocron update beats me.

LEIA ORGANA - BOUSHH is our third version of her, and all three versions are COMPLETELY different from one another. Kudos to the design team for going all in on diversity of her character. The aspect she has as the bounty hunter Boushh (honestly I had no idea that was the name prior to this set release) is pretty intense. The Melee damage sides are underwhelming considering her 13/16e cost, but the Special is pretty outrageous. Imitating the effect of the V-1 Thermal Detonator it can decimate character teams if triggered when they have no resources or too little to pay you off. The main problem is that many of the top decks today are flush with resources, which weakens her Special, but doesn't make it obsolete - by no means!

Losing Leia is not the end of the world, but it does make your job somewhat more difficult - especially if things turn into a slugfest ... that's a party where you'll most likely be going home alone. One should of course never understand the little green goblins ability to carry home a game, but still.

CUNNING is the most important upgrade in the deck. You will want to see one as early as possible and preferably in your starting hand.Leia Yoda 3jpg
The ability to resolve as ANY other Special in play is amazing and it has two targets from the get-go, Yoda's Special and Leia's Special. Yoda's to harvest resources and turn Leia dice if needed and Leia's Special to go full throttle on damage early in the game! It might only have one Special side, but that can easily be fixed with Yoda, so you should be ensured maximum value from it every turn!

The Cunning die is incredibly weak against Doubt, but due to its 5 different die sides strong against Hidden Motive (two of the most prevalent 0cost mitigation cards). Your opponent will more often than not remove Yoda dice over the Cunning, unless it's already showing a Special, to stop your Special chaining in the tracks. Any way of focusing the die is then godsend. Remember there's a Focus on your Force Speed die as well, while Emperor's Throne Room is also there to help you out!Leia Yoda 4jpg
FORCE SPEED, FORCE WAVE, TREASURED LIGHTSABER and ENERGY PIKE are all parts of your Special chaining equation and is the backbone of speed and damage for this deck.

Because your dice that will do damage are relatively few albeit powerful, you also need to protect them. The Force Speed play is a brilliant way to secure this. A single FORCE SPEED on Yoda can set up some nasty uninterrupted Special plays once you get Leia's dice into the pool!

This could be a two-off if the meta starts favouring 3wide decks again. The Force Wave Special is expensive against 2wide character teams and is slightly worse than a "villain-card" triggered Leia Special, while it's obviously massively good against 3wide. As the meta looks currently, I think it's still the right choice to go with a single copy.

TREASURED LIGHTSABER is one of my absolute favourite cards in this deck. It takes the upgrade slot from cards like Obi-Wan's Lightsaber and Handcrafted Light Bow, but it's cheaper, allows you to replace it by drawing a card when you play it AND has a nasty Special if you have a full hand. Its Melee sides are fine, although both modified, and combines nicely with your other base Melee sides in the deck. As long as Force Illusion remains a fan favourite unblockable damage is god tier.

In most other decks the Energy Pike Special would be worth 2 damage, and would require a bit of work to boost to maximum damage. Because of Yoda this will almost always be worth 3 damage, which makes it a pretty decent investment for 2 resources! The 2 Melee damage sides is the frosting on the cake. According to the image on the card it's also pretty thematic ... apparently ... so there's that as well!
Leia Yoda 6jpg
AWESOME card! Sure, the die sides are less than impressive, and the 2 Melee damage for 1 resource is really an eyesore, but:
  • It gives you a VILLAIN card in play to boost Leia's Special,
  • It works as mitigation whenever you opponent takes damage from the Boa. Remember to sequence the damage right. Your opponent has to TAKE damage, it's not enough to DEAL damage.
Leia Yoda 7jpg

Your character team boast an underwhelming 21hp ... that's pretty meager and you'll be using a lot of the Yoda Specials to gain resources (to build your boardstate and play mitigation, which is pretty expensive) and turn dice, so your shield generation is at a minimum. Because your deck is also playing a fast paced game and likes to have initiative proactive mitigation is incredibly powerful in this deck!
Leia Yoda 8jpg
FORCE ILLUSION is great! Don't let it sit in your hand for too long. As a proactive mitigation card, so it should hit the table when possible. It also often works as a great deterrent and can at times prompt your opponent to focus down another character instead. This is usually a bad decision, but often your opponent's bad decisions is also what will win you games!

This card has always been ridiculous! It can be used to replace an upgrade to effectively make Leia a 16hp character. That's a pretty tall mountain to climb! Don't get greedy - if saving Leia means replacing an upgrade which still has the die in the pool, lose the die - or risk losing Leia.

Leia Yoda 9jpg
Your supports serve primarily one purpose, to ensure that you always have a VILLAIN CARD in play. And both BACKUP MUSCLE and SALVAGE STAND are excellent choices as they both stay in play throughout the entire game unless removed by card effects.

NOTE: Remember that Backup Muscle is NOT put in the discard pile once the last damage token is moved from it! It stays in play!

You don't have a whole lot of triggers for SALVAGE STAND, but it's still incredibly good - costs 0, lets you spot a Villain card and can be incredibly disruptive WHEN/IF you hit the Resource side!


Your mitigation suite is RIDICULOUSLY GOOD! You are literally playing the absolute best removal cards in the game (10 cards + 2 Force Illusion, 2 Second Chance and 2 Hyperspace Jump), and it's necessary to disrupt your opponent and keep your characters alive. Your mitigation package is also pretty cost heavy, which in turn means that resource management is pretty important. You'll also find that you need Yoda to perform (or your opponent to give you resources to avoid damage from Leia Specials) to fund all your shenanigans.Leia Yoda 10jpg
HIDDEN MOTIVE is definitely your weakest mitigation card, but it's still decent for 0 resources.

EASY PICKINGS and OVERCONFIDENCE both affect two dice, and while players are getting much better at playing around Easy Pickings it still represents excellent value for 1 resource. Players are in fact often so worried about Easy Pickings that they'll go to great lengths to avoid being trapped by it. That can often lead to suboptimal plays. Practice your poker face!Pokerfacejpg
Your dice S U C K at Overconfidence Battles - don't do it! In this deck Overconfidence should solely be used to reroll two of your opponent's dice! Period.Leia Yoda 11jpg
BEGUILE and ENTANGLE are probably close to the best removal you can get. It allows you to affect multiple dice and can all but blow up an opponent's turn. Remember that 6 of your 10 removal cards have Spot requirements, so don't get caught out of sequence with them, while your Second Chances only works on Leia. You are riding a fine balance between playing upgrades and playing mitigation, so get your plan straight or you'll be caught off-guard with a 2cost mitigation card in hand that you can't play because you wanted the Cunning in play and didn't roll Specials on Yoda! That's not you being unlucky, but simply sequencing it wrong!

I hate HYPERSPACE JUMP because it's so good! When playing a fast deck like eYoda/eLeia3, being able to end a round before your opponent has gotten around to resolving half his dice is just back-breaking!Hyperspace Jump Play Yoda Leia3jpg
Changing the Battlefield to EMPEROR'S THRONE ROOM when you jump is incredibly important as it's vital to the deck. It has a vast range of dice with just a single Special on them, which means that the times when Yoda's dice are underperforming getting your chaining going can be difficult to say the least. In these instances claiming out with the Throne Room can more often than not be what you need to find lethal damage on an opponent's character.

It is worth considering starting on your opponent's Battlefield, if given the choice, to grab the shields and change the Battlefield at first given opportunity. Be careful though - that strategy might come back to haunt you!


HAND Yoda Leia ARTICLE2jpg
There are several cards you want to see in your opening hand: A 2 cost upgrade, Cunning is the best to put maximum pressure on your opponent, Force Speed to cheat out dice, Salvage Stand to spot a first round villain card (and it's free) and possibly 1 or 2 mitigation cards. I usually ditch any 2cost mitigation from my starting hand - I find them exceedingly difficult to fund this early in the game.

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