eYoda/Ezra/Rey1 - Deck Analysis


Star Wars Destiny players everywhere have become accustomed to the dominance of Snoke, Aphra, Indirect damage and Planetary Bombardments! Gone are the perceived happy days of aggro decks dueling it out with lightsabers and blaster pistols.lightsaber dueljpg
The weekend of October 13-14, 2018, with both the Polish and Spanish Nationals being decided, did not look likely to change any of that as the field of players was packed with cookie cutter template villain decks. The internet was already creaking with discontent. "The game sucks", "the game is dead" ... "I'm out of this game"! You know how it goes ...

It was in such dark days that David Jose Iglesias stepped up to the plate and became the hero we had all been waiting for. Maybe not the hero we had expected, but at least the hero the game so deserved!


Let's just admit it! It requires COJONES to bring a monoblue hero deck to a 121-man event expected to be rife with Kylo Ren's, villain vehicles and "don't point that at my Planet" size guns. Balls cojonesjpg
Those giant brass Cojones might have a positive impact on the meta as we slowly transit into Across the Galaxy, before reshuffling everything in 2019 when the first wave of rotation hits Destiny as the Awakenings cycle comes to an end!

Runner up deck Spain 2018jpg

In an insane world bringing a 3wide monoblue character pairing boasting just 2 inherent dice with damage sides (and one of them being the absolute worst die in the game - looking at you Rey!) might not look like the smartest choice, and it will have raised an eyebrow or two that this was not a Plo Koon/Padawans deck!

But having mulled over the deck for a bit it might actually not be that insane after all!

So, what is it that we want? Well ... for most decks the following are vital strategic points that can make your tactical choices throughout a game much easier:
  1. Consistency
  2. Durability
  3. Burst
(1) CONSISTENCY is important in a game riven with variance and circumstantial effects, (2) DURABILITY ensures you'll live to see victory, which is becoming increasingly more important as the game gradually moves towards favoring decks with constant high damage output, while the ability to (3) BURST, a skill previously mastered by Sabine Wren and currently by Cad Bane, is often what it takes to circumvent mitigation and put an end to even an opponent's best laid plans!

Any deck that will hope to do well in a competitive environment should be strong on all of these 3 points OR be extremely dominant on one or two points to make up for the weakness in another, i.e. the aforementioned Cad Bane/Snoke deck is probably one of the most INCONSISTENT decks in the format, but has incredible BURST potential, while Talzin/Mandalorians have very low BURST potential, but a stupidly high level of CONSISTENCY.

Now, looking at it from this perspective, the choice of characters for this deck does make more sense. This is not to say that other monoblue 3wide character line-ups doesn't also make sense, but that's really not our business here.

First of all, monoblue hero decks are much more resilient than they first let on. Despite all their vulnerabilities, and there are a fair few of those as well, the easy access to shields and powerful mitigation (which in a monoblue deck is amongst the best in the game) can make even an 8hp character like EZRA BRIDGER hard as nails.Rey Ezra playsjpg
Cards like Pacify, Caution, Guard, etc. all work to turn weaknesses into strengths, bad luck into fortune and underwhelming characters into machines (well ... sort of!).

And then there's of course Mr. Consistency himself as YODA is known across the galaxy, who continuously show up to save the day for heroes. He's the power that makes your well-oiled machinery move, whether it's aggro, mill or vehicle decks.Yoda playsjpg
Yoda turns risky plays into certain plays, and all but removes variance from your strategic analysis of the possible plays at your disposal. He engineers resources and shields, while also facilitating your burst plays that can wipe a character from the board without interference. He might not have any inherent damage sides, but he's as lethal as they come, and he's still (in a vaccuum) at 13 points elite THE most broken character in Star Wars Destiny.

You want to keep Yoda in the game as long as possible using Ezra and Rey1 as functional meat shields, which is easier in a meta gravitating around Indirect damage. He is a target, not the obvious one, but once players start figuring out how this deck works, you need to preserve him for his strategic importance and all that he accomplices for your plays.

Rey - Force Prodigy is essentially the anti-thesis to Yoda. She's unreliable, boasts a horrific die, but also one of the most bonkers special abilities. She was actually considered broken beyond repair for most of the Awakenings, Spirit of Rebellion and Empire at War meta, until she fell irreparably out of favor. Well ... it was also due to the fact that the game slowed down, which then made her Special ability seem less awe inspiring, but it is still incredibly powerful to be able to make non-interactive plays. They create situations where you can maximise die results or play around situations that would otherwise be devastating. Just think about - how often have you not been in situations where you just needed that 1 extra action!? POSSIMPIBLE? Rey's got your back!POSSIMPIBLEjpg

Normally, I'd almost never recommend playing IT BINDS ALL THINGS, and would in most instances recommend playing DESTINY instead (for Heroes), but your dice are appallingly bad at the Destiny plays as in BAAAAAD! You don't have any of the big die sides available that would normally mandate ditching It Binds All Things, and you need some kind of ramp in your deck.

Sure, you have Yoda, but you need MORE! Your ability to flood the pool with upgrade dice is what makes this deck work, and without them your are a sitting duck waiting to get shot off the board.Blue hero 3jpg
It Binds All Things might not work with Vibroknife, but it has 10 other targets in your deck and should be profitable in round 1 and 2, while you might consider pitching it to re-roll as of round 3. You are not digging hard for it, but should obviously keep it in your starting hand!

There's a 1/1 split between DESTINY and LUKE'S TRAINING which is an interesting choice. Destiny is actually bad early on in this deck, but can be amazing in round 2 and 3, unless you can get a round 1 Heirloom Lightsaber down in which case Destiny can be bonkers!

Luke's Training is a really interesting choice, and I for one dig it! It allows you to recycle Force Illusions from your discard pile, gives you a bit or ramp potential including playing a round 1 Force Wave, and does look like good value in this deck. You can pitch a force ability to reroll dice and recur it with Luke's Training immediately after. It's a great tech, serves as a bit of protection against Thrawn, who has seen a spike in popularity, and might be a trendsetter similar to Mads Utzon's inventive Destiny tech at Worlds 2018.

Blue hero 4jpg
DAGGER OF MORTIS, EZRA BRIDGER'S LIGHTSABER and HEIRLOOM LIGHTSABER are your 4 redeployable upgrades, and they are all excellent value. None of them have paysides, which is important to the resource economy of the deck (it is in fact only the Force Wave which does have a payside of all the upgrades), because you need to be able to play at least 1 upgrade every single round.

I might be inclined to do a 1/1 split with Heirloom and Rey's Lightsaber, mostly due to the fact that Rey's Lightsaber has crazy good value with Rey, but I understand why the 3/1res Melee side might steer some players away from it.

Ezra's Lightsaber Special is INSANELY good when equipped on Ezra, and is definitely the best side on him. The loss of 1 resource might not sound like a lot with Chance Cubes, Thrawn and Snoke Power Actions around, but not all decks have the luxury of unlimited funding available and it is much more disruptive than it seems at first glance!

Dagger of Mortis is just great and you should consistently be able to find a base Melee side to support that big +3 side.
Blue hero 5jpg
FORCE WAVE is GAWD-TIER in the current meta. The ability to decimate 3wide character teams in the blink of an eye cannot be compared to anything at the moment. You can play this card round 1 with Luke's Training, and although it's a combo-piece don't focus your play on it! Same goes for FORCE ILLUSION which is still an absolute monster of a mitigation card although the resurgence of Backup Muscle means you need to stay alert!
Blue hero 7jpg
You only run 2 Ambush weapons: VIBROKNIFE, but it is starting to look increasingly good. With so many deck relying on Force Illusion to keep them alive it's always going to pose a danger! It is also an excellent way of action cheating damage through or set up some devastating plays.

FORCE SPEED goes into the same category! You want one of these bad boys in your starting hand!

Blue hero 8jpg
You are running 7 mitigation cards + 4 pseudo mitigation (Caution and Force Illusion), which means you should be able to see 1-2 mitigation cards every round.

BEGUILE is chosen over Mind Trick, and that's not an easy pick, but removes at least 1 die and has a pretty high ceiling. I'm not sure which one is the better to be honest. It's probably very much a qualitative choice for any player.

GUARD is not as powerful in this deck as in most other blue hero decks. It requires dice in the pool and your are not gifted with a lot of native Melee sides to sacrifice, although Rey's +2 Melee side can always come in handy!

HIDDEN MOTIVE has been on and off my "best mitigation" list for a while, and although it is incredible against Chance Cubes, Planetary Bombardment and Kylo, it also sucks against a vast array of decks. On the positive side it's 0 cost, which is important as you want a 0 cost mitigation in your starting hand.Blue heroes9jpg
Your dice most suck at the OVERCONFIDENCE battle, so do not go into that one lightly! But it does affect 2 dice, which is great, and the spot requirement is easy-peazy!

CAUTION could be a 1/1 split with Pacify, the latter being more versatile, but keeping your characters alive is even more important and Caution excels at it! 3 added Shields can be a tough roadblock in a pinch and can even work as a deterrent to make your opponent focus their energy elsewhere - maybe saving a character for another round! Be sure to sniff out those Frighten and Intimidates before playing Caution!

Blue heroes10jpg
Your tech cards are both one-offs, and they can both be lethal!

You'll most likely be looking at 3-4 upgrades Round 2, including Force Speed and Force Illusion, meaning that you get a lot of mileage out of THE POWER OF THE FORCE, allowing you to resolve a 1 Melee on Rey/Ezra as potentially a 4 Melee damage or a 2 Focus on Yoda as a 4 Focus, or annihilate your opponent's hand with a 4 Discard from either of your 3 characters! I do think it's shrewd to leave it as a one-off though!

SYNCHRONICITY is the go to out-of-hand damage card for blue heroes. You are not blessed with too many Shield and Melee sides though and might at times struggle to meet the requirements.

YOUR Destiny people love ALL IN - and we were happy to see it find its way into David Jose Iglesias' Spanish Nationals runner-up deck!

This deck is a mean All In deck and incredibly deceptive. It doesn't look like much at first, but a well-timed All In can bypass most mitigation and turn an innocently looking boardstate into a jedi frenzied killing machine capable of taking down most characters in a heartbeat.All In playsjpgAverage dice quickly becomes lethal damage that can wipe one or more characters! This can even be facilitated almost uninterrupted if you play the Vibroknife (*) on Rey, use the Ambush to activate and Rey's Special to play the All In! That's 9 damage on one character, 2 damage on a second character and 1 damage on a third character!

This is not a forgiving deck to play. You need to maximise every round and be sure to know when and where to play your Redeploy weapons!

You will want to see a starting hand similar to this:HAND Blue hero ARTICLE2jpg
And you are looking to try and play both upgrades round 1, harvesting resources from both Yoda's Specials and any other die allowing you to. Then you are set for round 2! Use Ezra's Power Action to filter through your deck before starting to play upgrades, but after your opponent has picked cards from your hand (Thrawn, Friends in Low Places, etc.).

Keeping Yoda alive is paramount! But I guess you already realised that!

Your health pool is one of your strengths in quite a few match-ups and you'll be on par with or even superior to most other 3wide decks. You should even be able to hold you own against the otherwise very unfavorable Kylo match-up!


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