eYoda/Gungan/Marauder - Deck Analysis

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Written by CLAUS STAAL

I was a huge fan of the FAT Firespray-31 deck we originally made a deck analysis of some months ago during the Across the Galaxy meta, but the deck was made null as the nerf to Snoke meant that the character team had to be reshuffled and it never really made it back again in any form or shape, and was by far eclipsed by the FAT Shadowcaster deck that just looked stronger on basically all fronts.

With the arrival of Enfys Nest's Marauder the FAT Firespray-31 can now rise from the ashes in the shape of heroes rather than villains and the loss of Snoke won't feel as bad when you can get Yoda on board instead!

This is the deck list I took to the second day of the Galactic Qualifier in Milton Keynes for Standard and piloted to a final standing of 5-1. To be honest, I messed up my first game (against Sentinel/eGreivous2), which I probably only lost because I played like a fool and my opponent managed to take full advantage of it, and that particular loss probably says more about me than the deck ... I honestly think this version is superior to the FAT Shadow Caster version at the moment, and does look marginally stronger in the "mirror match", which of course will be a funky N-1 Starfighter brawl!


ENFYS NEST'S MARAUDER is what makes this deck tick ... actually, the Marauder is what makes it possible in the first place. Being able to add a villain card gives us access to the Firespray-31: possibly one of the best vehicles in the format. It hasn't seen as much love as it deserves, mostly due to the popularity of the Shadow Caster, which occupies a similar spot in most decks, but it is supremely broken. It has the best ramp potential of any vehicle out there!HERO FIresprayjpg
The Marauder is in many ways similar to the Hired Gun, who rotated out of Standard, and offers on top of his ability to add a villain/hero card a nice ability similar to Cassian Andor dealing Indirect damage whenever you resolve a die side showing a cost, which are half his die sides, and it's particularly powerful with the Resource side, while his damage sides can also be extremely good late game. Normally paysides are a huge liability on a support character, but you don't have too many paysides in this deck and the upside of the Marauder ability all but makes them worthwhile all the time!Hero FAT Firespray2jpg
It's Yoda! He's the old hotness and he's still pretty hot! He is probably the best support character to have graced the game, unless you are a die hard Snoke fan boy, and does absolutely everything you'll ever need from a support character. And he's Mr. Consistency himself. He simultaneously protects and enables your hand by making sure you don't need to discard too many cards to reroll and he generates the resources to ensure that you can play out most of your hand every round if needed. I still think his points cost might be on the low side, but I'm seemingly one of the few who is still advocating this!

Whenever I see a GUNGAN it reminds me of Jar Jar Binks and I loathe Jar Jar, but in Destiny I also see Resources. And with the nerf to Theed Royal Palace, which we still run in this deck, I see Resources all the time! If you control Theed, the Gungan die will always be worth a Resource. It puts pressure on your opponent to be able to control the Gungan die, which is a pretty bad spot to be in, or give you immediate access to your Firespray-31!jar jarjpg

Not much has changed in Convergence with regards to ARMORED REINFORCEMENT! It remains one of the best cards in the game, if not THE best as it combines a powerful tutor with a discount to whatever you are tutoring for AND on top of that lets you play it immediately from either hand OR discard pile! CRAZY! I wrote a lengthy article on the power of this in my article on the FAT Vehicle as a deck archetype.
Hero Firespray5jpg
Armored Reinforcement has three targets in the deck, two N-1 Starfighters and the main support the Firespray-31. Use it to retrieve whichever vehicle you need the most, but you'll most likely be aiming for the big FAT Firespray-31 as it's your main win condition.

Another HUGE BENEFIT of Armored Reinforcement is the deck AND mulligan advantage it gives you. Normally, you will be looking for key cards in your opening hand, whether it's upgrades, mitigation or supports, and it can have a huge impact on your early game whether or not you find what you're looking for, but due to AR you're almost immune to bad draws. ALMOST!

Your mod upgrades are super important! You play 6 primary mod upgrades, while the R2 ASTROMECH is functionally a "ramp card" that facilitates your win condition. You could in some ways view the N-1 Starfighter as another two copies of the R2 Astromech, which is more expensive round 1, but breaks the cost curve in round 2.Hero Firespray6jpg
In a FAT Shadow Caster deck, I'd normally rate the three mod upgrades (with dice) in the following order:
But due to the inherently less powerful die on the Firespray-31, I'm actually happy enough to see the ARC CASTER although you are pretty strapped for base Ranged damage sides. You'll be praying to see the 3 Indirect damage side a lot on the Arc Caster unless you also have a Triple Laser Turret in play.

You could easily, due to the Firespray-31's Power Action have a round 1 where you get two mod upgrades in play! Combined with the Armored Reinforcement, you could potentially be looking at an effective discount of 3 resources (1 on the Firespray-31 and 2 for a mod upgrade). That's a HUGE resource advantage!Hero FAT Shadow Caster play1jpg
If you find yourself in a situation where you can EITHER play 2 mod upgrades or 1 mod upgrade and ready the Firespray-31, it is ALMOST always better to reset the Firespray as it ensures more dice in the pool and applies more pressure. The Firespray die is superior to any of the mod upgrade dice. You can always play the mod upgrade at a discount the next round. Instances where this obviously does not apply are where you are at risk of losing the mod upgrade, i.e. your opponent can discard the card from your hand!

Readying/resetting, a decked out Firespray-31 with R2 ASTROMECH is such a powerful tech and can often bring you back into the game from behind or ensure an insurmountable lead. This does not mean that using the R2 Astromech is ALWAYS the right choice, and if you are used to playing the FAT Shadow Caster, then you definitely need to readjust your game. A Firespray-31 is powerful, but it ain't no Shadow Caster! HERO FIrespray13jpgIt's often prudent to save resources for mitigation! Remember that you can use Theed Royal Palace to trade any die in the pool that you cannot resolve to make sure that you get all the dice into the pool again after resetting the Firespray! I've used it numerous times on the initial roll on a Dorsal Turret to basically make a Blank pay for the upgrade. Yay ... 2 free mods per round!


hero firespray9jpgThe N-1 STARFIGHTER is a brilliant utility piece in this deck, which is why I play two copies, and on top of that it's not unique so you can go full throttle with 2! It can be used as a pseudo R2 Astromech, readying the Firespray for 0 resources or be used to discard your opponent's vehicles: Pretty dope in a time where Padmé is roaming the galaxy with her insane Royal Starship! In a match-up against 2wide Padmé/x, I'd mulligan for an N-1 and might even consider pulling it with the Armored Reinforcement to rid yourself of the threat of the Royal Starship ASAP. That's a defensive strategy though, and you're likely to find yourself playing catch-up for the most of the game, if you should opt for it.

Other supports that could be considered in this deck if you want to do a 1:1 split, or even add more vehicles, could be the ARC-170 Starfighter, an A-Wing or as an outsider you might even consider the Black One, which is fun with BB-8 and Yoda flippin' dice (mostly for funsies)!hero firespray10jpg

hero firespray11jpgBEGUILE, EASY PICKINGS and ENTANGLE are all extremely potent removal cards! While the two latter are both spot Yellow, it shouldn't really matter as Yoda will most likely be the first target for your opponent - and he should be! Still ... my cautious nature made me go 1:1 on Entangle and Beguile as to not lose all mitigation if the Marauder dies early, while Easy Pickings is just so good that it requires two copies!hero firespray14jpg
I'm always a bit in doubt when it comes to Hidden Motive. On one hand, it's free mitigation which is good, on the other hand it often only removes a die 50% of the time, which is only when the odds are favorable and can get much worse against some decks. If I were to cut Hidden Motive, I'd probably cut it for Suppressive Fire, which is good because it can ALWAYS be played, while it only affects character dice and cost 1 resource to actually use.

This is great round 2, when your boardstate is set and you no longer have any need for the Gungan die to generate resources. Removing 2 dice showing damage in exchange for effectively 2 resources is ok'ish and as a minimum at the level of Entangle.

OUTGUN is your premium removal! It should be able to remove 2 dice for 2 resources as early as round 2 and it has a ridiculous cap, but if you can remove 3 dice, it is effectively a time walk on your opponent. Remember that it is spotting ANY number of mods on ANY number of your vehicles!HERO FIrespray15jpg
This should in most instances be a 1 for 1 removal as soon as you have your Firespray decked out with mod upgrades, when you reach 6 dice in the pool it's absolutely outstanding! I have found a bit of trouble finding the right timing for Rout since you are not often accumulating 6+ dice in the pool and almost never 9. If you want a safe replacement for Rout, I'd consider Flank your best option! Lower ceiling, but almost always 1 for 1.

I've swapped a Beguile for a Propel, which is somehow in between a mitigation card and a tech card. Similar to Channel the Force it lets you affect your own as well as your opponent's dice, but without the requirement of spotting a Leader and Jedi, but it cannot remove dice. You can potentially Blank 3 dice, which is powerful if your opponent doesn't have any cards left in hand, but sometimes a bit redundant as most decks are flush with focuses, but it also allows you to max out on your own dice (or a combination).


hero firespray16jpgBoth TRUCE and WELL-CONNECTED is in the deck to ensure that you will be able to afford mitigation and resolution of all your dice every round. I'm normally not a fan of giving your opponent neither Resources or extra cards in hand, but your ramp ability is really vital and can ensure that you apply maximum pressure on your opponent from round 1.

With Friends in Low Places rotating out of Standard format, we are left with SCRUFFY LOOKING NERF-HERDER, which is really much worse even if more flexible. Scruffy allows you to pick mitigation from your opponent's hand when you need an uninterrupted turn or in some instances picking that vital support you are certain he's gathering resources for! I almost always pick events!

We basically already covered why THEED ROYAL PALACE is still great in this deck. Exchanging either the Gungan die or the Maruader die in the early game for a resource is actually a fine swap, and later you might even want to trade a Yoda die to finance a 3 Ranged for 1 on a Triple Laser Turret or a 2 Melee side on the Marauder.

HAND FAT FIRESPRAY hero ARTICLE2jpgYou ALWAYS want at least 1 mod upgrade in your starting hand, preferably the Triple Laser Turret. If you don't get ANY mod upgrades, pitch your entire hand and redraw. It's incredibly important that you get your ramp up and running immediately. An early R2 Astromech can also be nice, although I'll be perfectly happy with a BB-8 which is an excellent support for round 1 as well, while some kind of mitigation is good and either a Well-Connected or Truce to make sure your resources are flowing early, even if Yoda's dice get mitigated. If your opponent is trying to get his ramp going and fails, don't offer him any favours playing Truce!


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