FN/Talzin - Deck Analysis & Tournament Report


My name is Miguel Villaroya aka [No Mercy]Miguel. I'm the reigning Spanish National Champion and some of you might have met me at Worlds 2018 where I piloted my Kylo/Talzin deck into 23rd place. I'm also fortunate enough to be a part of the YOUR Destiny Crew.

This article is going to be a refreshing walk down memory lane reintroducing to you one of the most AWESOME, at the same time beloved and hated characters in Star Wars Destiny: FN-2199.FN Talzinjpg
Following the deck analysis, I'll go through the event, that was the maiden tournament of the deck: the 50-man Yavin Vs Coruscant Event, and all of the match-ups of the day.

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Talzin FN1jpg
The idea behind the deck is very similar to the deck that Mads Utzon brought to worlds in the l shape of Rey2/Aayla with Profitable Connections, using the 3 resource start to upgrade with a powerful weapon and initiate an unstoppable ramp from there.

While Mother Talzin has been used extensively in top decks, i.e. 5dice Villains, Talzin/Mandalorians and latest Dooku/Talzin, since her release due to her incredible consistency and utilisation of Witch Magick, FN-2199 has really been in the wind. FN-2199 was the terror of the Spirit of Rebellion era, partnering up first with Jango Fett, then Unkar Plutt and a First Order Storm Trooper and in the days before the nerf also forming a fearsome trio with Bala-Tik and a Nightsister, the so-called Rainbow 9's.Talzin FN2jpg
Then he was nerfed - and nerfed HARD! Not only was his points cost changed with a Balance of the Force, but the overwrite rules for upgrades was changed as well. Sure, that particular rules change was also aimed at Rey1, but it hurt FN-2199 nonetheless.

Many players were convinced that FN-2199 would never make a return to the competitive scene since most characters that has been grinded and minced by FFG has never really recovered from it. Do you remember Poe Dameron - Ace Pilot? How about Unkar Plutt? One of my aims with this deck is to try and convince you that FN-2199 is still at his most brutal and ruthless self! And he's here to wreck face!Talzin FN5jpg
As with most Talzin decks, the ratio of even/odd costed cards are 4/26, which means that Talzin's ability as well as the Witch Magicks are extremely reliable.

You have a combined health pool of 20hp (add to his Witch Magick), so both FN-2199 and Mother Talzin really have to put some work in, and the possibilities are incredible!

Managing your upgrades and resources are super important to the success of this deck, but IF you are able to calculate how to get at least 2 Weapon Upgrades each turn (one you pay for as per normal, and the one that you overwrite, "replace", another upgrade with), you can be a menacing "Killing Machine". In round 1 alone you would be able to resolve a massive 7 dice, and two of them are likely to be unmitigatable, which in itself is HUGE!

You could potentially have a Round 1 (turn 1-4), like this:FN Talzin Playsjpg
1). Use FN-2199's ability to play a Captain Phasma's Blaster, 2). Use Imperial War Machine to resolve the die, 3). Overwrite with a Lightsaber. If you get a result you can resolve immediately, then do it, or 4). Use Mother Talzin's ability to fix the die result!

You are looking a turns with insane damage output. If your opponent mitigates the die you still get to roll it right back in with the FN-2199 activation. There are a lot of plays available, you just need to find out how you can maximise your damage. If you get your timings right this deck has one of the highest damage outputs per turn in the game (for the first couple of rounds).Talzin FN upgradesjpg
CANTO BIGHT PISTOL has good damage sides in a meta flush with Snoke-based decks. The Special is worth 3 damage and if you get to resolve it twice you look pretty golden.

CAPTAIN PHASMA'S BLASTER has incredible value and is one of the best weapon in your arsenal. Three base Ranged damage sides and a +3 Ranged damage side that can easily be resolved together with a Talzin Ranged damage. Even the Resource side can be good value if you hit it when you play it!

LIGHTSABER is good value due to the big 3 Melee damage and the 2 Unblockable damage from the Special is incredibly good in a meta full of Force Illusions.Talzin FN4jpg
Both the ROCKET LAUNCHER and the Z6 RIOT CONTROL BATON has crazy value and are both dealing huge amounts of damage. The Z6 Riot Baton is one of the most consistent weapons in your arsenal. Remember that if you use the "After ability" of the Riot Baton, you don't get to resolve it immediately with FN-2199's ability, The Rocket Launcher's Special can be absolutely superb in a meta full of vehicles!

6 of your 10 weapons have REDEPLOY, and you'll need to make sure that there's as many Redeploy weapons on FN-2199 as possible if he is at risk of being focused down. Mother Talzin can easily finish games on her own lonesome self with a couple of nasty upgrades!

Talzin FN article2jpg
Normally, it's a bad idea with too many Spot Blue cards in a deck running only 1 blue character, but in most games your opponent will be going for Fn-2199 - he is the obvious danger, which means that both ISOLATION and OVERCONFIDENCE should be pretty safe.

FEEL YOUR ANGER is just really good in a meta with loads of vehicles. You are just looking to remove a few troublesome dice, and there's usually a few Blanks in between the your opponent's dice.Talzin FN8jpg
Even though FN-2199 is the MAIN MAN in this deck, THE BEST DEFENSE... still has great value. Being able to remove two BIG damage sides in exchange for 3 damage on the Loyal Trooper can at times be a small price to pay. It can slow ramp and remove most support character dice in 3wide Snoke decks, which are found everywhere!

DEFLECT is a meta-call, and right now it looks pretty solid. Removing a die AND dealing damage is good!Talzin FN article9jpg
You have plenty of pay sides in your deck and IMPERIAL WAR MACHINE is a great way of resolving these dice. The alternative is Imperial HQ, but that that prohibits you from playing your 3 cost upgrade and resolving it in round 1.

LOGISTICS helps you accumulate resources for your blow-out turns where you put lethal damage on characters. Harvest your resources when you can!

TACTICAL MASTERY is a great tech card to activate either FN-2199 or Talzin and find the damage that will kill your opponent's characters. If any of your opponent's characters are within 3 damage to be defeated, then you'll most likely get there with a Tactical!

This deck might not be Yoda/Hondo, but is actually pretty fast and will easily outpace most decks. RIFT VALLEY is an excellent Battlefield, because it works so well with a deck constructed around Mother Talzin, while Rebel War Room is another great alternative.Battlefield choices Talzin FNjpg

This deck definitely feel the strongest against 2 character match-ups and against 3 wide decks with low health support characters that can easily be picked off by FN!

One of the hardest match ups is actually eRex/Maz/CloneTrooper because its speed, ability to focus down FN-2199 fast and end off turns prematurely by playing Retreats and Hyperspace Jumps makes it very difficult to execute your game plan.

Yavin VS Coruscant is a non-Official Tournament arranged by one of the most awesome organization i have played for in all my years of card- and tabletop gaming (they always have lots of prices, gather lots of players and it takes place in the beautiful city of Bilbao, northern Spain).Bilbao mapjpg
We played 6 rounds of Swiss, then single elimination, best of 1, in the Quarterfinals, proceeding to single elimination best of 3 games in the top4. Semifinals (best of 3) and Finals (best of 3). Prize wall etcjpg
The organization of the tournament was run by three awesome guys "Moebius", "Beni", and "Rick", who ran an incredibly smooth event with an amazing prize wall including three Grand Moff pins in real size!! The even took place in "La Guardia", a private club, with all kinds of miniature and card games!

I really think that the organising group deserves a lot of credit and hopefully they will get support from Asmodee/FFG and be allowed to run a Galactic Qualifier at some point in the future! I think, I speak for the whole Spanish Destiny community when I tell you that these guys are just AWESOME! And they put in a lot of work for the community! They also run the only active Star Wars Destiny Podcast in Spanish!

In the following, I'll try and make a summary of my 10-3 run to eventually win the 50man tournament at YAVIN vs. CORUSCANT.

Talzin FN6jpg
A Classic Yoda/Hondo deck, which is seemingly gaining popularity in the last couple of weeks after Franck E.'s win in the Belgian Nationals 2018. I feel that this match-up is heavily favoring Talzin/FN, because of the insane damage output you can get. I managed to get a round 1 Hondo kill, and then it was just cleaning up and killing Yoda. My opponent tried to focus down FN-2199, but just couldn't find enough damage for me to be concerned! The key to winning this match-up is to manage well the damage output of Hondo, and quickly burst down the first character.
[WIN: 1-0]

FN Talzin 11jpgAs I was trying to finally demonstrate how powerful FN-2199 still is in the current meta, Jon - an awesome player - punished me hard with his Rex/Clone/Maz.

He won the initiative roll-off and chose his Battlefield: Fort Anaxes, while managing to control my cards, hitting hard and destroying FN-2199. After that it felt almost impossible to win the game. The key card for my loss was a double Defensive Position that totally destroyed my damage output for the rounds.

I gotta admit, I was facing a lot of doubts at this point. Was FN-2199 and Talzin, the oppressor and his mommy, really going to make it?
[LOSS: 1-1]

FN Talzin 12jpgImmediately when I saw the pairing, and piloted by Daniel Nebrera - one of the best players in Madrid - I was convinced that this game was going to be another loss. The eYoda/Cassian/Anakin deck is in a very strong position to combat this deck. But, I was able to get an insane amount of damage in, and two Second Chances and one Force Illusion later my opponent was left with just 1 card in hand and I had two. I pitched to reroll and found the kill. During the game I managed to ramp into three 3cost upgrades in round 3.Talzin FN12jpg
It was a very very close game, and one of the cards that i might consider adding to the list, is Closing the Net, which seems very good against mill decks and probably also against Snoke vehicles deck.
[WIN: 2-1]

Talzin FN13jpgWhile this deck was the tankiest and strongest deck a few metas ago, it just doesn't feel tier 1 today. Anyway, the match up was exactly the same as in my first game. I got a lot of damage first round on Rey and managed to find lethal damage in my first overwrite action of Round 2. With Rey gone that fast Poe didn't stand many chances against the combined power of my two characters!
[WIN: 3-1]

Russian Nationals Nationals article22jpgThis match up is probably a 50/50. The eSnoke/Aphra/Battle Droid deck has been winning in a lot of big tournaments, and can be a big threat if you are not able to kill Doctor Aphra and the Battle Droid early in the game

My opponent was able to get a 0-0-0 round 1 and started mitigating dice. In the second round he was pushing me hard because he played a Hailfire Droid Tank, but i was able to keep him at bay with a The Best Defense... and ramp for a second 3 cost upgrade, and then overwriting for more damage. In the third round he only had Snoke alive with 5 health remaining, and I was able to defeat him at the end of the round. The key for this match up was my Battlefield: Rift Valley, which helped me in mitigating a Vehicle/Droid die every turn.
[WIN: 4-1]

Snoke Kylo article2jpg
Oh no... my good old friend Kylo Ren, and his Grandfather Snoke. My opponent started by playing a Vibroknife, Activate Kylo, and guessing Red. He guessing correctly and proceeds to hit me for another 4 damage. At an incredibly bloody first round FN-2199 was at 3 health remaining while Kylo was down to 2 health.

A Tactical Mastery as the first action of Round 2 was enough to slay Kylo and then the rest of the match up was cleaning up the board.

The MVP of this match was definitely the Tactical Mastery, while I also got a lot of damage in with FN's overwrite ability: Captain Phasma's Blaster/Rocket Launcher + Tactical Mastery if I didn't found damage on the initial roll-out, which meant that I could ensure a kill on a character at the start of the second round.
[WIN: 5-1]

Mandalorian Talzin Characters1 deckjpgThe eTalzin/Mandalorians match up felt easier than it might actually be. I was trying to focus down his Mother Talzin fast, but didn't get the quick kill I was aiming for, while my opponent wasn't able to draw into a lot of 0 cost upgrades. The first round ended as a draw. Both of us healed twice with Witch Magick before I was finally able to get the kill on his Talzin at the end of round 2. After that I used Talzin to mitigate his Mandalorian dice. The Deflect put in some insane work in this game!

FN Talzin 11jpg
Playing against the same deck that I lost to in round 2, and piloted by Gonzalo Mena who is one of the best players in my local group of players in Madrid. Gonzalo dominates with his deck, and I knew that he was playing both Retreat and Hyperspace Jump, which could hurt me a lot in this match-up, while his speed were threatening to wipe out my FN-2199 quickly.

In the first match (best of 3), I decided to focus down Maz first, because he put shields on Rex. That was a bad decision from me! After a well-timed Defensive Position late game, I wasn't able to finish off Rex, and I duly lost.

In the second match i was able to ramp much quicker and got a round 2 kill on Rex. And although he played two Retreats, I still managed to pull through a hard fought win. The burst damage and the ability to end turns prematurely makes this deck a really hard match-up

The third match was a close game. I wasn't able to kill any of his characters quickly, and he used his mitigations and guns to hit me and pulled through some awesome turns. But in round 3 I was able to use a Tactical Mastery into two Witch Magick and healing six damage, giving me the edge I needed to finish off Rex! He finished off the round by Retreating, hoping to get another activation, but simply wasn't able to burst enough damage through. It always feels terrible when you have to play a great friend (and awesome player), and I was a bit sad because the situation.

The finals were streamed and you can see the game here:Live streamjpg
Thrawn Snoke article1jpgGAME 1:
At the start of the day nobody had thought that FN/Talzin would make it into the finals. In most players' minds it's simply not a strong enough deck. For almost 1 year now nobody has really played FN-2199. And when you go through swdestinydb, there's really not a lot of newer FN decks out there. Yet, I was playing the finals against the mighty Thrawn/Snoke piloted by Daniel Herrero, The Pride of Bilbao!, Daniel is an extremely skilled player, and trying to figure out how to approach the game, I was confident that the target had to be Thrawn. The second hard decision was whether to Ramp>Mitigation in the second round, to try to get enough upgrades down to secure a win in third or at least the fourth round.

Daniel, was able to get resources early, and in used Beguile and Mind Trick to mitigate a lot of my dice. He topped it off by getting some vehicles, but he still wasn't able to get a fast kill in on FN. He finished off Mother Talzin and afterwards I could pull through the win!

My damage out put for Game 1 was. Damage Dealt (Damage mitigated): damage outputjpg
He was able to get his Chance Cube down and scraped together loads of resources, and just started getting his vehicles into play. He hit me much harder this time, and it was a close game. In round 4 I played a Tactical Mastery for the win!

Now, at this point my head was totally blown and i didn't see the damage to finish the game. I did a misplay with a weapon overwrite and another misplay in overwriting with a Force Illusion. It was after the misplays that I won the second game. Some spectators said that I did in fact make a misplay, so we decided to review the video and afterwards, I decided to concede game 2 and offer my opponent a rematch.I felt it was the honorable thing to do in the situation!

This game was a blast (for me). I had felt a bit unlucky in some of the other games, but this time around I was just pounding for maximum damage. At the start of second round Thrawn was at 2 health remaining and I had two 3cost upgrade on FN-2199. I overwrote an upgrade with a Phasma's Blaster, found the 2 damage and killed Thrawn.

At the start of the third turn I activated Talzin, got 3 damage, and then used Tactical Mastery for another 7-8 direct damage, killing Snoke.

Daniel Herrero was the toughest opponent of the day and he deserves a spot in the top of every tournament because of his skill and the way he plays this game!

At the end of the day I was able to get some beer and celebrate becoming the First Champion of Yavin VS Coruscant Tournament in Bilbao!.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this LONG report and hope to see you all at Worlds 2019 or maybe even at the Spanish Nationals!

Cheers everyone - show NO MERCY!

Written by
Spanish Champion 2017