Gauntlet Update - May 2019

Written by CLAUS STAAL

Very few official tournament results have come in so far within the Convergence meta, and while much is still conjecture we do start to see some clear tendencies! Expect the Gauntlet to be updated regularly for the next couple of weeks! We aim to have deck analyses available for all our Gauntlet decks before mid May!

A few new decks have found there way into the Gauntlet, including Adam Länsberg's 3wide Talzin support deck while we've replaced a few of the decks that previously featured!

Get access to the full Standard Gauntlet for Star Wars Destiny here!

We've kept the Gauntlets for previous metas, mostly as a historical document, but also for us to document tendencies, developments and changes!

GAUNTLET UPDATE: May 10, 2019.

Gauntlet deck 3wide TalzinjpgGauntlet deck 6dice lor san tekkajpgGauntlet deck Phasma sentineljpgGauntlet deck Aphra droidsjpg