Gen Con - Day 1 Round Up


This is the event we have all been looking forward to: The North American Championship 2019 hosted at Gen Con, the world's oldest gaming convention and co-founded by none other than gaming legend Gary Gygax himself, one of the two authors behind Dungeons & Dragons! May he rest in peace!

The tournament was highly anticipated for two main reasons:
  1. It was going to pit some of the world's finest Destiny players against each other in only the second premier event of the year in the Spark of Hope meta (the first being the Galactic Qualifier in Paris at the end of July).
  2. The North American Championship is largely expected to define the meta going forward towards the plethora of other premier events of the year including EUROS 2019, the other Continental Championship, as well as the Grand Championships starting already in mid-August with the German Nationals.
146 players made it to Indianapolis, which is 100 players less than a year ago, and I suspect that it has to do with more players planning to attending Worlds 2019. Whatever the reason, it's somewhat disappointing though.Geen Con Venuejpg


Grand Championship datesjpg

Also, A MASSIVE THANK YOU has to go out to The Hyperloops for providing the amazing stream from the event in collaboration with Jackalmen Games and The Golden Dice Podcast. To be able to spend my Thursday and Friday watching great games and listening to cool commentary! THANK YOU!Hyperloops Twitch stream2 THUMBNAILjpg
You guys really went above and beyond to make this a great experience for everyone who couldn't attend the event, but were dying to follow all the action. I almost had a heart attack when I heard of the initial problems getting power supply to the streaming table (and my initial reaction might have been a bit excessive).


First of all THANK YOU to Bowie Sessions to providing all the statistics from the North American Championship! I've stolen all the graphs from his excellent work (I'm unscrupulous like that)!graphs top32 gen conjpg
Hero and Villain Droids are making up more than 60% of the top32, which is not really any surprise considering the hype around the Fateful Companions R2-D2 and C-3P0, while DOCTOR APHRA did really well at the end of the Convergence Meta and remains as broken as ever. I'm honestly surprised not to see a single eVADER/X deck in the top32 and might have been way off in my estimation of the power level of that deck. I guess it's simply too high variance for such a narrow competitive field where most decks are solidly based on consistency.

REYLO represents 9.4% of the decks, which is just 3 decks, but still fairly high for an archetype that just seems too fair for this meta. It has plenty of powerful synergies, but as Mads Utzon noted yesterday while watching the stream, and he should know being probably one of the best middle-middle players around, "it just doesn't do anything broken". Kylo Rey gen conjpg
We are probably still not looking at the perfectly optimised ReyLo deck and it really just requires a few broken cards to push the deck up the tier ladder. Cards like Destiny, Guard, Force Speed and Close Quarters Assault all made eRey/eAayla and eKylo2/eAnakin forces to be reckoned with in a Galaxy Far Far Away, and while I don't long for those days, it's probably to be expected that the couple will become stronger in future sets.Nick Obee top32 pairingjpg
It's interesting to see the eJabba3/Wat/Sentinel pairing to make a showing in Day 2, and it's worth noting that although Jabba The Hutt does appear in 10% of the decks in Top32, while two of those decks made it into the X-2 bracket. It's probably NOT a surprise though to see it being piloted by Nick Obee of The Artificery who is one of the most consistent players on the competitive Destiny scene while the other was piloted by Tyler Fultz.

Jabba The Hutt effectively replaces Watto as the money maker in what I expect to be an Entourage driven deck with Fickle Mercenaries and Hired Muscles on the side (I haven't seen the deck list yet).

The Hyperloops did it! AGAIN! Like really did it! Well ... it can't really come as a surprise to anyone as that team is widely regarded as the best deckbuilders and players to have graced the competitive Destiny scene. They are just incredibly good and whenever they promote a deck you better listen. They more often than not nail it. And they did. AGAIN!

Although the three founding fathers, Nick Cuenca (Aphra/Wat/Sentinel), Joe Colon (eSatine/eC-3P0/R2-D2) and Mike Gemme (Ewok Swarm) all brought different decks to the event, it was the Chirpa/Hoth/Ewoks deck that was THE TEAM DECK and which is going to be the talking point of the Destiny community for weeks to come no matter whoever ends up winning the North American Championship 2019.

Most people who regularly follow the YOUR Destiny news will know of my distaste for the Ewoks, but I also appreciate brilliance when I see it. And The Hyperloops added a piece of beauty into the deck, which made both Mads and I smile as we watched the stream!
Watch the game here on The Hyperloops Twitch Channel between US Nationals 2018 runner-up Cody Williams from Arrow Brook Gaming and Mike Gemme running wild with his Ewok Swarm!Hyperloops Twitch stream THUMBNAILjpg

The beautiful spicy tech (amongst many) is the Armored Reinforcement in place of Double Down to search for a Podracer, which is free due to the plot discount, has Ambush and allows for switching the Battlefield with Across the Galaxy to Arena of Death, which throughout a game can mean a HUGE damage swing.
Ewok tech Mike GemmejpgThe best thing is that this all costs you ZERO RESOURCES and can be done in two swift uninterruptable actions. B E A U T I F U L!
Other than the beautiful piece of art above, the Ewok deck runs all the cards that makes this a devastating salvo of damage that just keeps piling mercilessly on your characters:
Ewok tech2jpg
It's going to be interesting to see if the Ewoks can continue their unstoppable assault on Day 2 in the top cut.
As we've become accustomed to at large Premier events, the Day 2 progression cut is made at X-2, with the highest ranking players from the Swiss Rounds earning themselves a bye for the first rounds, while the lowest ranking has to fight it to secure their seat in the top16. The Challonge Bracket for Day 2 looks like this and was made by Joshua Allen:DAY 2 GEN CON2019jpg
There are plenty of well-known names amongst the Day 2 contestants, including both finalists from last year's event, 2018 runner-up Jordan McClure and reigning Champion Andrew Cox, who ended up number one seed in Swiss, as well as Nick Cuenca and Mike Gemme from The Hyperloops, Stephen Lanza from the new Entourage Gaming and Luke Magnuson, Jonathan Magnuson and Andrew Rothermel from The Destiny Council (Luke has also been helping us out at YOUR Destiny with some awesome articles in the last 6 months). Cody Williams from Arrow Brook Gaming also makes the cut into Day 2!

And yet again stolen from Bowie Sessions: The Day 2 distribution of decks:Gen Con day2 progression 2jpg
The Hyperloops Stream should be up and running again Friday (August 2, 2019) at 9AM (GMT-4), which would be 2PM (UK summer time) and 3PM (Central European summer time).

GEN CON 2019jpg

The Standings for Day 1 at Gen Con 2019 was published by Stephen Lanza and did hold some surprises:standings day1jpg
And while the list reveals that household Destiny personas like Drew Warren, Sean Aguilar, Agent of Zion, Brian Hourigan and our very own Lake Quittmeyer all missed out on a spot at Day 2, there's one absentee that really breaks my heart, Mr. Destiny himself: JOE COLON aka HonestlySarcastc. Oh man ...

There's just one Destiny player in the world I enjoy watching play more than Mads Utzon, and it's Joe Colon. Not being able to watch Joe slug it out, durdle around with his actions and doin' his thang' sours up my Friday! Add to this that Joe is an amazingly helpful dude, who has saved my Destiny content creator life on several occasions, just calls for an ARRRRGHHH!DAY 2 GEN CON2019 2jpg


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