Han Droids - Deck Analysis

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Han Droids has been a variant deck of the ultra-powerful droid duo - R2-D2/C-3PO - since the very beginning of the Spark of Hope meta. Previous versions were pure aggro, spiking characters off the table before you could blink! Erratas have hit, and times have changed. Many of the versions played at Worlds 2019 feature the same lineup, but switching of a second die from Han Solo - Old Swindler to C-3PO has changed the strategy.

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This deck is no longer a pure Aggro deck, but relies much more on early ramp, and in this way resembles a variation of a midrange deck: Ramping early into a large gun suite, then hitting hard off of action cheats rounds 3-4. It’s a little less flexible than Chopper droids, giving it worse matchups into some of the meta decks, but it’s still a very powerful deck (and super fun to play!).

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Not a whole lot new I can say about R2-D2 and C-3PO - even with the Balance Of The Force, they are still some of the most broken characters in the game! The way their abilities interact with one another just produce outrageous amounts of value! It’s no surprise that decks centered around these two continue to be meta staples!
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HAN SOLO is no slouch himself - a solid die with a Power Action that lends a ton of consistency - his die is almost always going to get you a Resource or a 2 Ranged damage side. Most importantly for this deck though, he’s a Scoundrel, allowing you to play on Mean Streets and make use of that crazy battlefield!

HAN DROIDS NEWjpgThe core of the upgrade suite is the 2 cost upgrades. Because you want to make sure that you get value out of C-3PO and Fateful Companions, starting with a 2 drop on R2-D2 or Han Solo is super important. Each of the 2 cost guns do something a little different.
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and EZRA BRIDGER'S LIGHTSABER are the redeploy options, and are great to throw on R2-D2 early in the game, while the DX-2 DISRUPTOR BLASTER PISTOLS provide a way to burst through shields (especially effective with R2-D2 and C-3PO focusing out of action cheats!). REX'S BLASTER PISTOL increases the speed of the deck, as well as efficiency, and makes action cheat plays incredibly scary for the opponent (and also creates super complicated queue situations. If you have no doubt what this is about then check out Joe Colon aka HonestlySarcastc's article on the subject). The A300s and DX2s also provide Disrupt sides, which can be nice in the Villain support matchups.
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is the most powerful in the upgrade suite, something of a mini Vader’s Fist for hero’s. The sequencing can sometimes be tricky if you miss on your rolls, but if you hit… Man can this card do a lot of damage!

HAN SOLO'S BLASTER is great for this deck, in the versatility it provides, serving as both an upgrade and as removal (with the added benefit of giving you an action cheat if you play it on Han Solo. Remember that in order to activate Han Solo off playing the Blaster you will need to actually remove a die showing damage. You'll get Ambush regardless though). This card is crucial to preventing lopsided hands as well. With all the money you can generate, having a hand without mitigation or without upgrades is very sad - Han Solo’s Blaster helps decrease the odds of this happening by providing both! It’s worth noting that it’s also a great option into Probe and Counterintelligence (making sure that you'll never be left without mitigation entirely).

The CRAIT RESISTANCE SPEEDER is just super efficient for 2 resources, and rounds out the die suite in this deck. Just super solid, nothing bad to say about it! There’s a reason it finds its way into a variety of hero decks.

The removal suite in this deck is vast, and with good reason. The longer you can keep both droids alive and Fateful Companion running at the highest efficiency level the stronger your odds of winning! Losing a droid early and turning off the plot is how you lose games, so making sure that the removal suite is big enough to guarantee you aren’t caught without any is important.
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REBEL ASSAULT, HIDDEN MOTIVE and PACIFY are all good 0 cost options for this deck (with Electromagnetic Pulse as another consideration). We all know about Hidden Motive and Pacify at this point, but Rebel Assault is one of my favorite hidden gems. If you’re playing a deck with Ranged damage sides, it’s a very efficient removal option (especially into decks like ReyLo, with Special sides that can just spin out of control if not mitigated!).
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FIELD MEDIC and AUTOMATED DEFENSE are the consistent but low-upside removal options in the deck. They do what they do and that’s that. Worth noting that they’re also both nice options for Mean Streets.

EASY PICKINGS, FLEE THE SCENE and ENTANGLE are the blowout options. Flee the Scene especially is the bread and butter of this deck. It’s already really good, but with Mean Streets it’s just outright dirty! Snuff Out is another option in this category if you’re looking to add some more multi dice removal to the deck.Han droids new8jpg

Not a whole lot to say here, except that both EWOK AMBUSH and INSTIGATE are brutal in this deck! Especially in conjunction with Rex’s Blaster Pistol, the sheer amount of damage you can do on one turn is nasty.Han droids new6jpg The synergy with all the other ranged weapons is huge here as well, making this the #1 Rex’s deck (sorry Chopper!). Chewbacca's Blaster Rifle and the DX2s are worth noting here as well, as both are excellent off of cheats+focus, which is what this deck does best. Large unblockable chains here we come!

MEAN STREETS - enough said. This is one of the most powerful battlefields in the game, and is just brutal to play against. Han Droids is one of the fastest decks in the format, and can make good use of it.Han droids battlefieldjpg
Unfortunately, your initiative roll off is also terrible, so you won’t get to play on it a whole lot… That’s why the removal curve is still relatively low - you just can’t build the deck assuming you’ll play on it. But even playing your 1 cost removal for free - Flee the Scene, Field Medic, Automated Defense - can have a big impact on the game.

You’re looking for two upgrades in your starting hand, with preferably at least one redeploy. Prefered 2 drops go in this order: Ezra’s, A300, Rex’s, DX2. You also want at least two removal options, with one of them a 0 cost and the other Flee the Scene (though Field Medic and Automated are good too). Action cheats and the 3 drop upgrades are generally better rounds 2-3, though this changes depending on the matchup. And if you don’t think you’re opponent will remove resource sides round one, a round one Chewy’s can really up the damage curve (it’s just a little harder to play round one).
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