Hobby Perspectives (Build Your Own Gaming Table)

Since I was not able to participate at WORLDS 2018, I watched the stream all day long. I was so impressed by the awesome gaming table, that I asked Tobias Winter (Worlds top16) to snap some photos of it, so I could build my very own version of it.
Streaming Table Worldsjpg
I aimed at a fast, easy, cheap and good looking build. You will not need a lot of craftsmanship or special tools, all you need is:
  • Some screws 
  • A cordless screwdriver 
  • Paint
  • Feldherr dice foam
  • Poplar plywood plates
  • Spruce strips
The last two things, you can order at a hardware store, so you do not need to cut anything. You will find a more detailed list of the sizes needed below.
This is my SketchUp mock of the table.Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 085036pngScreen Shot 2018-06-30 at 085059png
Here is the list of materials I used for the table:Selfmade-Star-Wars-Destiny-Gaming-Table-1jpg
Essentials (60€):
  ⁃ Cordless Screwdriver with Bit holder and 4mm wood drill
  ⁃ A pack of chipboard screws, 3,0 x 25 (5€)
  ⁃ Poplar plywood plates (35€):
1x 1062mm x 960mm x 12mm (main plate)
2x 644mm x 386mm x 12mm
2x 290mm x 189,5mm x 12mm
4x 198mm x 140mm x 12mm

Spruce strips (20€):
2x 1062mm x 30mm x 18mm (frame)
4x 140mm x 30mm x 18mm (frame)
2x   924mm x 18mm x 18mm
2x 888mm x 18mm x 18mm
2x   644mm x 18mm x 18mm (frame)
2x 614mm x 18mm x 18mm
2x 290mm x 18mm x 18mm
4x 188mm x 18mm x 18mm
4x   153,5mm x 18mm x 18mm
10x   144mm x 18mm x 18mm
8x 140mm x 18mm x 18mm

WORK TIME: 3-4 Hours

HINT: if you are friends with a carpenter, it is possible to get these parts much much cheaper or even for free…

NOT NEEDED, but nice to have (around 50€):
  ⁃ Feldherr dice foam (4,80€)
  ⁃ Spraypaints of your own choice (depends, 20€+)
  ⁃ Putty (4€)
  ⁃ Abrasive paper (2€)
  ⁃ Glue (3€)
  ⁃ Mono coloured gaming mat (15€ or free if u have one)

You can watch my work process here:Build Your Own Gaming Tablejpg

  1. Check if you have everything. Sort all your parts and materials and put everything in place before you start your work. I skipped this step and noticed wrong dimensions of the 644mm plate as you can see in the video at minute 5:00.
  2. Draw the frame. It is much easier to do step 3 if you draw some help lines. Hold the 1062 frame part at the edge of the main plate and basicly draw an inner rectangle.
  3. Fix the frame. Drill at least 3 holes per strip between the outer edge and the inner rectangle. Screw the frame strips in place from below. Make sure that the edge of the strips is flush to the edge of the main plate.Gaming Table5jpg
  4. Place strips and draw outside lines. If you place all strips inside the frame correctly, they should hold tight already and enable you to draw lines to simplify step 5.Gaming Table6jpg
  5. Fix the strips. Now follows the longest step. A friend can help you here by holding the strips. Drill at minimum 2 holes per strip and fix them from below like you did before with the frame.Gaming Table7jpgGaming Table8jpg
  6. Place plates and fix them. You are nearly done! Add the plates to your construction. To fix a plate, press it down with one hand and screw it onto the strips.Gaming Table9jpg
Gaming Table10jpg
Follow these steps to add the finishing touches to the table!
  1. Fill the gaps with putty and grind. Even if you did a perfect job, you will have small gaps between the single plates. Fill these gaps and the screw heads with some puty. Let it dry and grind afterwards.Gaming Table11jpg
  2. Colour. Use a foundation colour before you paint your table. If you want to do a space background like I did, search at youtube for „spray paint space“. There are a lot of videos, its easy to make and looks amazing.Gaming Table12jpgGaming Table13jpg
  3. Cut and glue the gaming matt. Depending on the dimensions of your matt, you should cut a 32,5mm rectangle at the corner like this: Glue it into the deepening with a construction adhesive, e.g.“ pattex kraftkleber“. I used a plate and some stripes to press it into place.Gaming Table14jpgGaming Table15jpg
  4. Cut and put in the dice foam. Nothing special here. Use scissors. Done. 36575337_2085571544850176_1648144372140605440_njpg

Thank you for showing interest in my article. Please feel free to ask questions, give me any suggestions and share your results, if you decide to build one for yourself.f87e8e47-a3e0-45d8-ba1a-f54ac2faf66ejpg
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