Jango Fett - Character Analysis



The silverclad mercenary Jango Fett is easily one of the most awaited characters in Spark of Hope, and had already attracted plenty of interest long before the first booster pack had been ripped open to create yet another environmental enigma around kitchen tables across the world. Jango fett15jpg
Even if he doesn't look all that impressive, apart from those two Resource sides, Jango Fett still feels like he's possessing all the qualities necessary to make it to the top tables in a competitive meta blown wide open by the newest Holocrons. He's reasonably priced at 12/14e and both his passive abilities are incredibly good. As we are getting more and hopefully better equipment his power will only increase.

I'm aware that players have called for the death of the support meta, and while that might be true from the perspective of FAT Vehicles, I'm still not willing to give up on supports entirely and there might be a truly powerful support based deck lying in wait with Jango at its fore.


For some odd reason, considering he was supposedly the best Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy, Jango Fett is the character with the subtype: Bounty Hunter who feels the least like a Bounty Hunter. While most other Bounty Hunters have abilities that are supported by playing Downgrade - Bounties, Jango doesn't really care. This is not to say that the Bounties don't matter or are not necessarily worth including in a deck with Jango, but they are not the core that your deck should be wrapped around.jango2jpg
Whereas characters like IG-88, Zuckuss, 4-LOM and Asajj Ventress will require you to choose Bounties to capitalise off their abilities, there are no such restrictions for Jango. In fact, most of the decks I've toyed around with haven't included any Bounties at all!Jangojpg

It's pretty apt that Jango Fett's subtitle is taken directly from the card that goes so well with him: Armed To The Teeth. Somehow shaped in the same mold as Palpatine and Mace Windu, Jango Fett loves equipment and can get some serious ramp from playing them. And when the end is near for the dear Mandalorian he can always throw his gear at the opponent for one last spiteful action.

No matter your character pairing, there will be several upgrades that should almost always go in a Jango Fett deck, including:Jango4jpg
The BOUNTY HUNTER MASK is absolutely nuts on Jango. You want to see this in your starting hand! Like always! It gives a Resource immediately from Jango's ability and adds +1 health. Seriously, what's not to like. It can also set up the GAUNTLET ROCKETS round 1 without having to grab Resources off dice first, while it could also enables playing a 2cost upgrade and still leave a resource for mitigation.

The MANDALORIAN VAMBRACES does not have a particularly impressive die, but it also doesn't have any Blanks, and you'll probably be happy resolving most of the sides. If you don't draw the Bounty Hunter Mask, but the Vambraces, it's a free upgrade, which means you'll also be able to play another 2cost upgrade if needed.

Once, you've picked the three above upgrades, you might want to look closer at a few additional equipment pieces.
ARMOR PLATING will for most people be a given to include, at least in a monoyellow deck, and I agree, but have found myself replacing it for Riot Shield in Yellow/Red decks - especially if I also run a Trooper in those decks. But you'll probably want it in.

MACROBINOCULARS can seem like a weird include and it also often feels like a second or third choice when you start mapping out your turns. It's not completely irrelevant though, especially if you also run supports, in which case the two Resource sides can go a long way to secure a healthy ramp.

MANDALORIAN JETPACK is an odd upgrade. I'm learning towards it because it goes really well with the Gauntlet Rockets, which makes the Specials decent and also looks good with plenty of supports.Jango6jpg
Going beyond equipment, but looking specifically at Yellow weapons, my favourite is currently the DONDERBUS BLASTER PISTOL. It adds a bit of speed, has a decent die, and Redeploy.

Opinions are quite diverse regarding the PULSE CANNON. I like it though, but would probably consider adding at least 1 Truce to the deck if you do decide to include it. Truce allows you to play the Pulse Cannon round 1 and still look a decent chances of resolving it at least twice round 1.top cards soh9jpg
The DX-2 DSRUPTOR BLASTER is my least preferred gun and would probably not be an include unless I run monoyellow. Especially if you run other colours there are better alternatives in that price range, i.e. Red: Handheld Cannon, A300 Blaster and Blue: Energy Bow or maybe even a lightsaber.

Jango decks are relatively slow because they rely on you putting one or more upgrades on Jango Fett every round! It's therefore worth considering one or more of the following cards with Jango Fett as your damage out of hand cards, allowing you to deal more damage in a shorter span of time, allowing you to bridge that gap that your slower pace has opened between you and your opponent. These are all cards that can provide that killing blow when you need it the most:Jango10jpg
Both ARMED TO THE TEETH, FATAL BLOW and to some extent FIGHT DIRTY play nicely along with Jango Fett's ability to keep adding Upgrade - Equipment to his arsenal. Unfortunately, a lot of the good equipment available are diceless, which means that Fight Dirty is less useful outside of a monoyellow environment, while both Armed To The Teeth and Fatal Blow provide excellent value.

I've become a fan of Focused Fire, in particular if you add more characters to the character team with Ranged damage sides, i.e. Mudtrooper, First Order Stormtrooper or Gideon Hask, and although it's just 2 extra damage it can still be enough to present lethal to a wounded character.

In our recent Wednesday column Luke Magnuson suggested running Jango Fett with Grand Moff Tarkin for some nice dice spam that can be turned into damage by Tarkin.5thing22jpg
I've tested the deck a bit and my results have so far been mixed. I'm not willing to abandon the pairing yet, but the deck does suffer from being very low on mitigation and can at times feel very vulnerable. It's great if you find an early Megablaster Troopers, but that often leaves Jango Fett very little Armed to The Teeth.5 Things deck list 2jpg

So far, I've had pretty good results with this deck. The addition of the Sentinel Messenger, one of the best Blue Villain support characters, to the team means that your effective starting hand is 6 cards wide, which is good in situations where you didn't draw a good piece of equipment or have upgrades, but no mitigation. The ability to dig deeper into your deck can be vital to getting a good flow in the deck, while the right sense of timing is obviously good with the Sentinel.Jango11jpg
I was contemplating whether or not to use General Grievous in the spot of the Mudtrooper, allowing me an extra health and a free reroll on the Sentinel Messenger die, and while I haven't given up on that idea completely, I think adding Riot Shields to essentially make up for the loss of health - if played on the Mudtrooper - as well as the free reroll on a Blank makes the trade-off as even as it gets. There's of course the option of including Modular Frame that can redeploy from Grievous to the Sentinel Messenger, but those can't go on Jango, so it felt like a no-go.Jango12jpg
Adding Red cards to the mix also allows you to bring the Handheld L-S1 Cannon which is still one of the best value upgrades in the game. Especially since it doesn't really have an impact on Jango other than him not being able to have more than two Upgrade - Weapons, which I'm fine with as long as I can dig out the Gauntlet Rockets. It also gives access to Logistics as well as Probes, both of which fits perfectly into the deck. Focused Fire could be a Fatal Blow as discussed above, but the former has given me better results although the latter can have a ridiculous high ceiling and is an awesome late game piece.
Jango deck list9jpg
I know that people are not particularly keen on Supports at the moment with the fear of Desperate Measures numbing all of us, but I'm still fairly certain that supports will carry their weight. It's of course also somewhat of a better bet with Probes to tentatively protect them, but I just can't quite let go of my VADER'S FIST yet. The SUPERLASER SIEGE CANNON is mostly for funsies, but it can be pretty devastating.

So, I was playing around with an Iden Versio/Jango Fett deck, when I started looking at cheaper alternatives to squeeze in a plot. Lots of people have been adding Profitable Connection to their Jango decks, i.e. eJango/eSnoke, to maximise on their first round upgrade potential, and while that's definitely a very strong route to go, I just wanted to try out Gideon Hask with Blockade for a very disruptive character team, that can put on lots of early pressure and maybe even kill a low health character as early as round 1. Blockade also makes your opponent's first round mitigation considerable worse.Jango15jpg
If you win the Battlefield roll-off you could potentially look at a 5dice start, which makes both Theed Royal Palace better as well as the AT-RT, while it allows you to reliably use mitigation such as Measure for Measure and still maintain a decent damage output round 1.Jango deck list 14jpgThere might be arguments for doubling up on the AT-RT's because they are so good with Hask's Power Action, but they are also useless the moment he's dead, so I felt the Fickle Mercenaries were a better bet. There might also be a funky eJango/eWat deck hidden somewhere inside the same shell, but with more supports added.


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