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Of all the potential new character combos coming out of Across the Galaxy, Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor is probably the most straightforward.jyn cassianjpg
The thing is, straightforward character pairings always makes me suspicious (listen to the YOUR Destiny Podcast Episode 28 if you want to hear Mads Utzon and I ramble about the character pairing). When things are too easy, too good to be true, it usually isn't. Jyn and Cassian, pseudo-lovers of Rogue One, sort of fits that bill ... but they do put up a fight!

The featured deck was played by Mattistyping at the Las Vegas Regionals and managed to take top4 at the event. He did a small write-up on swdestinydb, which gives a bit of insight into his thoughts behind the deck.

My main objection to the deck is the relatively low damage output AND the reliance of nut rolls. Average rolls are going to get you absolutely nowhere! This deck has to roll above average, but also has the potential to godroll your opponent out of the game ... so if that's what tickles your pickle, then sleeve up this deck NOW!


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Cassian Andor never made a huge splash in the Way of the Force meta aside from being a sidekick in the much famed Millionaires deck that was the talk of the town during the 2 weeks of the Millpocalypse. It's kinda weird outside of the context of the meta because Cassian is a pretty decent character rocking some ok die sides while also possessing a very versatile ability.

Same description is sort of true for Jyn Erso sharing almost identical die sides with Cassian, although more aggro with two 2 Ranged damage sides and a +2 Ranged damage side. Scary thing is that she doesn't have a Resource side, which is to be considered a serious drawback for her. Sure, it can be argued that in a pure aggro deck, if that's the route you wanna go with the pairing, you don't really need the resources, but oh, yes you do! More on that later. Missing out on a resource side also means adding cards like Logistics is really tricky, although there are other options available.

Another question, which we kind of already asked, is whether you go aggro or mill with the pair. Hand mill can be deceptively weak, and using almost all your dice to mill and very weak resource generation for playing mitigation is a SERIOUS no-go! And although it might be tempting to embark on a crazy adventure of Commando Raid hand mill, I'm convinced that IT'S A TRAP!jyn cassian2jpg
You want to go pure guns blazing aggro with the dynamic duo ... question remains whether or not it will be enough to take down big guns FAT VEHICLE decks!

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I'd never include this gun if not for the Redeploy and the ability that synergises so well with Jyn Erso. Because both Jyn Erso and the the Blaster are "After Abilities", you get to decide the order of them. You get to see the top 3 cards with Jyn's ability and discard one, followed by (or whichever order you decide) EITHER rerolling the Blaster die OR discarding another card from the top of the deck AND rerolling any number of her character dice.

HANDHELD L-S1 CANNON is king of GUNS! KING OF GUNS!! It is stupidly potent! Just compare it to any other 2 cost gun in the game and you quickly realise how outrageously good it really is! 4 BIG damage side and the +3 Modified shouldn't be a problem in a deck generally flush with base damage sides. This is easily becoming one of my favorite cards of the set!
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DH-17 BLASTER PISTOL (the dinky blaster) remains one of the best value for money character upgrades in the game. Although compared to the Handheld L-S1 Cannon is does look pretty dinky and mundane. It's considerable weaker in this deck than in a deck with inherent Focus sides like the Drive-By-Shooting from the Way of the Force meta.

This deck wants to go FAST and Rex's Blaster fits that bill nicely. You can put it on Jyn Erso to get some crazy rounds with Hit and Run to activate both your characters and pump laser lead (or whatever shoots out of a Blaster Pistol) into your opponent. Or you can go the safer route, which is probably what I'd do, and attach it to Cassian Andor to set him up to become a resilient midgame character possibly overwriting the upgrade with a SECOND CHANCE if he's at risk of biting the dust.jyn second chance overwritejpg
This strategy should possibly go for any upgrade, apart from Jyn's Blaster, since you will often be starved for resources. Even though you are deteriorating your own boardstate in order to survive, which could seem like a losing strategy, you still get to keep 2 strong character dice on the table. It's a fine balance to strike though.

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MAZ'S VAULT is a double edged sword. Your main strategy is to hit fast and hit hard (or "medium-hard" since you can't really call hitting for 6-8 damage hard in a meta full of vehicles that can amass 15+ damage a round) and use one of your bail out cards to rinse and repeat. That strategy requires resources and you don't have a lot to spare, and if you successfully implement it, it's actually okay'ish that your opponent gets resources as well.

SCRAP HEAP is your best and most secure way of generating resources. It's a certain resource every round as long as Jyn Erso is alive and kicking, while you need to use Cassian's ability to discard cards rather than dealing Indirect damage to benefit from it once Jyn bites the dust. You really want to see a Scrap Heap in your starting hand. It will pay off immediately and be profitable every round after that. It's unlikely to give you more than 2-3 resources in a game, but that's also enough to allow you to play a Retreat or a Hyperspace Jump.

Great way of getting rid of unwanted Character dice and the BEST way of getting rid of Darth Vader dice. You can play it early and just leave it until needed - or until you have the resources to use it.

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DEFENSIVE POSITION is pretty strong in this deck! It has a massive blowout potential and because you are really fast at resolving dice you will also often have control of the Battlefield. Don't get stuck with it in your hand though, i.e. after a round where you played Retreat and your opponent has claimed as the last action. Just discard it and start digging for useful cards!

People are starting to get better at playing around Easy Pickings, but on initial activations there's usually not a lot a player can do to avoid it.

HASTY EXIT can only remove dice showing damage, but it's 0 cost mitigation which is great in a deck that needs all the resources it can get.cass jyn 8jpg
This could potentially be a First Aid, although it's more limited in it's application, but Jyn is probably going to be the first target for your opponent. That choice is not easy though, since First Aid will be a worse version of Field Medic after round 1.

As long as you are able to show a Dicard side - of which you have plenty - this is an extra copy of any card in your discard pile. It can bring back a Retreat, add an extra Easy Pickings when you need it or even a Second Chance to close out a game.

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HIT AND RUN and DROP IN are both vital to your fast paced strategy and the latter is essentially better than Hit and Run if you FIGHT ON (control isn't enough) your Battlefield. In particular Jyn Erso with a single gun, preferably a Handheld L-S1 Cannon can do some outrageous umitigable damage.Jyn Cassian5jpg
HYPERSPACE JUMP and RETREAT are your most important tech cards and you need to preserve resources or find a way to get them, either TRUCE or SCRAP HEAP, to be able to end the round as soon as possible. Be on the lookout for Probe's or Discard sides (even Disrupts to take away your resources) that can snatch them from your hand. It can leave you in a world of hurt. If you can end rounds before your opponent gets to secure his boardstate, you can move yourself in position to steal the game.

battlefield cassjpgThe Battlefield choice is really difficult here. Occupied city is a response to decks that play a mass amount of vehicles or upgrades, and while it's not really going to hurt you a whole lot, it's probably most of the time just going to be slightly annoying to your opponent! Whereas a Battlefield like Outer Rim Outpost is going to be really good for you!

Now, the main problem is that you are - if everything goes according to plan - not going to be claiming a whole lot. You are Hit and Running/Drop In'ing for 6 damage and Jumping/Retreating, which leaves you with no claim, and even worse in the case of Retreat will give the claim to your opponent. In these instances you don't want a Battlefield that can benefit your opponent in any way - and Outer Rim Outpost is an extremely potent Battlefield.battlefield cass2jpg
Other choices could be Dry Fields since you might be dominating the pace of the game in way that doesn't really allow your opponent to spend their resources because they can't mitigate your dice or don't have time to both take resources and spend them on expensive vehicles, while Ewok Village has almost of no impact on you at all. You have almost no Shield sides in your deck, and you are probably losing anyways if you starting collecting Shields from your Jyn Erso's Blaster.

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