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The budget list is a new ongoing series at YOUR Destiny where we are taking a look at decks which we believe to be competitive, but limited to:
Max. value pr. single: 20$
Max. total value of deck: 50$

(Common and Uncommon card are generally evaluated as 0$ and we base our price estimate on the Chance Cube Price Watch Average Price. We also evaluate cards found in the current Starter Set(s) and Rivals Draft Set as relatively inexpensive, although they might have a fairly high price when purchased as singles, i.e. Hidden Motive. This is simply due to the fact that we consider all of those sets as MUST HAVES - no matter your level or commitment of investment).

As we are moving towards the first rotation of all the cards in the first cycle (the Awakenings Cycle) in Star Wars Destiny, a lot of players might be reluctant to commit too much money into buying cards that will cycle out of Standard and Trilogy Format come early 2019. For those players looking into an relatively inexpensive, yet competitive Standard Format deck might be a good starting point.

We do know that there are varying opinions on what is "inexpensive", "budget" or even "competitive", and while we acknowledge that the interest, possibility of purchase or ambition is different from player to player, we feel that the upper cap of 50$ is both adequate for being able to construct a competitive deck AND a relatively small investment.

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For a bit of insight into the "original" version of the Kylo/Pryce deck check out our deck analysis and also our article on the possibilities offered by Arihnda Pryce.Kyloe Pryce article 1jpg
Question: Can any budget version of a tier deck genuinely be as good as the "unlimited" version? Can an all points, all cards from every expansion (regardless of value in real life) be matched by someone without the fullness of binders of another player?

The honest answer will always be NO - in any game, nevermind a competitive CCG like Star Wars Destiny, there are some cards that will ALWAYS be good in certain decks, cards that in real life hit or exceed $50+ like Ancient Lightsabers, Snoke and Yoda.

In most of the top tier Kylo Ren/Arihnda Pryce decks, those cards, along with Force Speeds, Dagger of Mortis and other Legendary cards make the character pairing a formidable duo. But can the KRAP deck succeed without these standard, yet high monetary cards?

The answer to that question is YES...

The first step for us is to change the parameters of the deck. In most of the tournaments where Kylo/Pryce has done exceedingly well, from Store Championships to Nationals, melee weapons have formed the bsis of the upgrade suite. By taking a step back from that paradigm and instead go with the Sith Holocron and Force Abilities instead, we do not only reduce the cost of this deck significantly, we also manage to construct a deck with ZERO Legendary cards included. sith-holocron_fa76c67cjpeg
Exploring the avenue of the Sith Holocrons makes for a different kind of deck altogether and reveals different strengths and weaknesses.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 140932png(Click the image to go straight to see the deck list in swdestinydb)

Kylo Pryce BUDGETjpg
The BIGGEST drawback of adding Holocrons and Blue Upgrade Abilities into this deck is that none of them, barring the Force Illusion (and the Holocron itself), can be played on Arihnda Pryce, which then again means that her only access to any of the upgrades in your deck that can facilitate your win condition is via the Holocrons. Failing to draw these leaves you with precariously few options for Pryce, and she could easily end up being nothing but a support character. The ability, luck and foresight to draw your Holocron, knowing when to play, trigger and protect it is vital for your success.

Luckily this deck, including Pryce herself, lends itself willingly to this strategy, and many of the card choices in the deck gravitates around securing the strategy.

FORCE PUSH, FORCE REND, MIND PROBE and FORCE THROW all have great sides (some of them looking pretty terrifying when considering Pryce's Special as a possible condition), and Force Throw might even in the current meta be a stand out card due to the control aspect of the Special (see Mads Utzon's article on "cards you should be playing"). In earlier metas where decks were focused on fast two character builds and hand size reduced due to the high pace of the game, Mind Probe seemed very weak and as a consequence fell out of favor, but there are reasons now to reconsider its merits in a meta that are full of 3wide decks and playing out much MUCH slower. That Special suddenly looks menacing again!Kylo Pryce BUDGET article2jpg
This deck also includes CHANCE CUBES to set up powerful plays with Arihnda Pryce, where her Special will turn all the weak sides of the Chance Cube into 4 resources that can be immediately spent playing Force Abilities on Kylo Ren, should you fail to draw your Holocrons. The flexibility that the Chance Cube offers and the wealth of resources that could follow makes your deck far less flimsy than it can seem at first glance.

Kylo Pryce BUDGET article4jpg
In a deck which can be starved for resources, possibly having to pay for your Force Abilities (including pay sides on some of the strong sides), 0 cost mitigation is Godsend, and although DOUBT is not as strong now as it used to be, simply due to the fact that dice are showing significantly stronger sides, it's still good if you know when and where to use it, while HIDDEN MOTIVE is as strong as you can want 0 cost mitigation to be!Kylo Pryce BUDGET article5jpg
FEEL YOUR ANGER can be menacing and clean out the dice pool, but it can also sit in your hand as a dead card if the variance is against you. Both ISOLATION and OVERCONFIDENCE are spot Blue cards, but as long as Kylo Ren is around, and you want to be successful with this deck you'll have to learn how to keep him alive, they are both excellent removal cards, even with the former being limited to Character dice only!Kylo Pryce BUDGET article6jpg
INTIMIDATE can functionally be 3 damage on a fully shielded up character, and shields are still a thing to be concerned with, while it also has a psychological advantage of your opponent often, if he suspects you play Intimidates, is likely to spread out his shields on characters making them potentially softer targets.

DO NOT underestimate the power of PROBE! It is incredibly powerful against a number of reactive decks that will keep one or two mitigation cards in their hand to deal with your big damage sides or Holocron Specials! It's also excellent at sniffing out those Hyperspace Jumps, that can threaten to end your turn prematurely.

TACTICAL MASTERY are your budget style Force Speeds as they allow you to set up lethal plays, including resolving both Melee and Ranged damage, or activating Kylo Ren followed by resolution of Pryce Specials already in the pool on either Kylo's character or upgrade dice.Kylo Pryce BUDGET article7jpg
Keeping Kylo Ren alive is vital and both RISE AGAIN and THE BEST DEFENSE... facilitates this, and Rise Again can almost be repaid in full if you manage to retrieve a Mind Probe from the discard pile and play on him. Don't sacrifice Pryce to hastily with The Best Defense...! She might not be the star of the show, but she can be a dangerous finisher if given the chance, and your are obviously better off with her than without her!

We of course use Emperor's Throne Room to abuse the many Special sides of not only Pryce but the Specials on the Force Abilities as well.Kylo Pryce BUDGET article9jpg

This is a very decent deck that can hit hard while boasting decent removal and its qualities can easily take players by surprise.Kylo Pryce BUDGET article10jpg
The deck is in its current form somewhat under the 50$ limit and you might want to consider mixing up the Force Abilities a bit with either Force Lightning or Force Wave, with the latter being relatively expensive, but AMAZING against 3wide character teams!

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