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So, we've had totally radio silence from Fantasy Flight Games for months regarding Destiny and now they are dropping cards by the minute. I almost can't keep up writing articles to cover all the spoilers, which is pretty rare for me!

I'm all for it though ... I like the hype and I'm happy to say that I'm starting to get excited about the release of Convergence, the Starter Sets and the Allies of Necessity Draft Kit. I've put my pre-orders in with my Local Game Store and starting to make room in my basement for all the cards and dice I won't be needing anymore. GOODBYE Ancient Lightsaber! GOODBYE Bala-Tik, going to miss you buddy!

Rotation is going to make Destiny a whole new game, and I can't wait to dig into it!

1. FFG's Announcement of Convergence
2. Allies of Necessity Spoilers
3. New Convergence Spoilers

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When the idea of DOWNGRADES were first introduced in the announcement article for Convergence, I guess most people were asking themselves how good the Downgrades were going to be and if they'd have any impact on deck construction at all, at least I was, but I'm also kinda sceptic by nature, and we now sort of have the answer. Downgrades look incredible. convergence 18jpgWe've already seen three of the downgrades previously (above) and are now given a sneak peek at four more. And it looks like it's going to be a Villain/Neutral thing only, which probably is thematic, and they look pretty mean.downgrades 2jpg
The two new 0costs HAMPERED and SECRETS LAID BARE both look pretty good with Hampered in particular looking rock hard. That's going to be a serious roadblock for fast aggro decks relying on upgrades to modify few base damage sides, and could be bad news for midrange decks as well. It does look like more and more characters are getting 3 damage sides, so the problem might not be too big after all.

Secret's Laid Bare is probably better in theory than in actual game play. Hand knowledge can be good, but cards that would normally be able to exploit this the best are all rotating out, i.e. Probe and Thrawn, although Wullf Yularen might be able to benefit.spoilers 5jpg
ENTICING REWARD can potentially be amazing if played on a low-health character to put a BIG UPGRADE down early! This could be the saving grace for high cost upgrades and maybe a direct replacement for Friends in High Places in eVader/Greedo. The fact that the equipment or weapon can be played from hand or discard pile pushes it from average to good.

Damn ... Yoda dodged another bullet. If it hadn't said "non-Special abilities" this would have been AWESOME, but now, for 2 resources, not so much. Paying 2 resources to effectively (hopefully) exhaust a character is ok, but doesn't feel broken. It's going to be hilarious though to see the faces of Tarkin, Snoke, Jyn Erso, etc. if someone does bring it though! LOVE the artwork on that one!

The biggest challenge with Mind Extraction will be the wording though. It's not entirely clear which non-special abilities are intended to be affected! Does it also affect on-going abilities? Or only action abilities? Poor Palpatine - Unlimited Power if it affects ALL ABILITIES. I guess, it doesn't matter if Fall Back rotates out after all! In any case, FFG might spare themselves some pain by having a clarification ready on the release day!card fan spoilerjpg
The card fan also revealed TARGET ACQUIRED, red Downgrade, which looks pretty damn good. It can only be played on a damaged character, but then focuses all Indirect damage onto attached character. It effectively circumvents the downside of Indirect damage and effectively makes it a strength! This could be incredible in eTarkin/eSnoke and definitely bring massive Indirect damage dealers like Planetary Bombardment or even the Hailfire Droid Tank back into play! Yikes!

Obviously there had to be a counter to all the new Downgrades! Unshackle is it. It seems to indicate that more removal cards for Downgrades is going to arrive in either Convergence or future sets. It is what it is ... nothing more to see ... move on!

spoilers 3jpgTalk about being upgraded to life in a new age! ASAJJ VENTRESS is back with a vengeance! I love Asajj's die and coming in at 13/16e points, I can even live with her 3 Melee payside! And she has 12 HEALTH!! She slots in beautifully with a number of great sidekicks and could be looking to replace Kylo Ren as Snoke's great partner-in-crime. Asajj has great die sides just waiting to be Power Action'ed by Snoke, and I like the 1 Discard side much better than Kylo's 1 Disrupt side. She could also team up with Savage Opress for some crazy Melee damage action!

It's difficult to say if Asajj's ability is going to make a difference. She's already pretty playable as is, and looks like one of the great characters of the set. Getting that extra possible mitigation is really just an added bonus.

People have a thing for DENGAR - RUTHLESS TRACKER. I only distantly remember him from his 5 seconds of fame in the now immortalised "No Disintegration" scene in The Empire Strikes Back, which most of all looks like a theme party gone HORRIBLY wrong!
no disintegrationjpg
I've seen people praying for Dengar to be a colossus that'd hunt and kill all who dare to oppose him. I guess they'll be sorely disappointed in what they got. At 12/14e points he fits perfectly with Boba Fett, but that's a monoyellow trap! I'd much rather see him pair up with Iden Versio or alternatively use single die in a 3wide character team.
spoilers 4jpg
In a galaxy where everyone has had health boosts, his diminutive stature can become a liability and depending on how well Bountys are going to work, he can either be "okay'ish" or simply underwhelming. I lean towards the latter.

The spoiler card fan image also shows a third bounty hunter character: Quarren Tracker, but you can't see much of the die or the points cost, so I'll leave for further review!


spoilers 6jpg
Dengar brings all his toys, and while DENGAR'S FIREBLADE is pretty disappointing for a 3cost weapon, even if it does always ensure a resolvable side on Dengar, his vehicle: PUNISHING ONE looks interesting. It has decent damage sides and a good special ability if you can get the Bounty machine up and running. convergence 18jpg
Punishing One doesn't need Dengar around to be playable, which is good, and assuming there will be more Downgrade - Bounties than the three already spoiled when Convergence was announced, it could definitely be a staple 2cost support in villain vehicle decks. The question is whether or not a decked out FAT Firespray-31 or Shadow Caster will be much more reliable and powerful than combo'ing the Punishing One with all kinds of Bounties?! I'm mostly curious if not excited.

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