Polish Nationals 2018 - Tournament Report


I've been to a few competitive events in Poland, although none of them Destiny related, and the Poles ALWAYS put together amazing events. The European Championship 2019 will for good reasons be hosted there.Poland mapjpg
87 players showed up for the Nationals event in Warsaw making it one of the largest European Nationals, likely only to be eclipsed by UK Nationals (103 players) and Spanish Nationals (122 players), the latter expected to be the largest event in Europe.

Poland has 38 million people and one of the fiercest competitive environments in Europe - and the food is cheap and tasty!

There was a stream running all day courtesy of DestinySquad Tricity.

THANK YOU to Wuj Vitalis who has been supplying me with all the data and kept me in the loop!


Prior to the event Snoke was AGAIN expected to make a strong showing with several decks gravitating around his ludicrous Power Action pushing for supremacy in the late Way of the Force meta, including:Snoking aroundjpg
Snoke is the center of attention for many good reasons ... he's the ultimate enabler on par with Yoda due to his Power Action and his two Focus sides, and he gives access to a number of blue cards that are vital in the current meta.

He did NOT disappoint!

You know those crazy moments that always happen at a large tournament ... that time where your opponent needs to put 9 damage on you in a single round and makes it with a single reroll on 3 dice. Those moments that we always talk about and makes Destiny such a crazy enjoyable game!

That's what happened in round 4 of the Polish Nationals 2018 when Filip Idczak, Kylo/Pryce faced off against Cibor's Thrawn/Unkar (both players were 1-2 prior to the game). Polish Nationalsjpg
It was a crazy walk down memory lane seeing eThrawn/Unkar fight it out against the new kids on the block.

Filip released the full force of Kylo Ren with an Ancient Lightsaber and a Force Speed mercilessly attacking Unkar and killing him off in the beginning of round 2, leaving Cibor with an injured Thrawn with a Chance Cube and a Personal Shield, and then it happened ... THAT CRAZY MOMENT!Crimelord playjpg
Cibor then proceeded to playing an Ace in the Hole, discarding a Crimelord, rolling the die into the pool, and re-rolling to defeat Kylo Ren, AND ....

Repeating the damn thing in the following round to Crimelord'ing Pryce off the board and claiming victory! TWICE in two rounds!!! Relive that beautiful moment here on the stream provided by Destiny Squad Tricity:Crimelordjpg
Sure ... we all know the aber dabeis, but it was beautiful nonetheless!


Talzin BUDGET article5jpgIt remains one of the strongest decks in the format and very well-equipped to take on 3 wide decks courtesy of its incredible tankiness and in a meta full of insane amounts of Indirect damage sides self-preservation is key! Access to key-cards like Force Wave and Backup Muscle as well as the high level of consistency offered by Mother Talzin can be absolutely devastating. An early Force Wave puts enormous pressure on your opponent's mitigation, while you are relentlessly pushing on. And against vehicle decks a Force Throw can be just as devastating ... It might take you a while to get there, but you will get there!Polish Nats6jpg
Mads Utzon put both Force abilities on his list of "Cards you should be playing" in the current meta.

With the 3wide Hero Mill currently falling out of favor Talzin/Mandalorians are in an even better position to push for domination. That particular match-up was considered one of the least favorable for the TaCos. The numbers definitely speak their own language as to the popularity, easy access and strength of the deck.


Polish Nats Aphra playsjpgDoctor Aphra is another example of a character who can overcome a mediocre die as long as that character rocks a usable ability ... In the Legacies meta you just couldn't get enough mileage out of Aphra's two special abilities, but in the Way of the Force meta she's absolutely red hot!

The ability to play 3 different droids at a discount AND filter through your deck is just incredibly good. It is not a surprise that the Aphra and her murderous droids are absolutely rocking it!

Heroes are falling out of favor - BIG TIME! With the 3wide hero mill deck out of the loop, there's really not much on offer to put pressure on the dominant villain decks. I am a bit surprised not to see any hero vehicle decks in the top cut though.yodajpg
Unsurprisingly though, it is monoblue heroes that does offer some consolation for hero players. When everything else fails, then some good 'ol tanky lightsaber hack'n'slash is still a light in the dark! And the tankiest of them all is Luke Skywalker - Reluctant Instructor who comes to the rescue at time where Shields is God and he has plenty of them!

But ... just one Yoda in the top cut?! The days are looking bleak for our little green goblin!

Villains are definitely coming out on top in the Polish meta with 14 out of 16 decks being villain decks, and interestingly enough not a single neutral character present, while both of the hero decks that made the top cut are monoblue and both have Luke Skywalker - Reluctant Instructor in them.

EDIT: The pie chart rounds up both numbers (it's 87.5% and 12.5%).Hero villainjpg
Looking at the representation of characters, then there's 15 different characters represented in 16 different decks (non-unique characters have only been counted once even if they are represented several times in a deck), with Mother Talzin and Mandalorian Super Commandos each represented 6 times while Snoke and Doctor Aphra follow suit with 5 representations each. 9 Characters were represented once each!Charactersjpg
In a world where you are more likely to get hit by a Planetary Bombardment than a DH-17 Blaster Pistol, your health pool is important and 11 of the 16 decks that made the top cut had a collective health pool of 26hp or more!
Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 013823png


Polish Nats top16 MandasjpgPolish Nats top16 Snoke Aphra BattlejpgPolish Nats top16jpgPolish Nats top16 2jpgPolish Nats top16 3jpgPolish Nats top16 6jpgPolish Nats top16 7jpgPolish Nats top16 8jpg
Polish Nats top16 9jpg
Winner deck Polandjpg
The other deck lists will be added as we manage to get them translated and made ready!

eThrawn/eSnoke (Manfred) in the finals against Talzin/Mandalorians (Marchewa) is really just a slight upset to the statistics at the Polish Nationals 2018. With 6 Talzin/Mandalorians making it into the top16 it was widely expected for at least one of those decks making the final table, while eThrawn/eSnoke does look powerful in a meta that does not favor fast aggro decks - and it does indeed look like the Force Wave, Grand Moff/Jedi Temple combo is the way to go! In the top cut there was in fact only 3 decks that fitted that category!

A lot of the non-interactive plays that eThrawn/eSnoke is dependent on to make the deck work the best rests on a relatively "narrow combo", but the deck still looks strong, and is one of the tankiest 2 character builds around (23hp) and is in fact functionally a 3wide deck with the Separatist Landing Crafts.

At the end of the day it was in fact a Battle Droid who pulled through the win! CONGRATS to "Manfred" for that excellent win and Michal Marchwinsky for taking runner-up!

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