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This weekend was a massive weekend for competitive Star Wars Destiny with several Regionals taking place across the US, a Galactic Qualifier at Pax Unplugged and the Czech Nationals 2018. If only every weekend was as busy as this ... I'm a sucker for competitive Destiny and would love to have even more events filling my screen and local area.

Btw. If you hate Thrawn/Snoke and everything it is doing to your favorite game, be warned, you might as well get your torches and pitchforks out now!Golden dicejpg
THANK YOU to the The Golden Dice Podcast guys for providing a stream from PAX Unplugged 2018 and also a huge thank you to everyone who has supplied us with information from the various events.

spot glossjpg
6 new Spotgloss cards (acetate) was presented at the Galactic Qualifier at Pax Unplugged (photo credit: TopDeckTCG). All of them featuring characters from the newest Legacies Cycle:
Snoke, Leia Organa, Cassian Andor, Luke Skywalker, General Grievous and DJ.

Sorry! If you are a collector, this was a pretty rough weekend ... you should go talk to your bank accountant immediately!


trilogyjpgTRILOGY FORMAT is getting bigger and much more popular and quite a lot of players are continuously moving towards that format, not only as preparation for rotation, when the current Trilogy format will essentially become the new Standard format, but also due to the deck construction challenges that follows the limited card pool. For some players Trilogy even represents a welcome escape from what they consider a stale meta in Standard format.

Truth be told, I've never really been a fan of Trilogy, but I'm also a pretty faithless competitive player. If Trilogy is where the action is, then Trilogy is what I'm playing! I know ...

The Galactic Qualifiers have really helped push the Trilogy format as well, and at Pax Unplugged some of the best players were facing off to help define where Trilogy is going in the Across the Galaxy meta. What's Hot and what's really Not.Shadow Casterjpg
A FAT SHADOW CASTER is pretty hot! That's probably the hottest we get at the moment in Trilogy. Aided by Armored Reinforcement, a pure utility and ramping piece as well as the finest tutor in the game, and Rebel Engineer to dig out the last pieces of the puzzle, the Shadow Caster is a monster of FURY and DEATH! I'm convinced that a Fat Vehicle deck, whether it's a decked out Shadow Caster, Millenium Falcon or Firespray-31, is where Trilogy is going to be at for some time, and it'll spill over to Standard as well. I'm also pretty sure it is time for heroes to shine!


Vader GreedojpgDarth Vader - Terror To Behold was most likely THE MOST ANTICIPATED character of Across the Galaxy, and while his time is not yet ripe in Standard format - mostly due to decks that are built to capitalise off Big/Little builds - he's doing quite well in Trilogy (no worries - his time will come in Standard as well). The featured deck went 5-1 at the Trilogy event at Pax Unplugged and was piloted by Datrixzero, who himself describes it as "Vader Control" in his deck description (it's mostly a headline) on swdestinydb.Vader greedo dangerous maneuverjpg
It's a build similar to a "Naked Palpatine", although of course including Vader's Fist ... you might as well when you have a character with a 2 Resource side! 24 events including 19 mitigation cards means you are looking to deal an average of 5 damage per round and then just sit back and hope your 15 health on Darth Vader aided by Dangerous Maneuvers can keep you in the game. The results sort of indicate that it's a pretty solid plan.Darth Vader Rift Valleyjpg
On top of the million mitigation cards that can even make DJ - Treacherous Rogue envious it also runs Rift Valley, which looks pretty terrible in a deck sporting 16 even costed cards! I'm assuming here that the idea is NOT to claim?

We already did an in-depth Character Analysis of Darth Vader, which is definitely worth your time if you are looking for some inspiration!

Thrawn Snokejpg
Love it? HATE IT? ... Until Snoke gets balanced out, the dynamic duo of Thrawn/Snoke is here to wreck face! And they did so MASSIVELY at the weekend's events. No surprise here! The character team took down 3 Regionals (in the US), was runner-up in 2 Regionals, won the Czech Nationals 2018 as well as two 6-0 run at the Galactic Qualifier at Pax Unplugged. There are few decks that can withstand the constant onslaught from a fully operational Thrawn/Snoke deck and literally none that can survive the consistent round 1 Vader's and not jan8jpg
The horrible expression of getting "fisted" is now a thing in Destiny, and being subjected to it round 1 is exactly as bad as it sounds.

Are we looking at another card that will be nerfed? ... lots of reports to support such a claim, even if it does feel premature with Across the Galaxy just being out for 3 weeks.

With all the hate towards the pair, I console myself with the fact that playing the mirror-match is actually quite challenging (I know, that opinion is not popular), and that it's still difficult to just say Thrawn/Snoke as the various builds differ from each other (even if the engine is running on the same fuel). We already talked a bit about this in our recent YOUR Destiny Podcast Episode 27.Thrawn Snoke GQjpg
The featured list was posted by Best JRod NA, who went 6-0 at the GQ, and we are pretty certain that Joe Colon aka HonestlySarcastc, another of the 6-0's from the Galactic Qualifier will be posting his different take on the deck on the Hyperloops' website soon! CONGRATS to both!

alternative leia yodajpg
FlaccidBaron piloted this deck to a Regional trophy at the Atlanta Regional 2018. In his own write-up of the deck on swdestinydb, he says the deck was designed to combat an expected Thrawn/Snoke heavy meta, and while I have difficulty seeing how exactly, it's nonetheless an outstanding achievement and his results speak for themselves as he fought his way through FOUR Thrawn/Snoke matches (including a best of 3 in the finals) to claim the Regional Championship.

It does have a lot of things going for it, even if somewhat squishy with just 21hp across two characters, with a Special chaining potential that can give any mitigation suite a run for its money.cunning grapplingjpg
The Grappling Boa looks pretty menacing and is just really good value for money, dealing simultaneous damage and mitigating dice, and as long as you have redonculous Specials floating around, like Yoda's and Leia's, then Cunning looks like one of the strongest upgrades you can get your hands on. If you manage to trigger several Leia's Special during a round, it can take a toll on even the most resource hoarding decks.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Grappling Boa works differently from cards like Torment that triggers when you are DEALT damage, whereas the Boa only triggers once your opponent has TAKEN damage.

Jyn Cassianjpg
Jyn2/Cassian looks like a pretty strong character pairing (this applies to both Standard and Trilogy). I'm still convinced that you want to go aggro with the pair, and a few guns added to their strong character dice can put some serious dents in most character teams. The featured deck took top4 at the 26 players Las Vegas Regionals 2018 and was piloted (and posted on swdestinydb) by mattistypingCONGRATS on showcasing the strengths of the deck and a fine result!Handheld cannon jynjpg
Jyn Erso's Blaster still looks somewhat expensive, even with Redeploy, but it just synergises so beautifully with Jyn Erso that it's worth it. The Handheld L-S1 Cannon on the other hand is easily becoming one of my favorite cards of the set. It has MONSTROUS damage sides and the havoc you can wreck with that cannon is a work of art (whereas the card really isn't ... cross eyed and horrible ... how dare you molest Leia like that! It is Leia, right?)hyperspacejpg
The deck is FAST and has both Hyperspace Jumps and Retreat to make sure it can get out of trouble, and some nifty resource generation cards in Scrap Heap (another card that synergise well with both Cassian and Jyn) as well Maz's Vault.

Occupied City is obviously a response to the Thrawn/Snoke heavy meta, and while it's pretty annoying, it's really just that. I'd probably chose a more proactive Battlefield in line with the strategy of the deck - whether it be Outer Rim Outpost (allowing you to take both resources and thin your deck for the events you need), Frozen Wastes (mitigation) or similar.

Fat Vehicle double downjpg
Most FAT VEHICLE decks utilise Armored Reinforcement to reliably draw their vehicle that's going to be turreted up, but P0em's runner-up deck from the Las Vegas Regionals 2018 sacrifices the tutor effect AND "pseudo-profitable connections" for Double Down on the chosen vehicle, the Firespray-31, and the Chance Cube to add resources to play the only other support that deals damage ... yes, you guessed it: Vader's Fist!!

The other reason for going Double Down (over Armored Reinforcement) is because it allows you to squeeze Ciena Ree into the starting line-up and abusing her ability to continuously ready your fat vehicle. The three Chance Cubes sort of comes in handy here!Firespray decked outjpg
A FAT Firespray-31 can truly be a monster to behold, and although not built entirely around an OTK engine, it can still pump out some serious damage AND be reset by Ciena. We have analysed an alternative version of this deck for our Patrons, which will be available in a couple of weeks on our website.

The resource efficiency of the Firespray-31 means that in 2 short rounds you'll have an 8 resource cost vehicle down capable of dealing 8 Ranged damage for the discounted price of just 3 resources.

I rebeljpg
I picked up most of the results used in this report from Amanda Reynolds aka JediGeekGirl at I Rebel - A Star Wars Destiny Podcast. Amanda puts in an incredible amount of work to make loads of data available, and as we close in on a very dense Regionals season, that's where you want to go for any and all data!Czech Finaljpg
The Czech Nationals 2018 had 38 players attending and the Swiss standings (in seeding order) and the tournament was eventually won by Thrawn/Snoke against eVader/Greedo.

1. eKylo/eSnoke
2. eQGJ/eyoda
3. eThrawn/eSnoke
4. eVader/Greedo
5. eBiggs/eHan
6. eThrawn/eSnoke
7. eLando2/eLeia2
8. eLeia2/Anakin/Temple Guard

We were not able to get hold of any of the deck lists from the tournament, but the top8 decks should all be available soon on swdestinydb according to rumours.

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No matter what - THANK YOU!

A special shout out to our buddy Lake Quittmeyer who is a resident writer with us here at the YOUR Destiny website and just missed out on the top8 at the Marietta Regionals 2018 (Georgia). He took Mads Utzon's and my Thrawn/Snoke deck that we put together for our trip to French Nationals 2018 and discussed in this article (as well as in our YOUR Destiny Podcast Episode 27), and did unspeakable stuff to it ... Nah, we are just kidding - you still make us proud!Lakejpg
Jackalmen Games made this deck tech video on their YouTube Channel with Lake where you can see first hand how he abused our beautiful creation!

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