Spark of Hope Set Review - All Grey Cards


The card ratings are mostly created in a vacuum and for Standard Format exclusively. Some cards are much better in Trilogy or Infinite Format, and notes are sometimes made of this, but the set is reviewed from the point of view of Standard Format play.

It is always going to be difficult to adequately rate a card, and all the ratings are obviously going to be subjective, although we have tried to proximate an objective rating. The rating system is 0-5, with 0 being absolutely useless, 1 being the rating of a card that will rarely see play and 5 a card that will become a staple in many decks and will most likely feature heavily in competitive play.

There are links to all the other parts of the set review at the end of this article!

Every set so far released by FFG for Destiny has contained a few totally staple grey cards such as Flank, Doubt, Into the Garbage Chute and Sound the Alarm. Recently due to support decks being huge in the meta, even a situational card like Dodge has been a sneaky one inserted into quite a few decks.

Plots have also been decent. Profitable Connections has enjoyed a lot of success, especially in Beckett decks and Retribution has been amazing in both new Vader and new Phasma decks. Other colour coded ones like Advanced Training (making all Trooper Blank sides become 1 Indirect damage) have helped all the Trooper ones as well.

In addition, great new Battlefields have been all the rage. Theed (pre and now post nerf), Salt Flats and Mean Streets have been massive boons for certain types of decks and are probably the most common found in play today.

The big question in this expansion is how good will the above types become when Spark of Hope drops? Lets dig a bit and find out!

Lets start with the trash shall we? 0cost villain grey that allows you to defeat up to 3 characters to gain that amount of resources is just terrible. As most decks are still only 2 or 3wide, the most anyone would, in reality use this event is if you know a character is about to die, has already rolled a whiff and a free money might be helpful to cast mitigation in the round. Outside of this very specific circumstance, its utterly useless in almost every way.review90jpg
So here we have a Neutral Grey for free. Put 2 damage on yourself to do 2 Indirect to your opponent. It also has the caveat of should it be discarded from hand it goes straight back in to hand. In my eyes it reads much worse than Enrage (deal a damage for 1 resource) for the same cost. Yes, should 2 Indirect kill off a dude and win the game and you can take the damage it's obviously ok, but again its way to situational for me. Slight help versus cards like Probe and against mill, but overall just not good enough to get played.

(1/5) Standard (3/5) Ewok deck only!
Ewok art! Man, I do love the fact that FFG has introduced Ewoks into the game! But is this any good? At a cost of 2 and Hero, having to spot how many characters sharing a subtype to heal that much damage from a character seems a little meh to me, unless you are going full Ewok with Chirpa and rocking 5-6 Ewoks to gain a huge effect from it. Saving Chirpa or Wicket from death is good, but when your average Ewok only has 4 health, how much value does it really have? In a fun theme deck for sure play it, but for Standard Format I'd probably leave it.

spoilers2jpgFATEFUL COMPANIONS (5/5)
Wow. Just wow. In the Spark of Hope meta, I firmly believe that the new C-3P0 and R2-D2 will be rocking the top tables and could even push for a Grand Championship or Worlds win. Both characters have such synergy with their on card abilities, that this 2 cost plot will push the deck to almost an NPE. Lets give an example:
Rolling out R2-D2 and fixing his die via C-3P0's action to Resource and Disrupt at elite allows you to go to either 6 resources or 4 resource and reduce your opponent to zero resources as they resolve instantly.

You can't even drop a Fickle Mercenaries with a money showing. This destruction and at the same time doubling your resources every turn is so far ahead of the curve it's frightening. Watto got dumped on early to allow his dice to be removed by all events not blue and this plot has, in my mind, made resource generation and removal disgusting. If you are playing the 2 Droids you MUST take this card. For other decks not so great, but be aware, this plot will ruin your game plan the second it hits the table and nothing it seems can stop or remove a plot.

Interesting mod/upgrade. With a 1 and 2 Melee side, Focus and Disrupt, at a cost of only 1, this card could easily fit into any droid or support deck very easily. Its action however, at a competitive level will almost never be used, as Traps are NOT going to be a thing during Spark of Hope's early doors. All the four paint sides are easily usable so no complaints there. Putting this onto R2-D2, Sentinel Messenger or heaven forbid a droid support like 0-0-0 or Mr. Bones will be a lovely addition to the dice pool. In theory I approve. Is it fantastic? Probably not, but could be added to say Aphra decks, for more damage output and its relative cheapness means it has gotten versatility.review82jpg
A stereo typical 2 cost Upgrade - Mod, again for Droid characters or supports. 3 decent damage sides (though the 3 Indirect does have a resource cost) and a 1 and 2 Shield side. Where this mod differs from most is its Action: after activating, you can resolve all character, support and upgrade die immediately as long as you discard the mod from play afterwards. As a sneaky way to action cheat out lethal damage to kill off a character or actually win the game outright, I like how this card reads, but paying 2 for it is going to be a difficult investment. It will be interesting to see how much this card gets used. There are certainly decks that can abuse it, how many though we may need to see but a nice change of pace from the design team with the discard from play. The two Shield sides however moved it to (3/5) from my initial rating of (2/5).

review85jpgCANTO CASINO (4/5)
At last Chance Cube returns! ...somewhat. Rolling 2 dice after spending a resource to gain either 2 resources (net 1) for showing the same value, or 3 if they also share the same symbol could easily become a thing. As the most recent RRG showed, ramping was too easily achieved to 5 resources. Here, with a deck that has similar die sides (mainly Melee or Ranged for instance) the chances of you spending the resource to hopefully roll two similar values is quite high. In this case, the battlefield could easily see play in fast aggro decks like Dooku/Kylo2 or Rex/Trooper decks as the resources can almost be made either way. In a support heavy meta, or even if upgrades make their long awaited comeback, we should see this be involved.

This I like! Really like. If you use Bounty Hunters (and now with the Bounty Hunter Mask making any character a Hunter) this Battlefield can be a massive boost, again focusing on resources. The claim allows you to gain a resource, just like Nal Hutta, but spotting a Bounty Hunter makes your opponent lose a resource a la Arid Wasteland. Sure people will play this to start the next turn first and with 3 resources but if going up against a ramp deck losing 1 resource can be hugely disrupting ( see what I did there?) to the overall win strategy. Jabba and Jango and the whole new Bounty Hunter character decks will be all over this and several decks. I expect heroes to like this as their mitigation costs are normally higher than villain and they'll appreciate the extra resource per turn.

Downgrades. As the game designers push forward new ideas to give the game even more depth, I personally don't see this as great. New Jango, new Jabba and maybe Witches can abuse this Battlefield, but it's not making me excited to create a deck based around this. It's the 31st card of your deck and should be amazing. The net 1 resource is essentially allowing you to play most downgrades for free. Others like Wanted will actually net you money which is great, so killing that character outright gained you 3 or even 6 if next round you play a second copy. If Downgrade decks become big at events, then the value of this card increases a lot, but at the speculation stage prior to release I'm giving it only the one mark.

I saw this and went YES! To say I was disappointed at the Battlefield is shy of the truth. Most of the new sets have an action or Power Action that can be used in the game. This one is a Claim action and for me does very little indeed if your deck does not have both villain and hero characters, which when Spark drops, will be the new Kylo/Rey theme deck. Even then it's not amazing. Sure it goes well with those actions but here the claim is just not good enough. Gain a Shield spotting hero. Lose a shield if they have any spotting villain. It's bad overall, seems like it was designed by a Disney employee and utterly trash in every single other deck. Rating this as a 1 was actually pushing this reviewers laid back attitude to the limit!