Spark of Hope Set Review - Red Hero


The card ratings are mostly created in a vacuum and for Standard Format exclusively. Some cards are much better in Trilogy or Infinite Format, and notes are sometimes made of this, but the set is reviewed from the point of view of Standard Format play.

It is always going to be difficult to adequately rate a card, and all the ratings are obviously going to be subjective, although we have tried to proximate an objective rating. The rating system is 0-5, with 0 being absolutely useless, 1 being the rating of a card that will rarely see play and 5 a card that will become a staple in many decks and will most likely feature heavily in competitive play.

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Red Hero has seen very low usage through the Convergence meta. Padmé with Leia Boussh has performed very well and been the only deck to make any real impact. Kes Dameron and Rex has made a few people look up and take note but outside of that it could be Gungan Warrior that sees the most use to get the red splash into a vehicle based deck. Maybe it’s thematic, the rebels always on the back foot, always the underdog, having to overcome ridiculous odds just to get an X-Wing Squadron in the air.

Could Spark of Hope peak our interest in Red Hero again, after all it does have the honour of containing the titular card of the set?


A very interesting character with potentially 3 sides of value 2 if you have a vehicle in hand for a pretty cheap dice. She is obviously geared towards a vehicle set up with the potential to play 2 vehicles a turn with a discount of 2 to each. Red Hero have a plethora of vehicles to take advantage of this but we haven’t seen this type of deck be competitive so far.

Holdo also feels awkward to fit in a deck as I think she’ll have to be the elite character to realise her potential. With only 9 health you could reasonably think that you could only get two turns with Holdo on the table before she’s defeated. When you add the support hate that is out there already with more to come, it doesn’t look good for this style of deck. Unfortunately, this means Holdo will probably end up following in the footsteps of her movie counterpart.review50jpg

Bail is such a versatile character. Immediately you see the base cost of 1 die at 9 and 10hp. This always makes us look at a character more closely as that is a ratio we all enjoy. We then discover a passive ability that saves us resources which is always a thumbs up. This time the saving is on cards with the title subtype. These cards have never really come into play much before but there is seven to consider including Rebellion Leader, Respected Businessman and the new Admiral. It is the last card of Admiral that will bring Bail into competitive decks as this has a reset element which is always a strong mechanic in Star Wars Destiny but the others should not be overlooked.

Respected Businessman you can play for 1 which you immediately get back when you activate. This will continue to give you a resource every turn until the character is defeated or you overwrite it with a much bigger upgrade.

When you think Bail couldn’t do anymore for you, he also has a dice with a very useful 2 Focus side and his Special that gives a free re-roll and then a Focus ability as well. Whether you play him elite with a big character or as a single dice in a 3wide set up, Bail brings plenty of value. Can you tell I’m excited to play him?review51jpg
C-3PO (5/5)

Very useful character on his own which bumps up some more if you also play R2-D2 where their abilities then synergise. Being able to resolve a die on activation and speed up your turn is always nice with a further bonus of being able to pay to increase this. It gives C-3PO a lot of utility in any style of deck. Boost damage in an aggro or support build. Focus into what you need. Resolve a Discard side paying one to make it a 2 Discard in a mill deck.

You can even use his own dice which is very consistent with two 1 Focus sides, two 1 Resource sides and a Shield if you need it. He has a good solid 8 health for an 8 cost with only 2 cost more for the elite version so very efficient cost wise as well, that alone will see him squeezed into plenty of 3wide decks. What really brings him to the top though is the new plot Fateful Companions that boosts what C-3PO and R2-D2 can do together especially on the Military Camp Battlefield. A very powerful combo indeed.


I’m not a fan of this guy but he has plenty of usage. 5 health, access to red cards and can be used to Respite turning him into a 1 resource side or Into the Garbage Chute him saving you some damage but not losing any dice. There could be some useful 25pt pairings that could make use of the above but in general you are going to want an extra dice character for a couple more points as you would still have the above options to carry out with him.

review53jpgDROIDS DAY OUT (3/5)

Only really valid if you are playing a chunk of droids and we have had a few more released in this set as supports and characters but it will limit it’s use. Getting them all in the pool especially with the combined forces of C-3PO and R2-D2 to focus and resolve right away is going to make this a pretty handy card. Let’s them do their combo without having to be on the Military Camp Battlefield.


Focusing two dice is pretty good but this seems a bit limiting as the droid and non-droid have to share identical sides and then you could just be staring down an Easy Pickings. I’m sure there would be some use for this but I don’t think it will feature too much 


This will see play early in the meta as who doesn’t want to re-create Admiral Holdo’s last moments on the game table. It’ll be used to re-roll if you find it early in the game but once one of your Leader drops below half health and in the danger zone of being defeated, you’ll start to consider this option if you have a decent sized vehicle out on the field. This is the problem with this card. It has to be at the right time with these key elements all in place first. It’ll still be dropped into decks as a 1 of as it could be potent if it hits at the right time. review55jpg

Really, you want me to pay 1 resources for this. If it was 0 cost then the benefit of having to wait until the game is nearly over before this removal is active might make it to 1 out of 5. If you are using this then your situation is (REALLY) desperate.

I’m very happy with this reprint. It was always useful in the past and isn’t too difficult to bring online then it is free to play and could remove some of these high value non-damage sides that can be damage sides that are out there. A Luke3 Shield side or a Leia 3 Special or one of the many 2 Focus sides that everyone has these days.

I had high hopes for this card title. Its effect isn’t terrible but 3 resources seems way too much for this. It does have the nice extra bit of text that its cost is reduced for each defeated character you have but again that means you don’t want to see it early. It’s effectiveness later on in the game is reduced as you would have less dice to re-roll and resolve. It feels like a very poor version of Reach the Stars.


This is a very interesting idea but I feel like vehicle decks have been hit hard so will not feature much as the competitive meta evolves for this set. If they don’t have a vehicle then this card is useless. And most of the time it will only serve as making your choice of what card to re-roll with an easy choice.

review57jpgB-WING (3/5)

Red Hero so far hasn’t given us much to be excited about. This card changes that a little has it has a very neat ability of being in the pool before an action has been taken. Making your opponent react to this dice immediately and probably throwing them off their game plan. I really want to double down on a B-Wing deck and get all three in the pool and put my opponent on the backfoot turn after turn. A very nicely designed card even if it is probably going to suffer against the increased support hate we now have available. 


While I like the idea of what this card is trying to do, my brain keeps telling me it’s too little too late and you can probably put the 1 resource you paid for this to better use saving the character. It’s a nice little bonus though and you could feasibly Lightspeed Assault and put two tokens on this card to get maximum effect out of other dice. Feels like a little insurance policy that pays out when something bad happens. review59jpg
GH-7 DROID (4/5)

This droid doesn’t disappoint with no Blanks. The dice sides are solid bringing another 2 Focus side but I think it is the special that is quite nice going into the Spark of Hope competitive era. Bounty Hunters look like they have the potential to come good and this droid not only has two Specials that heal a damage but at the same time it removes a Downgrade. Get rid of the very useful bounty interactions that will be available next set. This droid could even hamper the Old Daka and Zombies by clearing away curses from your characters and keeping them safe from the zombie hoard that’s coming.


Not a terrible 3 cost support. 4 base Damage sides even if one is a pay side. The action makes it a little more useful in that it could just get you out of a tricky spot where you have a hand of no removal but could use this dice to remove a dice of the same value. That’s a neat ability which makes me think this will make it into plenty of decks.Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 081315png

Almost a mirror of the Trench Fighters’ die but every side is a modified side and no payside and has an added bonus of being able to resolve this die for 1 more if on a Trooper. I’d happily put this into a deck of clone troopers or the Rex and Kes deck we mentioned at the start. A solid hard-hitting weapon but it is likely to be limited to those trooper decks.

Very useful Droid upgrade. Resolve a dice increasing it by 1 when resolving. It isn’t even a separate Power Action. You just do it and it has the versatility of being able to boost a character, support or upgrade dice side. Not a must have but always useful.


Interesting card that could help you move a bit more damage across to that Leader you are about to defeat in a Lightspeed Assault. I’ve never been a fan of the moving damage cards unless they synergise and give you something else for doing it. This just feels like a guard that got to his post a little too late. “Sorry about that but that damage was for me”. I’d prefer to pay 1 for Bodyguard and Guardian the damage away. This could keep your main character going a little longer though. Give one to a Hoth Trooper and one to your main character of choice and funnel the damage away onto the Trooper isn’t a terrible plan. Probably not going to make the cut though.