Spark of Hope Set Review - Yellow Hero


The card ratings are mostly created in a vacuum and for Standard Format exclusively. Some cards are much better in Trilogy or Infinite Format, and notes are sometimes made of this, but the set is reviewed from the point of view of Standard Format play.

It is always going to be difficult to adequately rate a card, and all the ratings are obviously going to be subjective, although we have tried to proximate an objective rating. The rating system is 0-5, with 0 being absolutely useless, 1 being the rating of a card that will rarely see play and 5 a card that will become a staple in many decks and will most likely feature heavily in competitive play.

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Yellow Hero for Spark of Hope rests on two strands:
  1. Ewok shenanigans
  2. Han Solo shenanigans
Ewoks will have no impact on the competitive scene whatsoever. They are cute, fuzzy, extremely thematic and utterly useless. People are going to want to play them nonetheless and they'll have fun doing so. That might actually be the justification for having them. Also, thank God Ewoks are Common (and not Uncommon) - that'd have made them crazy expensive.

(Old man) Han Solo on the other hand and the goodies he brings along could make quite an impact. With his very competitive points value he arrives to fit a void spot previously only occupied by Ezra Bridger3, who has seen no play whatsoever, and Biggs Darklighter who's sole cameo performance was in the tier 1.5-2 FAT Falcon deck (so similar to his role in the movies). Han Solo3's die is arguably superior to both these characters and it's going to be exciting to see where he fits in.

Generally, due to the damn Ewoks, a lot of the Yellow Hero cards look below standard, but a few could be rising stars.

review61jpgCHIEF CHIRPA (1/5)

Eh, all the Ewoks are fun but not particularly competitive in my opinion. They swarm pretty hard but they blow up just as easily and don’t have particularly threatening die sides either. In this case even after factoring that Chirpa brings in a generic Ewok, his stats to cost ratio just isn’t very good.


Like R2-D2 it seems Chopper was able to break out of the support type mold. Unfortunately for Chopper he doesn’t seem quite as good. His Power Action might get better over time, but I don’t think it is a strong enough right now given the card set. In addition to that, his die sides are fairly underwhelming as is. I would rather play a Marauder at 8points and look elsewhere entirely at 11. Poor Chopper.

EWOK (2/5)

The only thing Ewok Warrior has going for it, at least competitively, is that it allows an unprecedentedly low cost way of splashing yellow into a deck (EDIT: and not even that do you get ... since you need to have a unique Ewok first). That alone might give it a chance to see play, but I would very much not be surprised if they see no play at all.review62jpg
HAN SOLO (4/5)
Han Solo is super sweet for his low point cost. Most of his power lies in two things; the first being his very aggressive cost, both elite and non-elite. The second, is his very strong die fixing Power Action. I especially like that he has two Resources sides which are already perfectly resolvable, but thanks to his Power Action he gets to make one his dice go from 33% to 66% Damage sides, two of which will be 2 sides. That really represents good value.

WICKET (1/5)
I really don’t there are enough strong traps to make Wicket’s passive ability attractive, and that is needed to make up for his low Hit Point amount and underwhelming die sides. He is in fact priced the same as Satine Kryze, which is pretty crazy when looking at the two comparatively, and does not make for a strong argument for his inclusion in any deck.

review63jpgENSNARE (1/5)
The highs for this card are decent against upgrade intensive aggressive decks, but the lows are pretty harsh too. When you factor in how this card is largely dead vs. mill and support archetypes, you have yourself a bad card.

NET TRAP (1/5)
Really this is just worse than a removal event on average. Sure it stays on the board, but hopefully for what 0-1 turns? If it goes past that you paid a resource for a card that isn’t doing anything. It is saved from being given a 0 solely by virtue of being a non-event removal card, which is potentially useful in certain metas.

We have long moved past events that reroll opponents dice being playable, and even though this isn’t an event and hits any number of attached character's dice, not just Damage sides, it still doesn’t even hit entire boards like Sound The Alarm could. Unless the attached character is a fully loaded Palpatine - Unlimited Power or Mace2, then this represents really low value.

review64jpgEWOK AMBUSH (2/5)
I’ll just ignore the Ewok part and focus on the non-elite part. So this is a strong effect, we have all seen the power of Hit And Run type cards. The downside here is that while that is strong, I’m having trouble thinking of any deck archetypes that run non-elite characters this would go well with. Generally you want to overload on dice with these kind of effects, but it is self limiting in that respect.

If Ewoks were good this would be a (4/5), since doing 2 damage (you sacrifice the Ewoks activate damage if you use this) for 0 resources is a pretty sweet deal. Unfortunately Ewoks are bad.review65jpg
It’s mildy awkward that the new Hyper Space Jump requires the user to have a vehicle in play, and that is somewhat of a mortal wound in my eyes for a card like this. The issue is that decks that want to play Jump effects have at least historically been streamlined aggressive decks, and those do not play vehicles for tempo reasons. Maybe those type of decks will start running cheap vehicles like Podracer to accommodate this, but I don’t see it happening unless slower decks start to become particularly egregious. However, decks like the old Han/Biggs Falcon deck will love cards like this so I do think this card will see some play.

It could of course also see some play in mill decks that use Anakin Skywalker's Podracer where it might be at its strongest, but then there's all the new vehicle hate to consider.

Seems bad? I don’t really think there are enough relevant Droid modifications to make this worthwhile, at least yet. Mind you though that IF (when) it becomes playable it would have real potential. Playing 4 cards from your discard pile, many of them for free could be a 3-4 resource boost. Not a lot of cards provide that kind of ramp power. Unfortunately that's probably going to be the undoing of the card: There will be design limits to how powerful Droid mods can be due to it (similar to how Rearm was probably limiting for Red upgrades).

review71jpgCHIEF CHIRPA’S HUT (1/5)

I would rather use my resources on basically anything other than adding Ewoks to my board. I guess its other sides are alright?

MR. BONES (4/5)
Mr. Bones is very hard to evaluate, mostly because Yellow melee in Hero is sort of spotty to begin with. I definitely do like that he has no blanks and four damage sides though. The ready clause seems nice too, and will combine very well with I Performed Violence. I’ll take the risk and say it will see a good bit of play.

review66jpgHAN SOLO’S BLASTER (3/5)
This is essentially DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol, which is fitting since that is in fact what Han Solo uses. I will confidently call this better, as it replaced one of its Blanks for a damage side even if it is just a 1 Ranged. Its play effect is basically a side grade, as there are pros and cons to forcing an opponent to remove a damage side compared to always removing the worst die on the field. DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol saw medium to low play last time around, outside of Sabine decks, but we have more Hit And Run type cards now, i.e. Seize the Day, Instigate and Drop In, so it might be different this meta. I don’t think this card is particularly mind blowing either way though.

That’s a lot of Resource sides! This is decent early, and fairly non impactful as a late draw since it will need a few turns to acquire a useful return on investment. The reroll bit is decent, and certainly nice on Han Solo though, so that is definitely a plus. Seems worth a shot.