Spark of Hope - Spoilers I


Written by CLAUS STAAL

For the release of Spark of Hope, Fantasy Flight Games continue their tradition of giving various Content Creators the privilege of spoiling cards from the new sets. I've always enjoyed this strategy, even if YOUR Destiny haven't received anything for the last couple of sets. But hey ... I'm not complaining ... honestly, I promise ... I'm not.

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In the FFG Livestream there were indications that the release time for Spark of Hope would be July-August, which is going to be interesting for the two Intercontinental Championships, European Championship and North American Championship, in August 2019.


SYNERGIES really look to be the key feature of Spark of Hope, the eighth expansion for Star Wars Destiny. First they gave us Kylo and Rey bound together by a Temporary Truth, the first time in the game that heroes and villains have been able to join teams outside of draft format, and also the first time decks will be restricted to being absolutely monocoloured.REYLOjpg
Then we were handed the inseparable duo of everybody's favourite droids, the Fateful Companions, C-3P0 and R2-D2, whom we've previously seen only as supports in the game, but now for the first time as characters courtesy of the Team Covenant livestream. Both of them in fact legendary characters!spoilers2jpg
The character pairing bound together by the plot Fateful Companions look pretty rock solid and can potentially be resource generating monsters. Having just solved the "problem" of Snoke, this could spell a lot of trouble.

Apart from the "after you activate this character" abilities of C-3P0 and R2-D2 themselves, there are a number of other characters that have abilities that could be useful in conjunction with the Fateful Companions plot:spoilers3jpg
It seems to be pretty obvious that the natural habitat of the two droids will be a vehicle deck, although it cannot be ruled out that they'd do well in a mill setting as well, which makes any of the above characters pretty good sidekicks in a 3wide deck and all of them have great "after abilities".

Then we had the diceless Ewok madness going on as well as the Hoth Trooper shenanigans. I guess it's pretty obvious I'm not a fan, and although they solved the 4point Ewok problem with the provision of first adding a unique Ewok to the team, I find too cheap access to colours a slippery slope, no matter how thematic it might be ....spoilers4jpg
On another note, I'm assuming here that both the Ewok Warrior and Hoth Trooper will be some of the most expensive uncommon cards in the game alongside Executive Order 66 since a lot of players will need a ton of them.

We did an in-depth analysis and evaluation of most of the above cards in our weekly column: 5 Things We've Learned About Spark of Hope.

It was almost clear from the first set of spoilers that Spark of Hope was going to dig deeper into the Bounty Hunter subtype. We've had plenty of Bounty Hunters and cards that tried to synergise with them, but attempts like Dengar and his spaceship Punishing One just didn't cut it. They've literally seen no play at all. I haven't even considered them.

It ended up being none other than Mr. Chip from Discard To Reroll who were given the privilege of unveiling what could be our first Bounty Hunter pairing with actual legs (sure Jango Fett will be attracting lots of fan boyz and will see plenty of game time, but he doesn't seem to synergise naturally with any other bounty hunter).
You are legally excused if you have no idea who 4-LOM and ZUCKUSS are! They did only appear very briefly in The Empire Strikes Back, and as a funny curiosum I can tell you that the original official Star Wars merchandise producer, Kenner Products, didn't even get the names right of the two very anonymous bounty hunters in the far right of the screen. They in fact mistakenly switched the names of the two characters when they originally produced them. If you want to know more about Kenner and how this small toy company managed to procured the license for Star Wars, I'd definitely recommend you look up the Netflix Special "The Toys That Made US" ... quite interesting!4-lom zuckussjpg
The main problem of the 4-LOM and Zuckuss pairing that synergise so obviously well is that it is monoyellow and unfortunately does not give you access to Armored Reinforcement. It would in fact require a 5point red villain/neutral character to pull that off. Getting your hands on an early MIST HUNTER is important because it's a great vehicle - molded in the same form as the A-Wing - and is pretty awesome when spotting both of the aforementioned Bounty Hunters.spoilers5jpg
Zuckuss, although the weaker of the two characters, seems to be the more important with the Mist Hunter and you could potentially go for an aggro, but pretty low health pairing with Captain Phasma using the Armored Reinforcement to pull the Mist Hunter immediately and go to town (even if some of the cards spoiled for Spark of Hope could be quite dissuasive for such a singleminded strategy). And you're probably not going to like Vandalize either.spoilers7jpg
Both 4-LOM and Zuckuss lends themselves well to a Bounty Board strategy pulling bounties from your deck and recycling them for some incredibly fast gain and some serious ramp that might even mandate their use in a more support based deck, although I probably wouldn't be able to resist the temptation of going all in on heavy hitting upgrades, i.e. Vibrocutlass and Darksaber, If you can forego the recycling ability of 4-LOM, It could be fun to consider bringing Arihnda Pryce out of retirement to partner up with Zuckuss and add Armored Reinforcement. The new BOUNTY HUNTERS GUILD will add considerable speed to your Bounty Hunter deck although I think the +1 downgrade limit is going to be mostly irrelevant.

Do you remember the last game you played using IG-88? Nah, probably not. IG-88 really sucked. Like most BIGs in the Awakenings block. This has sort of changed and Spark of Hope looks to continue that trend with the new single-minded IG-88 (spoiled by Team Covenant) looking pretty mean.spoilers9jpg
I'd love to play IG-88 with Asajj Ventress just to be able to use the Power Action against all of an opponent's characters, but that's probably never going to happen. IG-88 is much more likely to partner up with Snoke in a Bounty Board deck for some heavy hitting aggro or Jabba the Hut - Influential Kingpin sifting through your deck for bounties to maximise gain from the Power Action. 14/17e is still pretty expensive, but he has a pretty mean die, although I'm probably sticking to Thrawn (or Yoda) as my favourite BIG from Spark of Hope.


I LOVE how FFG allowed Golden Dice Podcast to release these spoilers! Thumbs on for doing that! AWESOME! (If you have no idea what I'm talking about then check out the Golden Dice Podcast logo). This also carried more fuel to the fire as to who shot first!

So far we've had 4 versions of Han Solo and all but the Savvy Smuggler have been pretty popular. And while the Independent Hotshot has not seen too much play lately, he's still a fairly good character!hansjpg
The OLD SWINDLER though will see much more play. I really like him! He's low costed, has decent health and comes with a pretty mean die and looks to slot beautifully into a vehicle deck. Too bad that the Wookie Warrior has rotated out. The new Han Solo is somewhat reminiscent of Cassian Andor although arguably boasts a superior die outside of a mill deck.spoilers10jpg
He'd slot in nicely with eRose/Aayla for a rainbow 29hp team, and whenever you don't need his resources you can use the Power Action as a pseudo Bait and Switch to turn his die into a 2 Ranged Damage which is not too shabby. Two Resource sides are just amazingly good and he'll definitely find plenty of use in a number of different decks and character teams.

Han Solo's Power Action will work on any of your scoundrel dice, so there might also be reason to look into characters like Enfys Nest, Chewbacca, Qi'Ra and Lando Calrissian, who can all benefit from the Power Action.spoilers11jpgHan Solo could even be used in an aggro capacity with HAN SOLO'S BLASTER, the nicely updated replacement for the DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol, which incidentally will probably see more play with Han Solo - Independent Hotshot than the Old Swindler. Han Solo's Blaster is really good, even if 3cost upgrades rarely see play these days, and the 1 Ranged side isn't too impressive, but the free mitigation and otherwise good die sides helps it out here. If played on Han, you can activate and resolve immediately with Ambush which is pretty sweet. NOT having Redeploy on such an expensive piece will be a challenge though.spoilers11jpg
HAN SOLO'S DICE is NOT a replacement for the old Chance Cube, far from it. It doesn't have a net resource gain potential round 1, it should break even as a minimum, but is good at fixing attached character's character dice, which means that if used on Han Solo - Old Swindler, you are all but ensured of a 2 Ranged damage side if you need it. It's thematic as hell, and the artwork gorgeous, but I'm not really sure why you'd bring it in a deck.


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