Spark of Hope - Spoilers III


Written by CLAUS STAAL

We finally get around to analysing the spoiled additions for the Witches inhabiting the world of Star Wars Destiny! Team Covenant were given the honors of introducing the art of necromancy led by Old Daka herself!

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In the FFG Livestream there were indications that the release time for Spark of Hope would be July-August, which is going to be interesting for the two Intercontinental Championships, European Championship and North American Championship, in August 2019.

2. WITCHES ...

Mother Talzin has for a long time been one of my absolute favourite characters and a go-to support character for many Destiny players. While limiting to your deck building, she offers incredible consistency. She was preceded by the Nightsister and later joined by the callous Luce, who never made any impact whatsoever, in the flock of witches and now adds the necromantic powers of OLD DAKA and the NIGHTSISTER ZOMBIE to their ranks.Spoilers21jpg
The Nightsister Zombie completes the trio for diceless characters, and similarly to the Ewok Warriors and the Hoth Trooper deal damage when activated, although arguably the most restricted of the three. Needing to both spot a Witch, which you'll almost always be able to, and have a Downgrade - Curse in play is obviously very limiting - especially since there's currently just 1 Downgrade - Curse spoiled. Spoilers22jpg
It's fair to assume that more Curses will be printed in the set and maybe even a tutor of some sort for Curses, similar to the Bounty Board. Otherwise the Nightsister Zombie will be utterly useless as anything but a 5point filler giving access to blue cards (and she's not far from that mark already). Note that because you need to spot ANOTHER witch, the Nightsister Zombies are probably not going to see a whole lot of play outside of those kind of decks anyways. At least the Ewoks and Hoth Troopers can also be used with Into The Garbage Chute. I'm assuming, based on the stats of Convergence, that we'll get 3 Downgrade - Curses and that they're likely to all be 1 and/or 3 cost downgrades to also maximise their synergy with Mother Talzin (even if she'll rotate out long before the Curses end their cycle in Standard).
The downgrades revealed so far from Spark of Hope actually all look pretty good, and HEX is no exception. If you play this round 1, assuming that competitive games average 3-4 rounds as has been the standard so far, it can potentially remove 3-4 dice (showing Blanks) over the course of a game for just 1 resource, which is a pretty mean return on investment. It works well with cards like Triple Threat, Salt Flats and Force Jump, and nobody is ever exempt from just having bad rolls, which is even more punishing for a Hex'ed character. Hex is probably one of the strongest downgrades printed thus far.

old daka witch magickjpg
The Power Action of Old Daka feels pretty balanced, maybe even too fair, and all the provisions of the Nightsister Zombie's generated entering play exhausted, having to be dealt Indirect damage last as well as only dealing damage to a character with a Downgrade - Curse attached makes them almost nonsensical. All of this of course depends on how strong and plentiful Curses are going to be, but it could be several sets in before they are going to make an actual impact - just like we've already experienced with Bounties.Spoilers24jpg
I honestly don't know what to think of Old Daka. My immediate impression is not a particularly good one and in particular the condition of all the Nightsister Zombies you control being set aside when Old Daka is defeated stings - a LOT! That's a lot of pressure on a 9hp character. And she's not exactly cheap either. If you get enough Nightsister Zombies into play though AND you manage to slap a curse on one or more of your opponent's characters, they'd be quite fun with Military Camp. But I'm almost certain we'll see a Witch specific Battlefield that'll be even more fun.

While resurrecting defeated characters (bring defeated characters back to play) is not a new mechanism per se, i.e. Dark Ritual, the TALISMAN OF RESURRECTION brings with it the possibility of bringing back your opponent's defeated characters under your control.Spoilers25jpg
This is probably mostly gimmicky, although I wouldn't discount that strategy entirely against cheap support characters, although amassing 7-9 resources is normally quite the feat while simultaneously keeping enough pressure on your opponent to actually defeat their character. The Special on the Talisman of Resurrection gaining you 2 resources though goes a long way to facilitate that. For that reason alone, I'd be inclined to bring along the Talisman. Two 2 Resource sides is pretty damn good. No other upgrade can give you that kind of ramp. And Mother Talzin is going to LOVE IT!talzin lovejpg
Then we'll have to deal with losing our character cards in the middle of tournaments and players not being willing to let other players handle their dice, etc. afterwards!

I propose using Thriller as a soundtrack when you do resurrect an opponent's character!


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