Spoilers IV - Convergence


Written by CLAUS STAAL

This week yet again saw LOADS of spoiled cards from Convergence as well as the new Starter Sets! In this article we'll focus on the Convergence spoilers while an article will be released covering the plethora of spoilers from the Starter Sets later this week.

It's great to see Fantasy Flight Games return to the previous policy of giving different content creators the privilege of spoiling new cards. It's a great way of making content creators feeling welcome and considered a valuable part of the Destiny community as well as giving them credit for the work they put into promoting the game.

You can check out the many content creators in the links below (as well as our previous spoiler articles). You should pay them a visit and listen to their podcasts, read their articles and follow their news! They are great guys who put in a lot of work for this game!

1. FFG's Announcement of Convergence
2. New Convergence Spoilers
3. Dice Commando
4. Golden Dice Podcast
5. Sons of Mandalore
6. The Chance Cube

spoilers1jpgThere's no doubt that the biggest talking point of the Sons of Mandalore spoilers was WATTO - STUBBORN GAMBLER. From a thematic point of view people were wildly discussing whether it made sense he was Villain as opposed to Neutral, but more importantly players everywhere were gasping with excitement over the possibilities offered by this character.

On one hand, he's kinda the replacement for Unkar Plutt who'll be rotating out, although cheaper at 9/12e, but also sacrificing one health, but boasting a BONKERS ability. Not being able to remove Watto's character dice by events makes it necessary to use "counter spells" such as Suppressive Fire or Improvised Defense, and makes him a superb support character. His 3 (50%) resource side will be a welcomed addition to 3wide vehicle teams and he slots in beautifully with eSnoke and First Order Storm Trooper for a 4dice start, with an almost unparalleled consistency.

Add to this his Power Action which mathematically is very similar to a built in Chance Cube when used on his own dice (guessing Resources), and you are looking at a character who will be able to generate a plethora of resources. If the discussion is still on regarding the brokenness of Vader's Fist, Watto all but ends that! Watto is probably my pick for strongest card spoiled from Convergence so far.spoilers2jpg
Most players will not be sad to see Friends in High Places rotate out of Standard Constructed. It's in many ways one of the key cards enabling eVader/Greedo to dominate the latter part of the Across the Galaxy meta, and the replacement HARD BARGAIN is not only much fairer, but also MUCH WORSE! It's in fact close to useless. At 2 resources, the risk of you drawing 3 cards where one is useless in a given situation, one is suboptimal and just one good, feels way too high. They solved the Friends in High Places problem by replacing it with a bad card. I guess Dryden Vos will be happy to see a card like this, but nobody played him before ... why? Because he was bad!spoilers3jpg
There seems to be some confusion concerning how BARTER WITH BLOOD is played, so for the sake of clarity, this is how it works:
  1. Each player takes any number of tokens from the supply and hides them.
  2. The supply is the common stock of tokens, which is an "imaginary construction" referring to ALL THE TOKENS brought to a game by both players. This term has been kept from back when everybody used the "same" cardboard tokens taken from a common pile. In reality it of course doesn't work like this, but the term remains to describe that "imaginary construction".
  3. Both players reveal the number of tokens hidden from their opponent.
  4. The player(s) with the highest number of tokens is DEALT Indirect damage equal to the amount of tokens they revealed, and
  5. May play a card from their hand for free.
  6. In case of a tie, both players are dealt Indirect damage equal to the amount of tokens they revealed, and may play a card from their hand for free.
This card is an elaborate Enrage, which allows you to pile on damage to your characters to ensure to be able to play a card from your hand. You decide how much to risk and if the reward, playing a card from your hand, is worth it.

I LOVE THE THEMATIC FEEL of the card, and while there's definitely some strong plays for it, in particular in beefy 3wide vehicle decks, enabling a first round where you play multiple vehicles (including some big hitters), I think it's particularly strong as a mind game card. How much are players willing to risk? Does your opponent have a strong card in his hand? Is your opponent tricking you into putting damage onto your characters?

There's go to be plenty of room for confusion (and possibly cheating) with the tokens, but that can be solved, and I think the design space is pretty awesome!

Try and compare LOR SAN TEKKA with Mon Mothma ... Yeah, I know, it's hilarious! I've actually never seen Mon Mothma played. Like, ever! Lor San Tekka on the other hand could be viable. With 10 health and 9/11e, he could be an addition to a 3wide mill deck or even be a great enabler in a vehicle deck. Normally that role, in both archetypes, would be reserved for Yoda, but Lor San Tekka is cheap - VERY CHEAP and it could just be what is needed to pave way for him in a deck. eRose/Yoda/Lor San Tekka could be a possiblity, while he actually fits nicely in a number of other character line-ups.

His Power Action is good, but doesn't look broken and will allow for some strong hands in the mid- and endgame. This seems particularly strong with mitigation cards, and the provision of setting 2 cards aside every time the Power Action is used seems to close the backdoor on too much abuse, although players will try ... obviously!spoilers5jpg
LORE HUNTER will definitely make some mill players drool. I'm not sure it is as strong as it looks, although the dread eYoda/eLeia2 will love it. You need to be able to get cards out of an opponent's hand, but that really doesn't seem to be any problem for the strongest mill decks these days, and in the latter part of the Across the Galaxy meta both 3wide mill and 2wide mill looked like very strong contenders. Best thing about Lore Hunter is that it is not restricted to blue characters and doesn't even have a spot requirement.

Knowing how much heartache the previous "draw" events has caused, I think it's brave (read silly) to go this route again. Sure, STRONG INTUITION is not as strong (pun intended) as Ancient Wisdom or Renewed Purpose, but it's close. Are we looking at another possible meltdown?spoilers6jpg

spoilers8jpgI'm somehow torn concerning the new EZRA BRIDGER (3) compared to the Ezra Bridger he'll be replacing. At a glance he's the same:
  • Yellow
  • Comparable dice sides
  • Same ability
And while the second ability of Ezra Bridger3, "You may resolve dice in a player's pool that has used the Claim the Battlefield action this round as if they were in your pool" can be outrageously good, it still feels like the 9/12e is prohibitive for him to see extensive play. His dice sides, health and points cost is almost comparable to Cassian Andor and he feels much weaker! He is a support character, but with very low health and his special ability can be played around by your opponent by just passing, and while it might lose him the claim, it could be worth it. Also worth noting, is the fact that you are only allowed to resolve your opponent's dice, not reroll them or otherwise affect them, i.e. turning them with focuses, etc. Old Ezra was one of my favourite support characters and looked NASTY in the good 'ol Drive-By-Shooting, new one, not so much ...spoilers9jpg
Speaking of old vs. new, I guess spirits also used to be somewhat tougher! Sure, One With The Force didn't really see much play, but the dice sides were insane!

The Special on YODA'S SPIRIT though is pretty good. 3 UNBLOCKABLE damage is pretty good, but at the cost of the support (2 resources) it seems a bit pricy. The dice sides are decent and if it had been an upgrade it would go straight on Qui-Gon Jinn2 ... sure sure ... let an old man dream. It should see some play though and dependent on how good "Jedi" cards are going to be could have the potential to become really strong!

spoilers10jpgI guess, we now have the answer to whether or not the absence of Ciena Ree will be felt with her rotating out. She's been a staple in Snoke vehicle decks because she's cheap has excellent die sides to target with Snoke's Power Action and a ridiculous ability with vehicles. WAT TAMBOR aka Tin Man, fits like a glove ... well ... almost.

Wat Tambor is a tad more expensive, but is otherwise almost comparable and has a great Power Action. If you can sequence things correctly, you'll get plenty of mileage out of your Firespray-31, Shadow Caster and Umberan Hover Tanks (and what other goodies will appear in Convergence)! His die sides are excellent for a support character and the 2 Focus side looks terrifying as a Snoke Power Action target in the midgame once your vehicles start popping up!

I've already seen people talk about the Snoke/Wat/Wat deck, which does sound enticing although I'm not big on 3dice starts. No matter what character team he'll end up in though ... Doctor Aphra anyone? ... Wat Tambor looks strong and will definitely see plenty of play!spoilers11jpg
Drawing extra cards is always powerful and the plot SEPARATIST CONSPIRACY allows you to draw an extra card (for every leader you spot) every single round unless your opponent discards a card or pays a resource. This is likely to draw you 3 cards in a game, Disrupt 3 resources, Discard 3 cards or a combination thereof.

This plot obviously gets stronger the more Leaders you can spot and the incentive for your opponent to prevent you from utilising it higher. I'm not sure it's strong enough, but it's relatively cheap at 2points. The strength and usability of Separatist Conspiracy definitely hinges on what kind of Leader cards will be available. It's difficult to properly evaluate in a vacuum, although I'm likely to give it a thumbs down.