Spoilers VI - Convergence


Written by CLAUS STAAL

Mr. Chip, the soft-spoken smooth voice of Discard to Reroll got SPOILERS!!! Yeah Baby! Discard to Reroll is easily my candidate for the best produced Star Wars Destiny Podcast anywhere in the Galaxy, and I'm thrilled he got to unleash Maz Kanata. Be sure to check out his podcast ... It's honey to your ears!

1. FFG's Announcement of Convergence
2. New Convergence Spoilers
3. Discard to Reroll

spoilers1jpgMAZ KANATA is getting ready for a new day and age and she's stepping up her game! The obvious part first ... she received a tremendous visual make over ... MOVE THAT BUS!spoilers2jpg
Her die is comparatively to other 10/13(14) point characters pretty good, and while she's not going to compete with Yoda for the best support character in that points range, but nobody really is, she still looks pretty good.

Compared to Cassian Andor, she's actually really good, and although she'll have a difficult time replacing him in a 3wide mill decks, she might be a decent facilitator in a vehicle deck, i.e. rainbow eRose/Lor San Tekka/Maz Kanata, where her damage sides could come to good use, while her Power Action would shine! Maybe even in a revamped version of Drive-by-Shooting!spoilers8jpg
Her Power Action lets your opponent choose and do 1 of the following four points first, then you choose and do 2 others:
  1. Deal 1 Indirect damage to a player.
  2. Turn an opponent's die to any side.
  3. Reroll any number of your dice.
  4. Draw a card.
In a vehicle deck all options can be good options and although they are situational, they can definitely come in handy.

I'm quite impressed with the design of Maz Kanata, which looks allround good.

3. CUNNING ...
We got our replacement for Cunning, probably much to the relief of Leia - Boussh players, but it's both better and much worse! I had to look the word up in the dictionary, because I had no clue what it meant.spoilers4jpg
First off, MOXIE doesn't require to be played on a Yellow Character, but then in turn can only affect the attached characters Special ability or Power Action, but it also has two Special sides and can affect Power Actions, which makes it viable outside of an action chaining deck (although Yoda will still love Moxie). The die feels better than Cunning and the Special can set up some cool synergies if you find the right character to play it on. These are probably prime candidates for where Moxie can really make a splash, while it would also look strong on Leia2 and Leia3.spoilers5jpg
Moxie will get much stronger as more characters are introduced with powerful Specials and Power Actions, while villain players might feel a bit overlooked ... BUHU!

Ah ... note to Fantasy Flight Games: RELEASE DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was made aware of by a member of the YOUR Destiny patreon that eEnfys Nest/Snoke could do some pretty nasty abusive stuff with Moxie.
spopilers9jpgDue to how powerful Snoke's Power Action is, I'd actually consider adding two Moxies to the deck courtesy of Enfys Nest's ability simply to be able to Power Action twice. That makes Enfys' dice pretty scary ... Yirdkk!