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Tuesday, December 17 (2019) marks the end of the year, Destiny wise, for our local Destiny community in the outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark. We've - unsurprisingly - decided to celebrate this with a small tournament, and traditional Danish glögg and æbleskiver (hot wine and dessert).

I guess most players attending the Christmas event will be toying around with the characters that has seen points reductions and I spent the better part of an evening trying to figure out what to play. The following three decks is where I ended up ... so please help me out.

Ah - yes, also ... if you are in or around Copenhagen on the day, do drop by and bring your crazy decks along with you! You can drop me a line and we'll be happy to give you directions!

I really like most of the points reductions! It makes possible a number of character pairings that were not remotely possible before and some of the changes have been quite significant. I still expect 5dice Chopper Droids to be pretty good, but will relish the opportunity to finally give a few characters a spin before they rotate out of Standard Format.

feeling bluejpg

The many points reduction, coupled with THEED ROYAL PALACE as well as FATEFUL COMPANION added to the Restricted List (together with C-3P0, who was already there), might be enough to give blue decks outside of ReyLo a fighting chance. There's definitely going to be a meta shake-up and I'll be covering some of my expectations for the (strictly) competitive scene in my next column.

Snoke has gained a bit of a revival with The Hyperloops' eSnoke/Mudtrooper/Mandalorian deck starting to pop its head up here and there, including taking the top spot AND runner-up spot at the 28-person Prime Championship in Gardner, Massachusetts (USA), and as long time readers of the YOUR Destiny articles will know, I've been a Snoke fan boy ever since he was spoiled for Destiny.


When I saw Nicolas Cuenca scoffing at the points reduction on Kallus I was a bit surprised, but as far as I remember, he also forgot that Kallus previously had been errata'ed to include two subtypes: Leader - Trooper, which might not make a HUGE difference, but it does make him a bit more sexy. The pretty hefty points reduction (from 14/18 to 12/15) means that he is now playable with a host of great characters, but I just really wanted him to be paired with Snoke and add a 2 cost plot.

just works really well with Snoke because he has four damage sides and although the best side is a payside, it's also worth 5 Melee damage which is a pretty huge swing.

For the added plot, I was at first toying around with HOME TURF ADVANTAGE because it would be awesome to include MILITARY CAMP, but also an alternative like SALT FLATS if the former Battlefield would end up working against you, i.e. against Droids, but didn't like the possible waste of the plot, if you ended up losing the Battlefield roll-off.

Using SEPARATIST CONSPIRACY offers you a pretty powerful option at the start of every round by either gaining 1-2 cards OR (your opponent's choice) make him lose a resource or card. A 2 card advantage can be pretty crazy, and while your opponent can prevent that, no matter what he's either offering you an advantage or will himself be operating at a disadvantage ... in either case: win-win.

There are plenty of awesome upgrades available for Kallus, including his expensive Kallus' Bo-Rifle, but probably the standout piece is QUICKSILVER BATON as you are able to use all the benefits of it (Kallus being both Leader - Trooper) as well as the TREASURED LIGHTSABER that fits so well with Kallus and his ability, while the Special can be boosted by Separatist Conspiracy. I've always liked TORMENT together with Snoke's Power Action, and it's just beautiful in a deck that also plays RIOT SHIELD!


I've wanted eYoda/eQGJ2 to be good ever since we had to settle playing them with Bitter Rivalry or Solidarity ... and I think the pairing was so good that plenty of players tried their luck with either of the plots, and probably fell just short ... just short.

QUI-GON JINN has everything necessary to be an absolute beast and his passive ability is really second to none. While his dice are pretty mediocre for a 13/17e character (the Holocron update reduced his price from 14/18e) once you put 2 shields on him their value skyrocket, and 3 shields will turn his upgrades into mad lightsabers that'll cut through characters left and right. YODA is obviously the perfect facilitator for Qui-Gon Jinn enabling his ability by providing both Shields and focuses.

NOTE: Remember that putting Shields on Qui-Gon Jinn increase the value of his dice, NOT just when you resolve them, which is relevant for cards like Fighting Pit, Entangle, etc.


I'm still playing around with the deck, but the upgrade package should as a core include proven cards like JEDI LIGHTSABER, which is obviously ridiculously good on Qui-Gon Jinn, as it immediately gives him 2 Shields, right off the bat, to boost his dice, while NIMAN MASTERY seems to be an auto-include these days, although the Special - arguably the best side - doesn't benefit from Qui-Gon's ability.

I'm definitely not settled on the 3cost upgrades, with both OBI-WAN'S LIGHTSABER and QUI-GON JINN'S LIGHTSABER looking pretty good, but none of them has Redeploy, and the latter has to go on QGJ, which in turn means that at least considering both the HEIRLOOM LIGHTSABER and DAGGER OF MORTIS is probably necessary. It's probably also a mistake that I didn't include Yoda's Lightsaber in my original list. There's a fine balance here in making Qui-Gon a one-man army with Yoda nothing but a facilitator and actually ensuring that Yoda can close down games on his own.


I'm pretty sure BECOME ONE is an include in this deck since you'll have plenty of high value blue dice around to boost Melee damage sides, while HEIGHTENED AWARENESS probably has a nice home with Qui-Gon Jinn, and so does ATARU STRIKE, although not reaching the same broken value as in eYoda/eBail decks, but it's getting there.

We did a deck analysis a LONG TIME AGO on General Grievous, but he's really been all but unplayable since he was released ... Maybe he's still unplayable, not really sure here, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

At 13/18e, there are a number of interesting possibilities, including playing General Grievous with just 1 die and go for a pseudo 3wide team like Grievous/eBib/NZombie ...

You'd basically treat Bib Fortuna's dice like proxy Grievous dice, and while you have enough points to include a Battle Droid, Shapeshifter or Jawa instead of the Nightsister Zombie who does absolutely NOTHING in this line-up, you need blue to get access to a wealth of good Melee based upgrades. Adding a splash of yellow though, does solve one of this deck's biggest problems, namely resource management, being able to add cards like Truce and Well-Connected, but yellow offers little in terms of usuable Upgrade - Weapons to abuse with Grievous' ability, and it is arguably weaker in most other respects than eGrievous/Sentinel plus a plot.

As a side note, I've also been dying to try out eGrievous/DARK MYSTIC plus PROFITABLE CONNECTIONS. Although the Special is a fickle gamble, you get pretty good value out of most of most of the die sides, and the 3 starting resources really makes life soooo much easier for you. To be tested.


play restrictions Grievousjpg

You find the above passage on page 21 of the Rules Reference 2.2, while it might also be worth reading the sections on

General Grievous' ability to: "Ignore all play restrictions on weapons played on this character", DOES NOT ALLOW him to:
  1. Ignore deck building restrictions, i.e. including hero cards in a villain deck, or yellow cards in a deck without yellow characters on the character team.
  2. Play several copies of a UNIQUE Upgrade - Weapon. Uniqueness is added to the card type and the rule preventing a player from "playing" two copies of a Unique Upgrade is not considered a play restriction (read about this on page 3 of the Rules Reference 2.2).
It DOES ALLOW him to:
  1. Ignore play restrictions such as "colour", i.e. Blue character only (i.e. MAUL'S LIGHTSABER)
  2. Ignore play restrictions such as: "Play only on an exhausted character" (i.e. CRAFTED LIGHTSABER).

I guess the main reason for going with SENTINEL MESSENGER and BUILT TO LAST is because of the draw advantage, potential resource gain and (the added) Redeploy on more than 50% of your upgrades in the deck.

grievous deck listjpg

The draw ability of the Sentinel Messenger allows you a much larger event suite, and adding cards like RESPITE and MOBILIZE might help with the resource issues. There probably should be a Logistics in there as well.

There are 6 Unique weapons in the deck, with COUNT DOOKU'S LIGHTSABER, GRIEVANCE STRIKER and PALPATINE'S LIGHTSABER ideal for your starting hand. For non-Unique upgrades the CRAFTED LIGHTSABER as well as the QUICKSILVER BATON look pretty sweet.


Mitigation is kept cheap, you could even remove AUTOMATED DEFENSE to make room for Doubt instead, to go 100% 0cost. I don't expect to be sitting on a lot of resources AND I'd want as much of the mitigation to be playable with the Sentinel's Ability.


So, what should I be bringing for tomorrow's event? Let me know on our YOUR Destiny Facebook page ...

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