The Cards That Earned a 5-STAR Rating!

Written by CLAUS STAAL

11 cards out of the 180 cards in Convergence, the seventh expansion set for Star Wars Destiny, received a star rating of 5/5. That's around 6% of the pool of cards that we considered over-the-top good straight out of the box in our comprehensive Set Review!

The cards are, as we've pointed out, evaluated in a vacuum and primarily for Standard Format ... and we'll most likely have to swallow a few camels once we get to fiddle around with the set, and we will of course also examine all our mistakes (just like we did following Across the Galaxy)!

Four authors pitched in to complete the set review, who apart from myself were: Jan Drangmeister, gaming tablebuilder extraordinaire and our German livestreaming specialist, rowdy US southener Lake Quittmeyer and Mad Genius and US-Scandinavian crossbreed Luke Magnuson!

Actually, the only one who didn't evaluate a single card at (5/5) was me ... I was close a couple of times, but I had the unenviable task of analysing the blue cards and there really weren't much to make you smile!

Interestingly enough, 3 of the 10 five-star rated cards are reprints, which speaks volumes of the persistent quality of those early cards, and at least one of them came as a huge surprise to me when it was revealed as a reprint! 50% of the top rated cards are events, 30% of them Legendary, while just two characters made it into the top tier - and Palpatine isn't amongst them!


top5jpgPROBE (Red Villain)
I was very surprised to say the least of seeing this card being reprinted. Maybe it is to keep trick decks in check, but Probe was one of the strongest events available to Red Villains prior to rotation and will be so after rotation.

THE BEST DEFENSE... (Red Villain)
Another staple card for Red Villains and one of the best mitigation cards around, especially if you have access to expendable meat shields like the First Order Stormtrooper and Battle Droids. It should see plenty of play going forward and while most colours/factions have seen their best mitigation cards leave courtesy of rotation the Empire's finest got to keep theirs! Ah ... and we also get to keep using our awesome alternative art cards! BONUS!best5 2jpg
This support is mouthwatering good ... sure, it isn't exactly Vader's Fist, but it's also not unique and 'just' 4 Resources, AND you get to potentially roll 3 dice into the pool (as long as you spot a leader)! That could potentially make it even more valuable than the indomitable Vader's Fist especially since every imaginable deck will be rife with big Focus sides, which can benefit from the multitude of dice in the pool (as opposed to Vader's Fist, which will need to be resolved and rolled back in).WAT TAMBORjpg
WAT TAMBOR (Red Villain)
There we go ... missing Ciena Ree? I guess Wat Tambor aka Tin Man solves that problem! His die sides are really REALLY good and he'll be awesome with Snoke, even if he's 1 point more expensive than Ciena! Those Focus sides is going to make you less reliant on Snoke dice and could be exactly what you need to make those 3wide decks tick-tock! I'd even consider a 3die start if Tin Man is included since his Power Action, if it can be used every round, more than makes up for the missing die!

best5 3jpg
EXTERMINATE (Yellow Villain)
This is a tricky one. First of all, the design team have certainly done theirs to ensure that subtypes has been richly supported as a design space in Convergence (although it was briefly explored from the beginning of the game), which means that shared subtypes across a character team will become much more prevalent, especially the leader subtype which is currently shared by 30 characters, which in turn will reduce the ceiling of Exterminate. At best it can remove all an opponent's character dice. I do have my doubts as to whether it will be able to hold onto to its 5 star rating ...leader subtypejpg
TRUCE (Yellow Neutral)
I used to include Truce in every single yellow deck I made (almost) after it was released in the Empire at War expansion set, but as the Chance Cube gained popularity the stock of Truce started tumbling down. Every deck ended up being able to generate busted amounts of resources, which used to be the scarcest commodity in Destiny, and suddenly we were all starting to run out of Resource tokens halfway through a game.

I'm assuming that we'll see a slight decline to the resource generation shenanigans, at least for some decks, which once again should make Truce a card in demand ... and no-one can deny the quality of the card. This is also kind of a surprise reprint for me!top5 4jpg
This is the only Downgrade, together with Hampered (which is 0 cost), which really excites me and I think Luke Magnuson is right in predicting that we'll be seeing Target Acquired pop up in vehicle decks. Those big Indirect Damage sides on the Shadow Caster does look extra juicy if your opponent has a Target Acquired stuck on the back!

Everybody ran in circles screaming like teenage girls who spotted Justin Bieber when Padmé Amidala - Resolute Senator was spoiled, and for good reason. She's the first character to sport a 3 Focus, which in itself is absurd, but with three Focus sides that can be turned into Indirect damage together with any other Focus sides you have showing is kinda crazy shit. In particular since everything and everybody has Focuses these days.

Whether or not she can live up to the massive expectations is another matter, but she's definitely worthy of the hype (I even did an early ePadmé2/eYoda deck analysis in anticipation of how good she'd be!).

And Amidala's vessel Shiny McShinyness sort of comes wrapped in a package together with her! The success of the Royal Starship definitely hinges on her own success. The die when coupled with Amidala's passive ability is absolutely bonkers, while the ability to generate Shields is nothing to scoff at!best5 5jpg
INSTIGATE (Yellow Hero)
So, Lake Quittmeyer gave Instigate a (5/5) recalling in his review how powerful Hit and Run had been for Red Hero decks, and while some may disagree with the direct comparison (mostly because Hit and Run was 0 cost and one of the few weapons in the arsenal of the sad looking red heroes), no-one can deny that Yellow, and maybe Yellow Heroes in particular, look like the new "speedsters" in Star Wars Destiny (mind you that Drop In is also Yellow Hero).

Action cheating is definitely still very powerful and the versatility to activate either a character or a support with Ambush could indeed become very scary!

The designers really have to start being careful on making the effect where you "get to roll a die into the pool" when playing an upgrade or support too common. Chewie's Blaster has a very high ceiling, although it'll probably rarely see play on Chewbacca, and dealing up to 8 damage, but likely less, the round its played is broken. It's the replacement for the DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol (even if it doesn't have a full blooded Ambush effect) and seems to fill those shoes pretty well. This is the kind of upgrade that can close games.

So, what do you think we missed?

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