The Changes To Standard Format!

Last week (Tuesday, April 2) Fantasy Flight Games dropped massive changes to the Holocrons for all formats including the first Holocron for Infinite format. Some of the changes were anticipated, like the nerf to Theed Royal Palace, while others took us completely by surprise - and for the most parts POSITIVELY!Standard Holocron screenshot Apriljpg
The scope of this article is to give an overview to the changes that were made to the current STANDARD FORMAT. We'll be doing a similar overview for Infinite Format some time in the future, but those changes were massive and will require a bit of time to digest! Be patient with us!Squealingjpg
I think most of us were squealing with excitement like C-3P0's when we realised how deep the impact of subtypes would become in Destiny ... seriously, what's not to like ... the points cost changes to a number of characters actually makes them playable, while the addition of subtypes enables 'older characters' with your new cards!

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Alright, I think we can all agree that they hit Theed Royal Palace pretty hard! Quite a few of the decks that would not have hesitated for a second to bring Theed as their Battlefield will now need to look elsewhere - and the preferred choice seems to be Salt Flats as it is essentially a free Focus every round as long as you spot a Leader or as a bare minimum free dice manipulation.Changes Theedjpg
But so is Theed! It functionally focuses a die into a resource and lets you resolve it immediately! That's actually still pretty good. Sure, it isn't broken good, but that's really not what we are looking for here. On top of this, Theed Royal Palace is now a viable Battlefield to bring if you are unsure as to whether you'll be able to claim regularly and do not want to benefit your opponent too much in case he opts for your Battlefield or you lose the claim.

In this regard Theed Royal Palace honestly looks like a good Battlefield for 3+ wide decks that are normally looking to capitalise resources off their support characters, like FAT Vehicle decks, or Big/Little decks where you can trade a miniscule sidekick die for a resource to put down supports or upgrades. I for one like the change and I'm not joining the choir of players who believe Theed to be unplayable. It's still very good and superior to Battlefields that gives resources as a claim effect and should in many instances be a prime choice for vehicle decks as Weapons Factory Alpha has rotated out!

Changes 1jpg
In relation to deck building it is now clarified that similar abilities stack, i.e. Enfys Nest and Enfys Nest's Marauder allowing you to bring up to 4 villain and 4 hero cards if you play two Marauders together with Enfys Nest, but you would not be allowed to add a third copy of a hero or villain card with Double Down as that ability is added separately (and follows "all other deckbuilding restrictions"). This is of course, so far, a purely speculative example as that would add up to 32 points!

Not exactly a surprise, but nice to know that you don't need to chase around for a million new First Order Storm Trooper dice ... and, yes the new die still has Double Blanks! And yes, it rolls Blanks constantly!

I don't think we discuss Luke Skywalker - Reluctant Instructor's ability enough. We should discuss it much more!changes3jpg
That obviously means that a Focus or Resource side showing on a Luke3 die can be resolved as showing a Shield side (Circle of Shelter) and per Luke3's ability resolved as if it was a Melee side.

The only real complication here of this clarification is if you can "change a symbol" to the "same symbol", i.e. Change a Shield side to a Shield side and resolve it as Melee damage (as per Luke's ability). The question is if "changing the symbol" follows the same logic as "turning a die" that requires you to turn a die to a different side.

This is a clarification of the rules in general, but pertaining specifically to the synergy between Profiteering and Grand Entrance. Profiteering allows you to resolve a scoundrel die when it meets its trigger condition, which is rolling a Resource side! But because it's an After Ability, the resolution of the scoundrel die, i.e. Qi'Ra's die, being rolled into the pool using Grand Entrance is added to the Queue until Grand Entrance is fully resolved, i.e. roll dice into the pool, reroll dice and then reroll dice.

This means, you could play Grand Entrance and roll a +2 Resource side on a Qi'Ra's die on your initial roll (trigger condition met meaning you are now allowed to resolve that die, if able to, with Profiteering, but only after Grand Entrance fully resolves), reroll the die into a Blank, then reroll it into a 3 Ranged damage side ... AFTER the resolution of Grand Entrance you are now allowed to resolve the 3 Ranged damage side.

You can read the sections applicable to this on page 17 and 18 in the Rules Reference 1.9:changes7jpgchanges8jpg

It's been clarified that Downgrades follow all the standard rules for Upgrades, Mod Upgrades, etc. and is limited to 3 per character. You can only play Downgrades on your opponent's characters! If a character has a Downgrade in excess of 3 played on it, it is the controller of that character that decides which Downgrade to discard down to 3.changes11jpg There are currently 10 Downgrades (including one to arrive in Allies of Necessity) and looks like it is yet to attract interest from deckbuilders! Hampering your opponent just doesn't hold that much of an interest.

Looking at the many changes, there's no doubt that the two characters that is going to be the most interesting going forward, in terms of changes to subtypes, are Captain Phasma2 (from the Two-Player Starter Set) and Kallus. Both are now Subtype: Leader - Trooper, which by far are the most interesting subtypes with a wealth of cards they can benefit from. Captain Phasma2 was for a long time one of my go-to characters, and even with the increased price tag of 10/14e she might be worth re-examining!Changes11jpg
Being Leaders mean they get to take full advantage of cards like Megablaster Troopers and Salt Flats, while being BOTH Leader and Trooper makes Chance Encounter playable and the latter also boosts the Riot Shield! I'm actually quite certain we'll get to see old Phasma around a bit.

There are currently no cards that affect the Subtype: Apprentice, but I'd assume that this is an indication of cards that will do so in upcoming sets.

[Prediction]: I think we are going to see negative plots when playing an Apprentice together with a Leader and/or card effects that allows you to remove a Leader's character dice to increase the value of an apprentice die.Changes 1jpgChanges Kylo RenjpgChanges Luke Unlikely HerojpgChanges Reyjpg

4 characters join Sly Moore in the ranks of the Subtype: Advisor. Just like with the Subtype: Apprentice, there are currently no cards that directly affect or are affected by that particular subtype, but it's obviously bound to happen soon!

[Prediction]: If Sly Moore is any indication of what card effects that might affect/be affected by Advisors could be, I'd assume something that relates the Advisor to another subtype, i.e. Jedi/Sith/Scoundrel and allow them to focus, reroll or otherwise manipulate that character's dice.Changes Bibjpg
Changes Dark Advisorjpg
Changes Lobotjpg
Rose - Skilled Mechanic joins the Rebel Engineer as an .. well ... Engineer ... and it doesn't really matter yet! There are no cards that affect Engineers ... YET!

[Prediction]: I definitely expect to see cards that will allow Engineers to affect vehicle dice. Maybe effects like spotting an Engineer to ready a vehicle (to make cards similar to Strategic Planning even more limited) or play mod upgrades at a discount!Changes Rosejpg


The Subtype: Leader is by far the most prevalent subtype (there are 34 Leader characters in Standard Format) and several cards have already been printed that affect or are affected by the Subtype: Leader. These include several powerful cards that affect/are affected by several subtypes such as Channel the Force and Chance Encounter!Subtype Leaderjpg
Similarly, the Subtype: Trooper is a subtype that has already seen plenty of focus in Convergence with several cards, including :Subtype Trooperjpg
There are still no cards that affect Subtype: Pilot around, but of course Poe Dameron is one, he's even more than a pilot, but with the current focus on vehicles and supports, I'll be damned if we don't soon see cards that affect and are affected by the Subtype: Pilot.Changes Captain Phasm2jpg
Changes Kallusjpg
Poe Dameron - More Than A Pilot was honestly already playable before although he kinda fell out of favor as decks moved 3wide, and it's not going to lower his stock becoming a leader.

[Prediction]: I think Pilots will see cards that allows them to reroll or focus vehicle dice! Maybe activate a vehicle, reroll the die (and any attached mod upgrades) and resolve it immediately if you spot a Pilot? Maybe even cards that allow Pilots to destroy your opponent's vehicles (somewhat reminiscent of Surgical Strike)?
Changes Poe Dameronjpg
I've saved the best for last though ... it's going to be game changing! The Jawa Scavenger is now not simply a Jawa Scavenger, but a Jawa Scavenger - Jawa Scavenger. That's his subtype. It's true. Jawa Scavenger - Jawa Scavenger! MIND BLOWING!Changes Jawajpg


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