US Grand Championship 2019 (NOVA)


I've compiled the data from US Grand Championship 2019 at NOVA and the numbers are generally not that surprising. Sure, there are a few raised eyebrows, but the main tendencies are pretty clear.

112 players registered for the event and although I don't have the data from the entire field, I'm assuming it's very similar to what we saw from the European Championship 2019 just a week ago.

REMEMBER that you can follow all the live action on The Chance Cube Livestream! The Top 16 games should be kicking off at 18.00 (CET+1).

EUROS set review THUMBNAILjpg

The charts for Day 2 appear to be pretty diversified. Critics, myself included, warning of a stale meta might have to look twice, although some of the results could simply be aberrations.

I honestly feel that's just on the surface though ... and I'm still certain that a Holocron addressing the Droid decks has to come out as well as looking into hamstringing the indisputable power of the Unholy Trinity - even if the winner hasn't been found yet!


Contrary to the European Championship 2019, a single Ewok Swarm deck did in fact make it into Day 2, going 6-2 in the swiss rounds, although Droid decks, 36% of all decks in Day 2, and Jabba 3wide Support decks, 24% of all decks in Day 2, does seem to still heavily dominate the top of the meta.

Cleaning the chart to just illustrate the Top 16 (remember that 17 X-2's made the progression cut, with the two lowest ranking players from the Swiss rounds playing a single elimination round to determine the Top 16), the numbers look slightly different, although the tendencies are pretty clear:

NOVA DAY 2 top16jpg
The real surprise of the day is probably the two Palpatine decks, ePalp/eWatto and ePalp/eConan respectively, that both made the cut. It's going to be interesting to see if they can resist the Droid decks ability to spike damage early!

These were the stats from Day 2 at the European Championship 2019 (37 players):
EUROS DAY 2 top cutjpg
And looking comparatively at the top represented decks in both events, EUROS 2019 (37 players) and US Grand Championship 2019 (17 players), counting all players that finished X-2, we find that:
us eu comparisonjpg
Even if the sample size is pretty small it does clearly indicate that the meta is settling. As expected the top decks are Jabba 3wide Support and Satine Droids and they collectively in both tournaments represented 42-43% of the entire top cut.

It appears as if Joe Colon aka HonestlySarcastc of The Hyperloops is gunning for revenge following his disappointing showing at Gen Con, just barely missing out on the cut for Day 2, ending top of the standings with his only loss of the day happening on the stream against Kyle Warren in Round 7.

Drew Warren, defending US Champion, from Arrow Brook Gaming, also playing Satine Droids, takes 2nd place in the standings just ahead of his brother Kyle Warren who piloted Chopper Droids expertly all day and appeared several times on The Chance Cube Stream.Standings NOVA 2019jpg
Also Jonathan Magnuson from The Destiny Council makes it into Day 2 piloting ReyLo, which is probably quite the surprise, while Nicolas Cuenca from The Hyperloops playing Aphra Droids takes a seat in the cut courtesy of a juicy last round win over Luke Magnuson, who got all nostalgic and brought Aphra/Executioners that served him pretty well at last year's US National Championship!
There was a single qualification game to enter the Top16 bracket, a Jabba 3wide Support mirror match between Chase Campbell and Joshua Hinkel, which Chase won to establish the following games for Day 2:

This could lead to a Jabba mirror in the finals, similar to the European Championship 2019, while there's also the possibility of a Chopper Droids mirror finals.


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