Why You Should Start Playing Trilogy Now!


So at the moment we are a day or so away from having the brand new Across the Galaxy set in our eager, grubby hands. Excited, we shall rip and tear open our packs, hoping for new Darth Vader cards like Vader's Fist, Vader's Lightsaber and of course the MAIN MAN himself.

What 6 Legendaries did we pull? A Shadow Caster, Iden Versio or the new BB-8 (If you are Eric Wainwright reading this, bud I hope it is your first pull man!). So we plunge straight in, with new plots and battlefields, new combinations and mechanics to try and see what is, with the largest ever set of cards, the best deck in Star Wars Destiny. As we should. It's fresh.

The meta in the US is, allegedly, as stale as rotten fish, while throughout Europe, Nationals season is finishing its run before Regional and Galactic Qualifier events spring up like hallucinations in the Sahara. The game is in its most solid state to date... and then rotation happens and every deck using the old Awakenings Cycle cards becomes dead in the competitive scene. No more Force Illusions. Goodbye Second Chance. See ya Force Speed. In my eyes letting go of Sith Holocron will be heart breaking. Mind Probes, Isolation, and even great weapons like Holdout Blaster (not to mention Ancient Lightsaber) are consigned to the dustbin of history.Dustbinjpg
That will make many top players stop building decks with die hard favourite cards used in every type of coloured deck. The meta change will be as swift as an El NiƱo and the new meta will not be as forgiving. So how do we, as either casual or tier one event players prepare for this change?

The process is simple. Start playing as many fun, new, Trilogy decks as you can RIGHT NOW! Get yourselves a foot in the door before the huge human wave of "darn, what can i replace X with now", threatens to sweep you off your feet.

In this article I'm going to show you what is being said, written and misspoken about Trilogy and what to do to make you almost instantly a better player at Destiny when these older decks no longer check out.

I read a lot on Discord. Honestly if you aren't a member of a top gaming groups Discord channel, you will miss out on so many great topic posts about specific cards, decks, the meta in general and also have a laugh doing it. The YOUR Destiny group have a fantastic Discord Channel (others are also available!) but as I read constantly, I am a member of 10-12 groups. A Discord (usually) has General Chat, Deck-Tech, Events, Spoilers and Trilogy sections, amongst others. Here is an actual discussion from one...
  • Player 1 - I have been out of the game a while. Never played trilogy. What decks exist?
  • Player 2 - Take a standard deck, remove good cards to toss in less efficient ones legacy ones and voila.
  • Player 3 - Lol
  • Player 4 - He isn't wrong.
These are all good players commenting, I mean GOOD, but have fundamentally got Trilogy all wrong. Want to keep playing Destiny? Force Illusions, Force Speeds and Sith Holocrons were NEVER printed. Second Chance and Rise Again are pipe dreams. Palpatine and Vader are from the new sets, not the old versions. They don't exist, not in Trilogy land. Trilogy land isn't an off topic. Its now Standard, Its the card pool to use to play in your local Store events or at Worlds 2019. Claiming the decks are worse is a moot point! How we build and use the cards available to us is the biggest, but only change. Wanting to cast down a Y-Wing just isn't possible any more (after rotation). Cards we know and love and most important of all trust to do their jobs now needs to be replaced. Knee jerking is not going to help.Trilogy1jpg
Need a great card to replace the T-47 Airspeeder? Cool, thanks to Resistance Crait Speeder we have one, just like the Resistance Bomber in some ways negates the loss of the Y-Wing. Its huge damage sides are even bigger than the Y-Wing so all good. We can increase the damage output of the Crait, while certain characters or cards (Wedge, Rose, etc.) can replace or change die sides to allow you to do it again! That is a superb mechanic already used widely in the game.

So how do I replace all these cards I hear you ask. Easy. Go to www.swdestinydb.com and check out the full sets of cards, but only highlight the Legacies sets, including the Rivals draft kit and the Luke and Boba Starter sets. As a long time villain player I adore Isolation. I need to replace it. Hello Mislead.Reddit and Facebook posts might claim it's rubbish ... No, it actually isn't. We replace the removal of a character die with a spot blue to no spot requirement but the die is a value of 2 or less. Any time in a game it's online. Most character dice don't have 3 value sides. many have blanks.Trilogy3jpg
I used Kylo/Pryce a lot during the Way of the Force meta and often thought of replacing Isolation with Mislead but my fear of Obi-Wan's 3 Melee side(s) stopped me. In a world of Darth Vader, etc. yes, sometimes the card will be unplayable, but no more so than Isolation after Kylo was defeated. A small change in thought process allowed all of us to see that Electroshock and Loth-Cat and Mouse were easily outpowered by Easy Pickings and Entangle. The former are hardly played, the latter much more so.

We already put new cards into decks with gusto, it's not putting in Feel Your Anger or C-3P0, Maz Kanata or god help us all Ancient Lightsabers that will be most missed... or will it?

I'll show you a couple of decks from the current format that work equally as good versus other trilogy decks as the currently do in Standard now. My first deck is Dooku/Talzin, the character pairing originally showcased to the world with a Top4 finish at US Nationals 2018 by Hyperlooper Nick Cuenca. Dooku Talzin Trilogy deckjpg
Rift Valley has remained, an amazing battlefield choice for almost any Mother Talzin deck, but first off notice no Ancient Lightsaber (sic!). Nick has a deck using a 1 cost weapons like Hunting Rifle, which can easily be replaced with the new shiny Energy Bow from Across the Galaxy. Heirloom Lightsaber becomes a two-off and the Dagger of Mortis is just solid. Three Redeploy weapons for when a character dies is great. Force Wave is huge in Trilogy, it plays better than ever.Trilogy 14jpg
Personally I love the event suite. Clash has been added, not just to help with bad rolls but also to mitigate Darth Vader dice. Mislead replaces Isolation, while Division in the Force (resolve one of your die then remove an opponents die of the same value) is bonkers good for a resource.Trilogy 15jpg
Snare will let you stop their big hitter for a turn and only Hidden Motive and Doubt are even costed. The Force Is With Me and Undermine are again great removal shouts, probably replacing cards such as Overconfidence and Feel Your Anger. It is very easy clicking through the database to see what cards are good or almost straight up reprints. With the spoilers added, a Vader's Lightsaber here could be just horrific to your opponent's game plan. I have a similar deck and it plays so well already it takes out tier one decks like TaCos and even defeated Yoda/Luke3, winner of Nordics 2018.

We do lose the two heal from Ancient and the Rise Agains AND the Force Illusions, but Witch Magick still will heal 3 almost all the time, and a choice and argument could be made for adding Dark Ritual for when one character is killed to ease that burden.

So in the last set we got Comm Tower as a battlefield, that many people tried out and really enjoyed. The added advantage of you spotting a Plot is much bigger when the Legacies Cycle becomes our new "base set" for Destiny. So in this mono-yellow deck, we also get the plot Fortify. This deck is Special, Special, Specials mano! All the Specials to chain huge amounts of damage.jabba bib Trilogy deckjpg
All 5 upgrades are superb and Streetwise allows those more expensive events to be cheaper, and the great cards like Entangle, Take Flight, Well Connected and In The Crosshairs are heavily involved. Trilogy 13jpg
Risky Move and Nefarious Deed can be amazing and we even include Doubt here for two Grey cards, but again if the world is yours, take your pick of what feels right. Personally grab the Porg art of Natures charm to reroll some of that incoming damage away... a new Sound the Alarm.

Way of the Dark, to allow you to reroll a Jabba die back into the pool for more damage even after he is dead and gone can swing a game and another Grey card. Tinker (pardon the pun) and see how it feels to play with, exactly the same way we test our decks today.

Snoke Aphra bdTrilogy deckjpgSo we all know this deck and if you look closely its so similar to the deck we use already I'm going to assume it will remain early on as a big deck to beat. The strength is its ability to use its murderous droids to deal Indirect damage to your opponent while taking it on yourself first. Bubble Shields are key, as are 0-0-0, BT-1, Climate Disruption Array and the Hailfire Droid Tanks. Trilogy 11jpg
The main difference in this version is the inclusion of Testing Procedure, again a card not normally played as yet. Activate 2 supports and if any roll damage gain 1 resource. Helps you with ramp in the damage race and also resources to help pay for them. Torment is a great shout as the only upgrade package as Snoke will be targeted and in return you gain a money, or two if both are allocated to his evil majesty.

The chances with Podracers and the droids not hitting damage is slim and makes an interesting dillema for whomever you are playing as your cash levels increase round by round. Dangerous Maneuver with both droids out is the MVP here, espcially if you have Bubble Shields. A top deck that has lost almost little with the change, I would test playing against and as it. Another Nick Cuenca masterpiece.

Yoda aayla ana Trilogy deckjpgAlright, Hero players, what do we get? So check out this brilliant Trilogy combination. Yoda is as strong if not stronger than Snoke, while Aayla was so broken at her points cost she was adjusted in the most recent Balance of the Force Holocron update and baby faced Annie is the closest to a bank vault as Hero players can get with three Resource sides.

This deck crams 3 of the best current characters together, utilizes Obi-Wan's Hut and can go to town super fast. The upgrade package is amazingly well thought out. If I ask you what the A99 Aquata Breather does, do you know instantly, or would you need to read the card first if its dropped? Simply put: In this deck it's the MVP. Indirect damage is huge in Trilogy.TRILOGY 7jpg
It is everywhere. It's why, in Trilogy format, cards like The Force Is With Me becomes a staple as it removes dice showing Indirect damage!

Aquata Breather is a zero cost upgrade you exhaust to block 1 Indirect damage. Doesn't sound great until that 3 Indirect would have killed the game off but you only take 2 on your last character.Trilogy 8jpg
Dagger of Mortis and Force Waves are present, as is the Heirloom Lightsaber, but as good two shoes people, you can add in the Rey's Lightsaber and Obi-Wan's Lightsaber too.

Diplomatic Protection allows what all good hero Yoda decks do and Shield up! Put it on Anakin and discard it to give each other character you control 2 Shields. Perfect in a big Vader meta. Keeping that feel Republic Cruiser is a splendid choice for its use to give Shields almost at will.Trilogy 9jpg
Beguile, Easy Pickings, Entangle and Hidden Motives are all here, but I do love the single copy of Respite to round the deck off. Again in this deck maybe a meta call and it could easily be replaced with a card from Across the Galaxy!

Trilogy format is actually good for the game. Destiny like all CCG's needs to grow, not only in popularity but in player base. It is easier to get brand new people into a game using a smaller set than before and cheaper.Tie fighter line-upjpg
We do have Legacies cards already being used and I for one can see new ships like the Tie Fighters and X-Wings becoming hugely popular... No one seems to be complaining about having 4 in a deck and a Lightsaber Pull effect to search your remaining cards to add another to your hand after playing it.

Iden Versio, Han Solo, even Qui-Gon and Kit Fisto all have interesting abilities. Mods are new, characters can become mods (Yes L3-31 I see you lurking there) and ships can dock and undock as Power Actions. Supports can be discard to stop events being played! This is the only time in the history of the game that two full cycles (Awakenings + Legacies) will be relevant for building our Standard decks, so please dig deeply into the new set and see what cards suit your play style.

I for one cant wait to use Fear And Dead Men in real life! With the largest card pool ever, we all need to see what broken and busted character pairings we can produce to win either Regionals, Worlds or at home over a coffee at the table.Stranger thinsjpg
My point about Trilogy is this: It will become standard in a few months. Spending a little time now on the way Standard will become could make you a much better player. More prepared than others. Maybe you find a way to heal no one has figured out yet or ramp super fast. You will know the cards better than your opponents will and this knowledge, combined with some hard testing and patience could elevate you to who knows... Champion at Worlds in 2019?

Stranger Things isn't just a TV show you know...

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