Younglings - Deck Analysis

Written by CLAUS STAAL

A week or so ago, I wrote an article on "The Art of Drawing Cards" and I've received lots of feedback on that article! It's always nice to hear from our readers and it was particularly encouraging to see the many suggestions for deck lists that take the power of drawing cards to the most extreme ...

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As I also wrote in my original article, while drawing cards itself is never going to win you any games, it's a pretty good starting point.

I took the below deck for a spin and while it has HUGE weaknesses that are easily exploited it's quite fun and can definitely take players by surprise if they've never played against it before.

If you recognise the name of the author of the article, Bill Jolley, then it's because he also runs the Facebook Page: Star Wars Destiny Hall of Fame, which is dedicated to celebrating the many players contributing to this game with Podcasts, Articles, etc. You should definitely check it out!


Younglings deckjpg


Recently I enjoyed an article (linked above) written by my friend Claus Staal and it inspired me to share a deck concept that I have been finding success with and enjoying very much.
 The deck is very affordable, and due to its size travels nicely (it packs even fewer dice than an Ewok Swarm deck). Here is how it works.

younglings deck1jpg
Let me introduce you to the team. A YOUNGLING DECK just wouldn’t be the same without some Younglings, right?! In this build I include 3 of the young 'uns. Next, we need a Jedi to look after the kids. I’ve chosen the VIGILANT JEDI due to the fact that he is an 8cost / 8 health Jedi with good damage sides (the only other Jedi in that price range is the Temple Guard, while Aayla Secura comes close at 9/12e).
younglings deck2jpg

To round out the group we need Enfys Nest’s Marauder, who incidentally contribute with a great deal of things to the deck:
Makes it possible to access yellow cards and the plot DOUBLE DOWN.

  2. Gives us access to a villain card, ACCEPTABLE LOSSES, courtesy of his ability.
  3. Is an 8 cost / 9 health character with good damage sides
  4. Opens up the ability to go totally Anakin Skywalker on your own Younglings for petty cash late in the game (more on that later)!

younglings deck3jpg

The choice of including ARENA OF DEATH, by now infamous due to the Ewok Swarm decks, is pretty simple: You do not want your opponent to choose your Battlefield!Not the battlefieldjpg
You can always hope that its ill reputation precedes it because you really want your opponent to opt for his own Battlefield! If your opponent does end up, against odds, choosing Arena of Death, you'll need to use HASTY EXIT to give your opponent control of it again! If you are playing against a deck that quickly ramps resources, you'll need to make it a priority giving them Battlefield control!
younglings deck4jpg

An opponent loaded with resources AND controlling the Battlefield sets up for some nice RIGGED DETONATIONS, and you are looking to deal the maximum damage off these: 5 to the face! You'll be able to grab to recur these from your discard pile using FOND MEMORIES for more damage later in the round!



In your starting hand, you'll be looking for as many cards as possible that allows you draw more cards! The two most important ones are COMMON CAUSE and RENEWED PURPOSE, which is why you are Doubling Down on those. These cards alone will allow you to draw an additional 21 cards round 1, provided that all your blue characters are alive and you can find the resources to pay for all the shenanigans (more on resource generation later).
younglings deck7jpg

, while not giving your more cards in hand, will allow you to qualify your hand. Keeping cards that offer you additional cards, placing those on the bottom of the deck, that you can live without until you peak and manage to draw your entire deck. Same really goes for RESPITE, which is pretty much a filler card, allowing you to dig deeper into your deck, gain a resource whilst doing it and with the only downside of you exhausting a diceless character.

You are probably also going to mulligan for a STRONG INTUITION. Sure, you are discarding a card, but they'll allow you to go 6 cards deeper. Add those to the 21 cards made possible with Common Cause and Renewed Purpose and you are looking at a draw of 27 cards during the first round. Mind you that your deck has just 25 cards remaining!

You may ask: “How are we going to pay for all this?” Great question!

You get your 2 resources at the beginning of the game. Use them both early to draw extra cards. Your Younglings open up your strongest resource generating card: KINSHIP. Use them early when you need that extra resource. IF, and here's hoping that happened, that your opponent opted for his own Battlefield, you can use ADAPT to ping the Shields and gain resources. As previously mentioned RESPITE lets you dig deeper into the deck and get resources for doing it - I call it "putting the kids to sleep".younbglings12jpg
By now you've already durdled around plenty and hopefully your opponent is going to run out of options for meaningful actions. It's great if he claims, but if not, keep durdling.

WELL CONNECTED offers more resources, but since it also gives your opponent a card (that he can spend his resources on) you'll need to hold on to those for as long as possible.younbglings13jpg
Lastly we will play our EXCHANGE OF INFORMATION and TRUCE, in that order. Pray that your opponent drops his guards and accept the bribe offered by Exchange of Information. Now should be about the time your opponent has run out of options himself! Truce also gives them resources, but that's fine because we want to hit them (again) with Rigged Detonation. 
At this point you could have accumulated as much as 14 resources, and you still have an ACCEPTABLE LOSSES in hand!

thanos quotejpg
Now, you've drawn your entire deck, but haven't dealt a single point of damage - not exactly the greatest place to be! This is where your endgame pieces come in!

We have already discussed Rigged Detonation, which is your main damage dealer, and while it has a very high cap, it doesn't necessarily net you that amount of damage, which is why we include INFLICT PAIN and FOND MEMORIES to bring back the damage dealing cards from the discard pile.
Against most decks it will be enough to find ways of dealing between 21-27 damage, which should be possible between the 3 cards above. And there's always the off chance that you are playing on Arena of Death, which should make the double claim a viable strategy as well.

Add to this a few character dice with decent damage sides ... and you should be able to get there with a bit of planning.

“Inconceivable!” you may say. Maybe…

There is no doubt that this deck would absolutely collapse at the top tables of a major tournament, but what about as a surprise deck for a Galactic Qualifier? What if you could spring this out on an unsuspecting soul who has never played against it before? Surely you will leave your opponent scratching their head after being hit with something like this.

If nothing else, try this during a filler game at your local. It’s sure to provide some entertainment value. It doesn’t cost much and it packs light.

Feel free to make any changes and tell me what you think. By all means enjoy!


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