Getting into Star Wars Destiny can be difficult, and even players who have been part of the Star Wars Destiny Community for a while struggle to keep up with all the news, the latest resources and talk of the town. So, the powers that be at YOUR Destiny decided to gather as much information here as possible. The page will be updated regularly so be sure to visit often!

A good starting point, if you are new to the game is to go through our "Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Star Wars Destiny". There are many guides out there, but this one is ultimate!

There are several links to websites and articles in this section. They are our recommendations! We are not endorsing any of the products nor are we sponsored by any of the producers!


The Rules Reference is the official rules update for Star Wars Destiny. It effectively replaces the small "Rules Pamphlet" you received together with your starter sets. It is maintained by Fantasy Flight Games and is usually updated whenever a new set comes out, and as changes to the rules are needed. The "Holocrons" are the rules document that describes how each FORMAT in Star Wars Destiny is regulated. Use the links below to access each document (Last Update: July 10, 2018).

You can also find a selection of official rules clarifications from the Star Wars Destiny design team on Fantasy Flight Games' website and you can forward rules questions directly to FFG by submitting your request (follow the link). Remember to check if the question has already been answered in the Rules Reference or FAQ.


We've made this small series of articles regarding CYCLES and ROTATION. If you have already read our "Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Star Wars Destiny", you have already seen all of it, but can of course consult sections specifically. The first link is the original article that Fantasy Flight Games released when they first announced that rotation would be a part of Star Wars Destiny.


Our complete set review of the fifth expansion to Star Wars Destiny: Way of the Force is now available! Click each image for a link to an analysis of the cards in the respective faction and color!


Going to a tournament, whether it's small casual local gathering (like a Quarterly Tournament aka. Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4) or a large scale prestigious event like worlds, is a great way to test your mettle against other Star Wars Destiny players and it is also an amazing way to bond and create friendships with people in the community, locally or globally. The YOUR Destiny crew, gathered from all corners of the world, is a testimony to this.

If you have never attended a Star Wars Destiny tournament yet, there might be a lot of unanswered questions, like what's that atmosphere like? What is the difference between the Tournament Organizer and the Marshal? What materials can I bring, and what can't I bring? Compiling the experiences made from a lot tournaments attended by the YOUR Destiny test group: The European Gauntlet, from Q-tourneys to Worlds, we've created the "Beginner's Guide to Tournaments" to help answer most of the questions you might have!

Both Tournament Organizers and Tournament Players, will need to read the FFG "Tournament Regulations". It deals specifically with the structure of tournaments.

If you are new to Destiny and the tournament scene, whether a local, national or international tournament, we've compiled these nice-to-know things in our guide.


There are so many things that can purchased for a game like Star Wars Destiny. Sleeves for your cards, deck boxes, dice trays, etc. It is really only the size of your wallet that will limit you. The following products are used by members of the YOUR Destiny Crew. We are not sponsored by nor do we receive benefits from them. We recommend them because we've tried and tested their products. You might not like them, but we do!

Having traveled all over the world for tournaments, I can say that Feldherr foam storage keeps your cards pretty darn safe. They also make bags that fit the foam inserts.

If you are into shiny acrylic tokens and didn't win any at a tournament, then consider the ones from Buy-The-Same-Token. They are great quality and affordable.

Normally you are required to sleeve your cards at tournaments. Dragon Shield is the world's largest distributor of gaming sleeves and the quality is really impeccable.

Where should I buy my cards and other merchandise that I think I need for Star Wars Destiny? You should always purchase from your Local Game Store.