Getting into Star Wars Destiny can be difficult, and even players who have been part of the Star Wars Destiny Community for a while struggle to keep up with all the news, the latest resources and talk of the town. So, the powers that be at YOUR Destiny decided to gather as much information here as possible. The page will be updated regularly so be sure to visit often!

A good starting point, if you are new to the game is to go through our "Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Star Wars Destiny". There are many guides out there, but this one is ultimate!

There are several links to websites and articles in this section. They are our recommendations! We are not endorsing any of the products nor are we sponsored by any of the producers!


So, you've been all consumed with an appetite for Star Wars Destiny, and are ready to empty the piggy bank! But where to start? What to buy? In an attempt to make life just a bit easier for you, we've compiled lots of information about how to be smart about your purchases. We call it the "Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Destiny" - and it's pretty dope! (Images: ​Paweł Kadysz)

There's also a bit of inspiration for your first deck built entirely out of Starter Decks!



There are a lot of good tutorials for Star Wars Destiny, but the ones we recommend as great starting points are the official Fantasy Flight Games' Tutorial and the "How to Play Star Wars Destiny Series" by Team Covenant.


Building a deck from scratch can be difficult and sometimes you just want some inspiration from other players!

We have an archive with hundreds of Deck Analyses that you can browse through, twist to fit your own needs or card pool, or you can go to the best site: to start making your own!