Going to a tournament, whether it's small casual local gathering or a large scale prestigious event like worlds, is a great way to test your mettle against other Star Wars Destiny players and it is also an amazing way to bond and create friendships with people in the community, locally or globally. The YOUR Destiny crew, gathered from all corners of the world, is a testimony to this.

If you have never attended a Star Wars Destiny tournament yet, there might be a lot of unanswered questions, like what's the atmosphere like? What is the difference between the Tournament Organizer and the Marshal? What materials can I bring, and what can't I bring? Compiling the experiences made from a lot of tournaments attended by the YOUR Destiny test group: The European Gauntlet, from Q-tourneys to Worlds, we've created the "Beginner's Guide to Tournaments" to help answer most of the questions you might have!


Both Tournament Organizers and Tournament Players, will need to read FFG's "Tournament Regulations". It deals specifically with the structure of tournaments and it's also advised to familiarise yourself with the Fantasy Flight Games Floor Rules.

There's also a new Official Suspension List (Ban List) for participants in place!


If you are heading into your first tournament or are in doubt as to what you might expect from the meta, level of competition, prizes or are simply curious as to what is going on in various tournaments around the world, then check our "Beginner's Guide to Tournaments" or browse through our many published tournament reports!