The YOUR Destiny Podcast is our premium product. It is a professionally produced podcast released every other week (usually on Saturdays), is hosted by Claus Staal & Mads Utzon, and produced by Adriana Tovar Velez. The podcast is for anyone who wants to improve as a Star Wars Destiny player and for the competitive gamer who wants to stay ahead!


Guests are often invited to join Claus and Mads, either via phone or recording live with them. We record live from ASK (Analog Spilleklub, eng. Analog Gaming Club) in the heart of Copenhagen. You can find all the podcast episodes below or make sure not to miss a show by subscribing on SoundCloud or iTunes.



Our ambition with the YOUR Destiny Podcast is to tell stories. We use music and sound bits to frame the narrative. It is not just about Star Wars Destiny, it's about creating a space where you can learn and be entertained at the same time. You should also check out our awesome Spotify play list with all the songs we use!