The YOUR Destiny crew produces top quality YouTube videos every week. We record a lot of different kinds of games, ranging from "Chat 'N' Play" videos, Tournament Recordings and Tabletop Simulator Recordings. If you like what you see, please consider subscribing.


Our Chat 'N' Play series are live recordings where Mads Utzon, Claus Staal and various guests are playing friendly, but competitive games of Star Wars Destiny.

The vast majority of the Chat 'N' Play videos are patron only videos, and if you enjoy them, then you could consider joining our network of patrons!

In the Chat 'N' Play recordings we pit competitive decks against each other, while discussing them, the meta, game strategy, and life in general.

We record most of our videos in ASK Gaming Cafe, in the heart of Copenhagen, on Destiny Tuesdays and if you are in the neighbourhood, please drop by - we'd love to entertain you for a game or two!


Copenhagen Regionals 2019 took place in Copenhagen (Denmark) and had 40 participants. Watch the top cut games here or go to our YouTube Channel to watch all 6 swiss rounds and the top cut!